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Just another winters tale

Yes, hopefully for some at least, a dead giveaway for the video at the end lol! Mind, given the song is 30 years old, maybe not?

Well, given the current weather conditions, it looks like winter has definitely arrived already. Hopefully just for a few days, but…? Its rain thats caused the carnage with horse racing so far this week, but now, given forecasts of frost and ice for the next few days, the reason might change, but the abandonments probably wont!

I noticed it tonight, waiting for the bus to bring me back towards home, it was very cold just standing there at the bus stop. So alright, we’re nearly into December, so what do I expect? No, nowhere exciting, but the nails are now freshly painted for next week, and the body has been thoroughly waxed too. No, not totally hairless below the neck, a few survived around the private parts, but otherwise, smooth as a baby’s bottom lol! Booked the hair in for colouring and trim on the way, but no, havent yet made the call on to bob, or not to bob just yet. Facial booked for Saturday morning, as my skin is getting a bit dry, hardly surprising at the moment. Yes, a Saturday off, no idea what happened there lol!

I would say that this time next week, I’ll be packing, getting ready for the big night, but havent checked, I’m probably on a late, so maybe not? The funniest thing is, most of the people who were asking me what I was wearing, dont seem to be going. I find that funny, I must admit. I didnt tell them, didnt know then, before my holiday, so dont blame me for putting them off lol! Oh, and the lovely person at work who told me I “would” be wearing a dress on the night, havent seen her yet to tell her that she’s going to be proved right!

No other big news at this point, more a case of I wanted to update the blog when I got the chance, not likely to occur again before Saturday, and have a good idea what that will be about, American College Football. Dont quote me on that though, if Linda should find a facial that leaves me looking like Louise Brooks (20’s/30’s look, before the cheeky comments start) after Saturday, I might just have to post that instead lol!

And so to the video, as mentioned the song is 30 years old, but he looked cute back then. Whether he still does today, no idea, but for everyones entertainment

Reviewing the situation

Well, they think its all over, the holiday pretty much is now! Back to work tomorrow morning and all that, hopefully the trains are running better than the week before this, not that it would be hard for them to do so lol!

Its been a good week, the batteries definitely feel a lot more charged, due to a number of decent nights of sleep in a row. How long that good feeling lasts now is another matter entirely though. Starting with tomorrow morning, but ah well…

Its funny, I’d already been ‘convinced’ that I should wear a dress to the works Christmas Dinner, I just wasnt sure I had anything that fitted the bill, but apparently I did. Though funnily enough, none of them will be worn on the night. Well alright, one of them will be taken with me, just because “the dress” is a size 12, and though I got into it once, I want cover, just in case. But given all my accessories are now gold coloured, fingers are crossed lol! Well, apart from shoes at least, but apart from that…cant see that happening now unless I find a pair by sheer luck. The main question now is to bob, or not bob my hair, not sure on that, but it wont be too short if I do, dont want to look “too much” like a boy, do I? 😉 The helmet fringe needs more of a miracle, than a decision all the same lol!

Christmas shopping, as far as I know, all I have to get, is got. Well, unless we do a ‘secret santa’ at work, and I get talked into it. I usually do, if we have one, so…I might have one small one to get yet!

The biggest bonus of the week was trying the Aqua Massager in Manchester. Even now, nearly a week on, my back seems great, and my knees are much better too, really amazed just how effective that has proved, with just a 10 minute session. Alright, I also had a normal massage the next day, but even so…

Which leads us to yesterday. A birthday in the house, a visit to the theatre, and I wore a skirt and heels in public, and the world survived lol! Yes, it was a long skirt, and the heels were of a wedge variety, but…it went well. No, I wont be wearing one to work tomorrow, back to trousers, especially in this weather! Oh, and flats, or boots, for sure too!

Next week, I get to wear a dress in front of workmates, that should be something, especially the ones from departments who dont normally see me much! Cant deny it though, the idea has got to me, it should be fun…I hope!

Oh, the musical I went to see. Well those who know these things may have got a hint from the blog title. For those who dont, it was Oliver, with Neil Morrisey as Fagan. And yes, there was 1 Bob the Builder reference slipped in lol! The video though, is the finale of the film version,

First they give thanks, then they go shopping!

Yes, in an ideal world, I wanted to post this yesterday, but various things caught up with me, so… Lets settle for belated Thansgiving greetings to all my American readers, and leave it at that. The poor turkeys over there get a raw deal, not only Christmas, they have to survive Thanksgiving first lol!

But thats not just it. Though this isnt an official holiday over there, for many, its akin to one, yes, its called Black Friday. Especially black for all shop staff, from what I’ve seen. It seems to be the day that everybody starts buying stuff for Christmas, lets just leave it at that. The amount of emails I’ve had today from over there, offering reduced price specials for Black Friday is nobody’s business! No, I havent bought anything there, delivery costs are too much for that, even if I’m sure there were some great bargains there. But I’ve seen you tube film, looks like its gone crazy over there!

To be fair, I’ve done some shopping this week myself, mainly because its been my main chance to do any Christmas shopping, so I’ve taken it. OK, I’ve got a few things for myself too, including the famous dress of course. For those who want to see it, and wont see it at the dinner, the link is

Thanks to some shops in Dewsbury, I now have a clutch bag, and a few pieces of jewellery to match. Thanks to a store in Huddersfield, I now have a coat too. I must be crazy, given its all pretty much a one night thing, but its done now lol! The only thing I havent got in gold, shoes! And yes, I did find a pair of pumps in the right colour yesterday, but given I have wide feet, I couldnt squeeze into them. I’d prefer a wedge heel, or a very tiny heel anyway, but unless I see something relatively cheap, the shoes will be black lol! So if anyone has, or knows someone with such a pair locally, in size 8, I wouldnt mind…

And now is when I find out if anyone in this house still reads my blog! Someone has always teased me that I tend to go out in trousers, not a skirt, and definitely not a dress! The reaction when they heard I was wearing a dress for the dinner was quite good lol. So anyway, tomorrow is someone’s birthday here, and we are going out for a meal, and then to the theatre in Leeds. Funny thing is, not only do I not own a little black dress, I didnt own a black skirt either. Well I do, but its one of those short ones, which I wouldnt wear because of either the state of my knees, or because of the weather. No, I dont know why I got it, but I did get some daft stuff in the early days, I must admit. So, while in Huddersfield, I looked in a few charity shops for a suitable black skirt, and managed to find a couple that appealed, and were long. One was lined, one wasnt, so no contest given the time of year. And yes, I’m wearing the heels tomorrow, so…and they at least go with black, and silver, so should be fun! Yes, I have a great silver top to wear! I think its meant to be a short dress, but for me, its a top lol! 😛

So unless this gets read here, someone might be in for a surprise tomorrow afternoon.

So, in tribute to Black Friday, and what I’ve been doing this week, I present


Well, in case anyone was wondering, the shopping trip to Manchester was fruitful, in more senses than one. As Meatloaf would have said, two out of three aint bad when it came to present buying, the third, I need to keep looking lol, and hope for inspiration. If not, nothing original I suspect! No, I’m not saying what, they might read this!

Oh, and the Aqua Massager thing comes highly recommended, its been a long time since my back has been as totally pain free as it is at present, and thats after just 10 minutes. Even the knees, and shoulder were aided as well, just a shame there isnt one of these more local. Mind, I should be fine for a few days anyway, had a more standard massage as well today, the body doesnt know whats hit it, I suspect!

No, I didnt find one of those fabulous flouncy ballgowns over Manchester, not that I was terribly surprised by that, but anyway…What I did find was the most perfect flapper dress in TK Maxx in the Arndale Centre, but I didnt get it. Two reasons, the main one it never went further than just off the rail, thats the price, it was £99! Probably good value for what it was, but for a one off for me, nope! Also it was a size below mine, so I probably wouldnt have fitted into it anyway. But before we say too much about sizing… I had spotted a lovely gold dress in River Island, distinctly 20’s style, but not in a 14 (UK, for foreign readers), only 12, or 16. £45 full price, so not really in my price range for a one off item anyway. But, there was a 12 there, half price because the gold waistband was twisted (I wouldnt have known if they hadnt told me), but me get into a 12, especially one with a waistband, couldnt see it. But yes, I went and tried it on, and it fitted, just about. Now I knew I’d lost a bit of weight, but… 🙂

And yes, readers, I bought it. Alright, because the bottom half is a bit transparent, I’ve had to buy a cheap pair of gold leggings, but…still a good deal. So now it looks like Stevie Lou, the flapper will be going to the Christmas Dinner. Hey, I even got my toenails painted today to match, though as I will be wearing shoes on the big day, most wont know lol! Now I’m pondering bobbing my hair, but not too short a look, dont want to look too much like a guy, do I lol? Shame I cant do the Brooksie helmet style fringe, that I’d love, but…my hair has its limitations. Someone did suggest a cloche hat, but you can hardly wear that at the dinner table, can you? And I will stay blonde too, think I might be in trouble if I dont somehow lol! I might look out for a hat anyway, just in case. 😉 Unless someone has one laying around I can borrow for the night?

And so, after the good news, the music video. The dress colour, and the title to this piece might be a giveaway

Holiday, celebrate

Yes, I know what video you’re thinking is coming, and you’re wrong lol! 😛 No, the title is purely because I’m officially on holiday for a week from now. Well, strictly I was off today too, but according to the records, that was just a day off for the week. But now… 🙂

No, I’m not doing anything special, well not unless you count Christmas shopping as something special? Is it really that time of year again already? Yes, I know it is, works dinner has already been mentioned, but where has the year gone? Some might think that when you havent got many presents to buy, that Christmas shopping would be easy? Wrong, it might be if people knew what they wanted, or were easy to buy for, but…you get my drift lol!

As usual, Manchester is my choice of destination for doing my shopping, principally because one target is a shop selling railway videos, and there is an excellent one there, near to Piccadilly station. Should be more fun tomorrow, I can see if all the fuss about Stalybridge station lives up to hype. Sadly I dont know of a bargain ‘posh frocks’ shop there, but I might look for one, just in case. Have actually found some potential dresses in my wardrobe (one I didnt even know I had, pink!), so its at least partly solved, though certainly none are those with the big flowing skirt types, that some seem to want me to wear, the sort of Cinderella look, I guess? There are some nice ones on Ebay, but delivery from China, and delivery dates are either close to, or after the dinner date, so cant go down that road.

Yes, I will do some window shopping for myself too, though beyond said dress (and thats not a serious hunt now), I dont have any major needs in clothing at present. The only other way I will get something is if I see the perfect 20’s style dress, at a sensible price. If that Aqua Massager thing is working, I will probably give it a try, even if I am booked in for a standard massage on Tuesday, I’m just a sucker for new ideas.

I will do other trips out during the week, just not sure what at present. Well, I know one on Friday, got a briefing at work, even if on holiday. Hey, I’m getting paid for it (and travel time), so I’ll survive lol! I’d hoped that Northern Rail might have started their special offer price for journeys on the scenic Settle & Carlisle line, but…they are, the week after my holiday lol! So yes, if anyone has some good ideas, or wants to treat me to a coffee, or more… No, not expecting lol!

Ah, the video. An oldie, and you could say, something I’ll be doing tomorrow, though travelling with Trans Pennine is rarely a sentimental experience. And yes, that is a clue!

A different kind of jump race

So alright, just for once, lets talk about the literal side of work, some horse racing. To the thoroughly uninitiated amongst you, there are 2 types of horse racing, flat racing, where the horses gallop, and never see an obstacle on the course, and then there is national hunt (or jumps) racing, where yes, you’ve guessed it, lots of obstacles in the way of fences and hurdles which have to be jumped, without losing their jockeys in the process.

Technically, within the latter area, there is something that is just ever so slightly different, called cross country racing. There are only 2 tracks in the UK and Ireland where this takes place, and both are holding races over those courses this weekend, Cheltenham and Punchestown. A lot of the fences are similar, though banks (like running up a hill, then back down again) are certainly not seen in normal races. Punchestown goes a step further, and even has a water splash, and used to have a stone wall too, but judging by the film (end of blog), the Health & Safety people have done away with that?

I would actually imagine its as close as we get to the original form of steeplechasing across fields, between 2 steeples nowadays?

Some horses have fits when they see these strange fences, others love them! Some Irish horses only run in cross country races! The most famous example of that over the years was a horse called Risk Of Thunder, who won so many of them, the race at Punchestown this weekend is named after him!

Being honest, apart from the big races, these are my main form of interest in horse racing nowadays, and hopefully I get to see at least part of the fun between calls this weekend. To play the pun on Star Trek, its horse racing, but not as we know it lol!

Anyway, as an example of this magical mayhem, I include film of the most famous of these races each year, the La Touche Cup, this years version in fact, with quite a rousing finish.

What to wear?

Where, to the works christmas dinner of course, darlings!

Its funny, every year at the Queens, its been very formal, suit for the men, dress or suit for the ladies. Yes, I know I could have been an utter rebel, and worn a dress, but I really have no desire for controversy and the like, so I’ve always worn a trouser suit, albeit very much a woman’s one. If anyone wants to argue that, the jacket lining is pink, so…! I think if there was such a thing as a formal blouse and skirt, I might have gone with it, but a dress…no, step too far for some, I suspect, and I like to keep my job.

Therefore I assumed this year, despite the new venue, that the rules would be the same? Got a nice blouse or two picked up over the months, and the suit is around, err, somewhere! Its in my room, just dont ask exactly where lol!

But like with so many things, I was wrong. There is the option to dress formally, but there is also the chance to go in fancy dress, and there will be prizes for such things. It could actually be fun, those that are considering it seem to be doing so with style, so it should work out fine. No, I’m not trying for the Cinderella ballgown look before you ask, couldnt afford one probably even if I was feeling that brave! And besides, I cant think of anything classy femme fancy dress, within a reasonable budget that would fit the bill anyway, especially if I’m excluding nice dress styles lol! The thing is, I sort of gather that a few (maybe more?) expect something from me this year, given I suppose you could claim that fancy dress gives a transgender girl more options to dress in style?

Clearly one does at least, and I doubt she’s alone. Sunday morning, someone (no name, though a few at work might guess) turned round to me and said, “And I expect you to be wearing a dress this year now!”. It has to be said no one agreed, or disagreed with her, so whether thats a general view, or just hers, not a clue! What didnt get specified was if she meant a normal dress, or a femme fancy dress, though my suspicions go to the former, with my get out (if needed) being the latter as a reason for doing so. Lets face it, I have got dresses, though they are nearly all of the practical kind, not the evening wear type, and the latter would tend to give away that the cleavage isnt entirely natural anyway, though I guess that wont surprise that many, but…

My main concern is what I call the ‘other departments’. My department know, probably wouldnt be totally shocked to see me in a dress in one sense, though as they’ve never seen me before in anything but trousers, they might still get a surprise! But there are other parts of the building, who dont know me, only ever see me on one night, and might not see it as favourably as some, and as I say, I have a job to keep, if nothing else! So no, I think that person will be disappointed, just dont tell her that in advance!

But on a fancy dress front, would a flapper girl look qualify, do you reckon? I could go get my hair bobbed I guess, though not that short, I’d hate people to think I was a guy lol! But a shoulder length bob style, maybe…? But no, flapper dresses are generally far too short anyway, I need something below the knees, injuries ensure they arent a pretty sight! Maxi length flapper dress anyone, one that doesnt show too much cleavage, hmm…?

No, seriously, my money is on the standard trouser suit, but…just maybe…

The video, lets just call this ‘Flappers having fun’ and leave it at that!

Maybe something will happen?

In reference to an earlier posting on the blog, I do now know what was going on, and all I can say is that I find all the interest in dull old me, to be very flattering. To be honest, beyond the mild bafflement, I’d stop thinking about it, but yes, I’m glad I know. And no, I’m not saying more than that! Those that need to know will know, and those who dont, still dont know lol!

Given my record in winning anything, I dont expect anything to come of it, but you never know? We had an email at work, offering the chance to fulfil a dream, as long as it was a realistic, and achievable one. Oh, and not too expensive either, so bang goes the flight into space lol! No, actually that doesnt impress me much, to quote Shania Twain, but lets face it, I was looking for something totally impractical. Also counts out asking for the vaginaplasty to be paid for by the firm, on grounds of expense. Yes, I’m being silly, but its been a long week, and still one day to go (two before a day off, after a week)

So, being realistic, what dream could I hope to fulfil, that a budget stretched Yorkshire girl is never going to justify as an expense to myself? I know, a good makeover, and photo session where I look good, and hopefully more feminine than I can normally achieve. So thats what I applied for, just in case its my one lucky day when they do the draw. If they’re good, I might even post some here, but given my record in winning anything, dont hold your breath lol! Dont expect a Cinderella type ballgown either, I dont have any in my wardrobe, for some strange reason lol!

The other considered option was one of these luxury spa visits, especially given I could get treatments on my less than perfect body (bad back and knees, dry skin. You name it, I’ve probably…!) that I could get. But that I see as a one off thing, no lasting memories, whereas something that will always leave a lasting reminder, much better?

I dont think they can achieve the dream of a decent train service for me lol! Nor making the Buffalo Bills look like a decent team. Fulfil a dream, yes, perform miracles, no!

Ah, I hear you asking, where’s the video, so here it is.  Abba, not for the first time, and pretty obvious which song

Vote for me!

No, not really for me, its a pair of gentlemen, strictly 4, making that request in the US today. Well strictly, there are a lot more than that, with Senate and Congress seats up for grabs, but the big vote is Obama v Romney, the US presidential election. By the morning I will probably know the winner, though some are forecasting it close enough, that I might not. As long as its not like 2000 again, I dont care!

No, I’m not voting this time around, something to do with being neither a US citizen, or living in the country. 2016, well, who knows? I have a good number of friends who will (or have already) be voting in the election though. The thing is though, this is an election that has a much bigger relevance than just within America, especially since the fall of the Soviet Union. Alright, their elections were always a “bit” suspect, and many would say Russia’s still are lol!

I know, it doesnt directly affect our economy, or military leanings, but indirectly, it does. Its hard to believe, at one time the US belonged to us lol! Mind, the populated area was a lot smaller back then! Like us, each constituency is a winner takes all thing, its just that in presidential terms, they only have 50 constituencies, as opposed to our approximate total of 650. But the winning score isnt 26, its 270! How, because the number of votes in each state are loaded according to population. Just as well its not size, otherwise Alaska would have a very major say, as opposed to what it has population wise lol! Oh, and Kansas has 6, no idea why I know that. Going back to 1960, they have voted Republican every time, bar one, in 1964, when events led to an interesting result to say the least. Yes, JFK’s untimely death mainly, I suspect.

In fact, hearing what I have today, there are only about 12 of the 50 states that really hold much concern as to how they will vote! The thing is, several of those are the ones with large numbers of electoral votes, like Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Me, I think I’d lean towards Obama, not just politically, but because of the 2 candidates relative stance on LGBT issues. Of course, if Romney were to send me a Green Card, my endorsement could change lol! I can be so shallow at times, giggle!

The video, well given I used Alice Cooper a few months back, I looked for something new, and found this, a record from my childhood, mentioning one of those critical states. The artist, well a few years later, she made a famous film with John Travolta, looking slightly different!

Remember, Remember…

…The fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot.

I dont know if that line is still plaintively quoted at this time of year, or not, I suspect it is, but its one of my few childhood memories at least.

No, I havent had fireworks at home in over 40 years, and to be honest, I dont remember going to a firework display in a very long time either. That is strictly going to a display, many years while commuting home from work, I’ve had a display of fireworks for free, and I suspect if I went outdoors tomorrow night, I’d probably get another one. No, not working tomorrow, so wont get the train journey version this year lol.

Memories are vague, I know we had fireworks in the garden at home when I was a child, but actual details I dont remember, as I say, it was over 40 years ago. I do remember standing swirling sparklers around, but that really is about it. Maybe they were always really expensive comparitively, but the thing that gets me nowadays is how much each firework costs!

Mind, I also remember when cigarette smoking was regarded as trendy, so…!

The video, well I would jokingly say that if you have a similar music taste to mine, then dont click on the link! Its just one I found through the You Tube search thing, and well, its modern!