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Everything changes…maybe not?

So alright, what changed after my week away, err, lets see, nothing really!

Yes, I still wore trousers to work, though I’m sure nobody would object if I wore a skirt, but…yes, I’m a wimp that way. Though it must be said, if I get much joint trouble, the temptation to switch to skirts might just become too tempting! I might just do so anyway at some point, just to see if there is any reaction 😀

It has been done once before , but that was Boxing Day, so only literally had to cross the road wearing it. Whereas going all the way to and from work in one might be seen as more of a challenge. Have got a couple of dresses that could be described as day dresses, but dont think I’ll go quite that far yet. Skirt wearing though, hmm… 😉 watch this space!

Work hadnt changed, was as crazy, and understaffed as ever. Seriously, and they wonder why people keep leaving, but…rolls eyes!

Train service hadnt changed either, still as lousy as before. Train was 5 minutes late in the morning, both arrival at Huddersfield, and at Leeds. Coming home, the train left Leeds on time, but clearly the driver was shaken by this fact, and we were 6 minutes late by Dewsbury, which is only 10 minutes or so down the line. He even managed to turn that into 8 by Huddersfield, only a further 8 minutes on from there. Seriously, they should change their name to Trans Pennine Woefully Slow, at least then they couldnt be done under the Trade description act!

So all in all, the only thing that really changed, was the colour of my skin, yes, I’ve got a bit of a tan, after a week in the sun! Oh, and it was about 20 degrees cooler yesterday than Richmond last week, ouch!

Oh, and something else thats changed, Robbie Williams looks a lot older than this now lol!

Everything changes

Its funny how things change, isnt it? If you think it through, as I did today, when I did the whole name, and gender change thing at work (well in the sense of becoming a Ms at least, if not the physical change), everyone in my department, and to a lesser degree, at work, had known me as a man. Well, maybe thats pushing it, I’d certainly gone with an androgyne look from day 1 at this place, but that was making it official, that I was now a woman.

But of course, since then, people have come, people have gone, and I suspect there is now a decent percentage in our office department at least, who have never known me as anything but a woman. Indeed, there is now an ever growing percentage of those who have never known me without cleavage! I suspect it will never reach a point where no one knew the old me, but I guess as time moves on, that percentage will drop ever more.

Occasionally I will still hear Steve, or he, but its pretty rare nowadays, and is generally followed by an embarrassed look from whoever said it. I’m not the militant type about it (unlike so many), so unless its someone I can tease, a glare, and a smile will usually suffice. But agreed, its those who’ve known me all the time, so…and they’re learning lol!

Mind, I have to get used to things as well. Yes, I was using ladies public toilets in Seattle just fine, but the Americans seem more open minded on such matters, well in most of the country at least, I’m not sure about the ‘Deep South’ all the same. Though to be honest, the matter has simply arisen less over here, I have less need to use public toilets, as most of my needs outside the home, are met at work, where I use the unisex ones anyway.

But last week, I went to the cricket at Headingley, and needed a ‘break’ while there. Yes, used the ladies, twice in fact, no problem at all. But yes, there is still this weird moment as I enter the ladies, and I think what I’m doing, after all these years, but I’m getting used to it. Of course, it might be easier done with a full cleavage, but dont quote me on that.

But no, I’m sticking to trousers, for now at least when out, though maybe one day it will be a skirt or a dress, who knows? But I’ll forego the high heels a lot longer than that lol!

The music, well the title seems sort of apt somehow