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Yes, I recall…

Well, at least using that as the title might confuse a few as to what video it is tonight, though not for long I suspect.

On my previous trips to Belfast, I’ve always stayed at a wonderful hotel called Park Avenue Hotel, in the Holywood area of the city. This time I’m not, and in irony, in one sense, it would be easier if I was. Its nothing personal, its just that when I found a good, downtown hotel to stay at, so it seemed a chance I should take. More variety on eating outlets, maybe a chance to see some of the city centre, so…

The thing is, on Facebook, I have the Park Avenue Hotel listed as one of my likes. So earlier this week, they posted up that the Strand Cinema, virtually across the road from the hotel is showing a film tomorrow night, that I wouldnt mind seeing again. No, not a Brooks film, that would be too much to ask lol. But another wonderful, slim featured actress, yes it does, Audrey Hepburn in fact. And this is where the video clue comes in, its Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

The cinema is an amazing building, if you want to see what it looks like, go to,

and take a look. Yes, its a 30’s building, and truly, quite something. Snag is, from the centre of Belfast, its a bit of a trek, especially during the evening to get there. Even more so when I probably wont get to the hotel before 5.00, and I would have to sort myself out, eat, and be there for an 8.15 start! Mind, it needs to start on time, there are only 2 buses left back into town after the film ends, and one of those involves a short walk in an area I really dont know too well!

So yes, all in all, I’ll probably give it a miss, though I know I’ll regret doing so, both because of the cinema, and the film. It might be a sell out anyway, and I cant book in advance, because I might feel shattered after the journey, so…but I can ring, and check on that.

Oh, and thats not everything, though the other would only be viable with bad weather on Saturday, which I hope it isnt. At the Park Avenue, they’re having a vintage fair, and though they might not have any 20’s or 30’s clothing at bargain prices, well, equally they might! Aargh!

Right, the video. No, not the film, just the same named music video from 1995, which is a great song, and sprang to mind before starting this as perfect