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She (was) on the beach

OK, fine, they think its all over, well it pretty much is now, lol. No, I’m not talking about the current government, though that might yet prove to be apt. But being strictly politically neutral on UK matters…well…? No, seriously, I mean my little break in the sun.

Of course, the sixty four million dollar question is, has the break in the sun done my back any good? Well, I’ve been taking less pills than usual, so I guess thats a good sign, but how long the effects will really last when I get back to the UK, who knows? I certainly havent missed not hearing all about the chaos at home over Brexit, and other stuff, for sure.

Yesterday, I headed to Vila Real De Santo Antonio as planned, and had a look around. In a sense, its more my sort of town than Faro would be, more peaceful, laid back, and dare I say it, old fashioned? Sadly I didnt get to Spain, as I reached the ferry terminal after town, and lunch, to see it pulling out for Ayamonte, across the river, in a different country, and given the next one wasnt for another hour in the off season, I didnt wait. That would have put me on the 2.30 ferry across, so earliest back at 4.00, and then needing to get back to Monte Gordo, all would have got a bit late for me. Maybe another time, maybe not, who knows?

Today, as I have done most days (gentle exercise, which is good) I took my stroll down along the front, and down part of the boardwalk, over the beach. I did some shopping, a little bit more than I’d planned, but nothing too dramatic. Oh, I got one of those coats, seems they had a zip up version as well for same price, so deal done! So I guess at some point soon I’ll need to go into work looking like a 30’s film star, lol. No, its silly really, I dont need a winter coat, but… Yes, I found the PIN for my credit card, but then found they only took cash, no cards, aargh!

I must admit, if, as I hope, I can retire somewhere with all year round warmth, then Monte Gordo has done a pretty good publicity job this week. I know its off season, but its quieter than the more popular end of the Algarve, its pleasantly warm, even in mid November (70 today), and cost of living is definitely lower than the UK too. But whether I will be in a position to make it happen, who knows? Will it even be possible once we’ve left the EU to move out here easily? Rolls eyes… Who me, a remain vote, well, you might think that, but I couldnt possibly say! 😛

Last amusing note, before I close for this holiday. There is a spa at the hotel I’m staying at. I did notice on their website that the spa does those body wrap things, and I’ve always fancied that. Go into my cocoon as the ugly caterpillar, come out the beautiful butterfly, yeah, I wish! So today, with budget sorted, I went to see how much it was. Yes, as I expected, way above what I had left, 80 Euros, for admittedly 80 minutes of pure pampering heaven. So, a fair price, but… To be honest, it was pretty much all above my budget, but I guess a 4 star hotel with spa (I’d say closer to 3, but anyway…), thats probably going to be the case. The thing was, they had a special offer for a hot stone massage, at 49 Euros. for 50 minutes of pampering, which I could just about scrape together. But anyway, being practical, I checked on Google, and it said not advised for people with Osteoporosis issues, so I ended up passing. Probably would have been fine, but better safe than sorry with boring old me!

It was funny tonight at dinner, I got asked why I was drinking Coke, when everybody else was drinking wine, so I explained about the painkillers, and all that. Again I wonder if thats just me being extra cautious, as I know people taking those pills, and drinking booze, and being fine, but…I am being boring, lol!

Tonights video is a song that might have passed most people by, especially as its now 33 years old! The late, great, Kirsty MacColl for your delight

Oh, and as a test to see who actually reads these things, given its Transgender Awareness Week. Yes, somethings been annoying me this week, and I’ve decided he’s got to go! Its fair to say, dont get excited, its not going to happen before retirement, as I’d need way too much time off work otherwise, to get it done before then. Yes, been looking at clingy dresses again, lol, and the desire to wear them, and the current impracticality of doing so. Latex would be fun, but at 66, I dont think so! Of course, the back could have a major relapse over the winter, I need to retire on disability grounds, but until then…?

Might give me a clue as to who ‘likes’ the blog without reading it, lol. 😉

Love myself for a reason

Amongst many other things that might annoy me about myself at present, one of them is the fact that I’ve let myself go, a bit. No, not in a drastically bad way, just that at present, due to an attempt to not spend more money than I have to, beauty treatments have gone out of the window, since I got back in October.

Fine, not having my nails beautifully painted really only affects me, I guess, but I must say I miss having them with gel on the nails, just always looked good. But yes, even more annoying to me, and which will definitely be a far more painful experience when I can get it done, waxing!

Yes, my brows are currently hairy, and I hate them, especially as they are distorting the gorgeous semi perm make up brows that I have by now. Oh, and fine, the armpits too, and I ‘KNOW’ they will hurt when ripped out! Bad enough when I keep them maintained, but now…

Oh, and fine, my knees could do with a major massage too, but all of them will have to wait, I guess? Fortunately at present, my hair should be fine for another month or so, before I have to decide what I’m doing about my roots. Oh, and last, but not least, next week is meant to be my podiatrist visit, but I suspect that too will have to be cancelled, at present.

Oh, the things we women suffer for, lol.

But if anyone wants to help…?

Fine, the video. This is me, showing my age. I’m pretty sure that the first clue that maybe I wasnt your standard guy, was as a teen, I fancied Donny Osmond. Now I know it was the natural teen girl thing, but yes, back then, I was confused! But this version is in fact a live version, from 35 years later, and he still looks pretty distinguished!

Are you sure you want to hear more?

Hopefully at least one or two might know what song thats a line from, if not, the video at the end will put you out of your misery lol! The tags might give you an extra clue anyway.

The funny thing about working in a call centre, is that the people you talk to, only ever hear your voice, and never see your face, and therefore might assume things that arent quite true. If I had a pound (euro/dollar, whatever your currency may be?) for every member of shop staff I’d heard say about the lady at the other end of the phone, or comments about darling, honey etc from the staff themselves, well, I’d probably only have to work 8 months of the year! Yes, the voice is soft, and I think its safe to say that most might get a surprise if we ever met! Dont get me wrong, I think its wonderful they do all think they are talking to a woman, just hope they never bring in video phones lol!

And yes, I certainly dont think I’m the type of girl you marry either! Not just the physical issues though, though clearly they might play a major part! I wouldnt make a good partner now anyway, years of being single have made me highly independent, and having to think  about what someone else might want to do, as well as myself, well that might be tricky!

What more is there to say? I’ve started building towards the holiday starting on the 17th, got a laser session tomorrow to zap the pretty much non existent hair, but hopefully it will kill off the last few annoying hairs this time around. Also booked to have my hair coloured and tidied up next Tuesday, both are definitely needed. And despite the pic on here, I’m not a redhead, more of a blonde. The hair in the avvie pic is a wig, which I havent used in ages now, but still own. If my own hairline ever really recedes, well then I might become a redhead again! 😉 Hopefully that wont be needed though. Finally, next Friday, just before I go will be getting all the nails infilled, a nice massage and facial, and if anything needs waxing, it will be! Looking forward to Boston, both to see the place, and because it will be that needed break from work as well.

So alright, my name isnt Carrie, I definitely dont look like Agnetha, but I seem to have a few readers of this, so life isnt too bad in blog-land. And yes, if you hadnt worked it out already, I am a major Abba fan!

Hope you enjoy, but dont think of flooding me with wedding proposals lol!

Trying new things

Well alright, if the price is right, I’ll give most things (within reason) a try, though I have absolutely no plans to try living as a man again, thats just too painful! But what I do like trying are new beauty treatments that I havent done before, if only to find out what they are like! And yes, I have done that fish pedicure thing, actually comes recommended to be honest.

The bulk of my treatments are done locally by a wonderful lady, Linda, and between the 2 of us, I’m well and truly hooked on having massage treatments. Not that my back is complaining in the slightest about this, its better than it has been in years to be honest. I’ve also been waxed in several places that I never would have dreamed of, before I started transitioning anyway. No, not bikini line though, lol!

There is also a great place in Leeds, which principally I use for my laser treatment called Skin Genesis. The staff are great, very friendly as well, and definitely T-friendly, for anyone in the north of England, thinking about these things. Laser treatment isnt cheap, but it does make an amazing difference after just a few treatments, I must say.

As a good Yorkshire lass, I tend to put value on money, and therefore most of their treatments, however fascinating they may look, I tend to think they arent what I would term value. They probably are, but when you arent on a high wage etc, well, you get my drift.

This month however they are doing a selected number of half price deals, and alright, I cant resist trying something new under those circumstances. So today I’m off for a skin analysis test, in preparation for trying one of those chemical peel things later in the month, at half price. The thing is, you have the option for a free mini makeover after the test, and you dont expect me to resist that either, surely? What I do wonder is if anyone at work will even notice! Ideally I want the peel that transforms my looks into those of a pretty twenty-something young lady, but suspect that  hasnt been created yet, lol! Mind, if they did, I’d probably want a full body treatment, not just the face!

But yes, I love trying new treatments, just wish I could afford some of them!