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Put your camel to bed

Oh god, what is it about those nights when there are so many subjects I’d love to cover in the blog, and can only do 2! And all this on a day when I’m running miles behind par, because the body hasnt wanted to behave today.

Thankfully, one, in Strasbourg, I cant strictly comment on, because its Euro Politics, and I’m still a civil servant (Politically neutral) until they finally get around to confirming that I need to be put down, sorry, medically retired, so I mustnt. But seriously, anyone who knows me will know what I’m talking about, and how I feel about it.

The other I’m not doing (and again would need to be done today), is a sport I cant stand, but suddenly, after decades of being ignored, women’s football (soccer) is suddenly cool because England are in the semi finals tonight, against the USA. Yes, the main thing that amuses me is not anything about the game, but the increased interest in the sport, in a nationalistic way, that will be over by tomorrow, unless by some miracle England win!

Strictly I could also have done the changing of the guard thing at Wimbledon yesterday, with the defeat of Venus Williams by a 15 year old American girl, but having seen the latter’s mother on the new tonight, and her ‘how wonderful am I’ attitude (it was her daughter that won the match after all), that I’d probably wish to slap her hard, so…

Lets do a moderately feminist thing, sports related. Its fair to say that Horse Racing, especially the flat version has always been called the sport of kings. Principally because you need to have that much money to get involved lol. This generally means that the chances of the big prizes going beyond a very small number of people is virtually zero. One of those at present, is the ruler of UAE, Sheikh Mohammed. No, thats not his full name, but that will do for now.

Like so many in that corner of the world, a lot of his deals seem to be dodgy, he has more than the standard number of wives (6), and a ridiculous number of children (officially 23, but supposedly over 30 if you include ones outside of marriages). Like a lot of countries in that corner of the world, the rights of women are pretty awful, if any at all.

Not so long ago, one of his daughters tried to escape the ‘gilded prison’ she was forced to live in, by escaping with assistance, by sea. Unfortunately, the Sheikh coerced the Indian Government to stopped their escape yacht on some ridiculously trumped up charge, and she was returned to Dubai. Its fair to say that since then, he’s kept her under house arrest, drugged up to her eyeballs, and no longer a threat. I’m sad to say that a high up Irish politician was conned to going to Dubai, to supposedly show she was fine. She wasnt just being ’emotional’ as stated, but heavily drugged, but she fell for the story. Of course the fact the Sheikh does so much racing related business in Ireland, she may have been clouded by that.

Anyway, amusingly, in the last week or so, news has got out that one of his wives has escaped to Europe, seeking divorce in a very clear way. His response, to request her to be arrested, returned to Dubai, where god knows what he would do to her. Thankfully, up to now, Germany, and UK have ignored his request, I only hope it stayed that way, and she doesnt ‘mysteriously’ disappear, only to end up back in Dubai.

No, I dont think this will have any part in my marriage prospects with the Sheikh, even if I was a natural woman. He likes them far younger than himself, pretty, and fertile, so I miss out on all counts.

Amusingly, a racing newspaper was today defending him. Well, only amusing in the sense he owns it, and like everything else in his ‘kingdom’ anything put out is clearly heavily censored. But yes, I hope she remains safe, I hope she gets her divorce, and maybe the truth about how awfully he treats women gets out.

OK, rant over. The video, well there’s a few clues floating around, especially in the blog tile. This is 45 years old, oh good grief!