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We all have to start somewhere.

And yes, finding out that you’re transexual was definitely a very gradual thing for me, even if in hindsight, its very clear that my early reading material was definitely more for the girl side of me, it has to be said.

Even when I read books like the Famous Five (yes, I used to own all original 21 stories) I felt more affinity to Anne than either of the boys, so maybe that should have told me something? The big love though was pony stories, principally Ruby Ferguson (Jill series) and Monica Edwards (Romney Marsh & Rye area based, principally based around Tamsin Gray and Rissa Birnie) which should have been an even bigger clue lol! And yes, again, I related to the female characters in these stories too.

Musically, equally guilty, I grew up singing the lines of Judith Durham, Karen Carpenter, Agnetha Faltskog, Sally Carr and others, not the songs sung by guys. And alright, I swooned over Donny Osmond too, I dont know to what degree that worried my mother, but I’ll certainly never know now! Donny is definitely safe now anyway, lol!

The one I cant honestly answer, is when I first dressed up as a woman. Technically it was a primary school play, but I mean more in a personal sense than that. I may well have dressed in ‘Mummy’s clothes’ as a child, but I just dont remember it, strangely enough. I think it was probably about 30, I used some of my partners clothes while she was out, and it felt great, though I had no idea why. Nothing sexual, just relaxing in female clothes sort of felt right. But yes, it was over 10 years later, with the internet appearing in my life, that I found out why I had felt so wrong all my life.

From there its blossomed to where I am today, living as a woman full time, and it feels great. Of course I have regrets over the wasted life as a man, but hopefully that will be put right in the next life at least.

Right, I guess everyone is expecting one of those forementioned singers to be the video, with some applicable song. Well actually I briefly considered Jackie Lee, and White Horses, but decided to educate a few instead. Well hopefully some have heard of her already, but…

Just under 11 years ago, a great, and much underrated musical talent was taken from us after a diving incident in Mexico. She did have a number of hits, but much of her music seemed to go under the radar for some strange reason. Her name, Kirsty MacColl. If you havent heard her sing, go hunt her down on You Tube and elsewhere, though you could try my offering first.

This was not her first single,  fame of sorts had already came with one previous big hit. And yes, you guessed it, this was not a hit chartwise! But the more fun, and yes, starting element here is someone who went on to find wider fame as a Young One. Yes, the first known sighting (to me at least) of Ade, or Adrian Edmondson. Hope you enjoy