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Just too blind to see

Yes, the first, but I suspect not the last title this week that will use the lyrics of a certain OMD song. I do promise this is the only time you get the video though. Well, unless I get demand to feature again the Chris Racine, Art of Noise mix which I love, at least lol!

No, before you ask, I havent got around to a Louise Brooks hunt yet, though I have plans to right that before the end of the week. The two obvious targets are her grave (a must), and an attempt to find the building where her apartment was (hopeful), but beyond that, I’m not sure there is much to hunt down. Eastman House, and the museum, but thats a public tourist spot anyway, so…After that, well, she didnt leave her apartment all that much once she moved here anyway.

As far as I know, her spirit hasnt attempted to track me down yet, I’ll let you know if I’m fortunate enough to have that happen. Mind, I did hear knocking at my door last night, and a womans voice outside, but I didnt investigate. Didnt sound like Louise anyway, I suspect it was just someone at the wrong door.

No, the one who was too blind to see sense, was me, today. Despite the temperature not hitting 45, I still decided to go to the baseball. Its not even like it was my only chance (evening game tomorrow), but all the same…To say it was cold, would be putting it mildly. In fact, when I was walking around town afterwards, it wasnt so bad, but just sat at the stadium, brr! Frontier Field, Rochester isnt Fenway, even if it was the Red Sox minor league team that Rochester were playing against today. They, the Redwings, are the junior team for the Minneapolis Twins, if you care? But the prices arent Fenway either. Seriously, front row view, between home, and first base, a whole $12. And yes, there were a good number of Major League names in the two teams too.

To be honest, and as a complete shock to someone who is used to most places being open on a Sunday at home, Rochester seemed shut! I saw a Subway shop open, but that was it! And yes, I was on Main Street too! Hopefully there will be more life tomorrow, thats for sure. And yes, it will be warmer too, a lot, supposed to be 63, according to the forecast at least.

Whether I can find a place doing total Louise Brooks makeovers, somehow I doubt it lol, but sign me up for one if there is!

Right, so endeth the day one report, and to the video,