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Putting On The Ritz

And as a special treat tonight, two very different versions of said song. But first, the blog! Sorry, but… šŸ˜›

Apparently that time of year is fast approaching again when modern business thinks of a special day in December, and turns it into a spending spree! Yes, Christmas is coming, even if officially its still just over 2 months off. And yes, they’ve started putting the lights up in Leeds already, though thankfully not switched them on…yet!

What it also means, as far as I’m concerned at least, is the announcement of the date for the Firms Christmas Dinner. December 6th, if anyone cares. There may be readers who already know, there may be others who need to know, but otherwise…probably not!

I had to smile, I’ve seen one or two already at work looking at dresses, presumably for said big event, but not me. No, seriously, I dont mind going a bit more femme for this, but a party dress, no, I think thats far too much of a step, even now lol! Plus, lets face it, most of those dresses are designed to show a bit of cleavage, and lets face it, much of mine is slightly less than natural, shall we say? Yes, I have got some nowadays, but lets face it, I cheat a bit at work, all the same. Makes me feel good, but anything that shows cleavage is bound toĀ give away my little secret! Alright, this might do to one or two, but anyway…lol! šŸ˜‰ Just a shame there is no way ‘my little boosters’ couldĀ go internally for one night lol. Well alright, permanent would be great, but one night would be a start lol!Ā Either that, or an overdose of ‘natural’Ā female hormonesĀ giving me a major boost on the boob front? No, not going to happen, fairy godmothers dont exist in real life, giggle!

Even without the ‘good girl’ thing, of not wearing a dress on that basis, I’dĀ  be looking for something nice, that doesnt reveal cleavage, and needs to be below knee length (well below ideally), or ankle length (even better). And please, dont get me started on wearingĀ heels at all! I’m too tall already, and unless they’re block, or wedge heels, I couldnt walk in them, so… And no, with my job, I’m not spending a fortune on the outfit either!

Yes, going by all that,Ā blouse, trousers, and nice flat shoes I’m sure! šŸ˜‰ But alright, it would be fun to really dress up, but its a case of us transgendered folk respecting others, I guess? So as I said, blouse and trousers, because I guess finding a ‘posh skirt’ is a trick too far, at budget prices?

Yes, I said last year, I wouldnt go back to the Queens Hotel, but I wont have to, as we are going somewhere different this year, the Royal Armouries have a place for celebrations of this kind, and we’re going there. So I’ll give it a try…and be a good girl, honest I will! Or as some would say, if I cant be good, I’ll be careful! Not sure Brooksie ever said that, but I can imagine those words echoing from her lips somehow.

Havent yet decided if I will stay overnight in town, as I’ve done before, it makes things easier, especially for changing, but it is quite an expense. But it does save on ‘Cinders’ having to get the last train home, and then a taxi out here. Swings and roundabouts etc, especially given the distance I will be from the station this year. I suspect my shifts that day, and the next will also play a part in my call on the matter.

If however someone, or a group of people want to bribe me to wear a dress and posh shoes with a (large) charitableĀ donation, and/or a suitable dress for me to wear, well, try me lol!Ā Even more so, if posh and 20’s/30’s style lol. Still nothing showing cleavage unless you’re also paying for the cosmeticĀ surgery lolĀ Ā No, almost certainly not lol!

Right, finally the videos. Firstly the version most probably think of, the Fred Astaire one. Not the original lyrics, but some amazing dancing. Be warned, though the pictures are of Astaire, the music is a modern remix, interesting enough to win the vote.

If you prefer the original, its not hard to find.

But now, the real delight for me, a very grainy 1930 version of the song, with original lyrics, by Harry Richman, who starred in the film of the song title name. This however is seemingly a live version, not sure if its the film or not?

Of course, Louise Brook’s most famous character was a Lulu, which is another reason for selecting this. Me, biased, oh surely not, darlings? šŸ˜‰