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When Real Life Takes Over

Yes, I was going to write some cute, and probably trite little blog about the build up to Christmas today, and then real life jumped in, and took me on a totally different route. I assume many of you have heard the awful news from Connecticut already for yourselves?

But before we get into the rights, and awful lot of wrongs about that matter, here is the one piece of news you probably werent waiting for. Yes, May 9th next year, I will be going to an OMD concert in Leeds, all things permitting of course. I’d heard of all things when trying to do this, sites crashing, and other problems, but the biggest problem I had was opening an account with Ticketmaster! Yes, I think the ‘extra charges’ are a bit excessive, but anyway…the deed is done. Its a long, long way off, but something else to look forward to.

Right, today, in Connecticut, a truly awful event. It goes without saying that my sympathy goes out to all who have lost relatives in this horrific event, but it again makes me so grateful that our gun rules are far stricter over here. I know there are some parts of the US where carrying a gun of some kind is probably a wise move, but equally there are an awful lot of places where why, why, why would be the only reasoning I can find, and Newtown, Ct is surely one of them? Please America, at least have a think about the issue.

Hopefully next post will be something trite about Christmas, and that nothing awful stops me doing so, that should be Tuesday.

The video, I’m not sure if this ranks as apt, or in a sense, just the opposite, but given its about a killing at a school…