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Should I stay, should I go?

Not Huddersfield’s proudest moments, two, and three.

Well, I did promise to comment on one of these a few weeks back, and now, a bit like First Buses awful service, two things come along at once!

Given that the first of these happened about a month before it actually hit the news, I assume a cover up was attempted, that thankfully didnt work. Almondbury is another district of Huddersfield, not that far from here, but thankfully, far enough. Not that I’m saying my area of town is a delight, but seemingly compared to there…

It seems like most places in the UK, unsurprisingly, there has been a recent influx of refugees to the area, the notable ones being a family from Syria. Two children, one boy, one girl, going to the local community school, where seemingly they werent welcomed with open arms.

The initial news was of the boy being attacked by another boy, older than himself, assaulted, and having water poured over him, in an attack. Before this attack could even die down, news came out that his sister had also been assaulted by girls, pushed down the bank, and to tear off the hijab she was wearing. The school was already marked as ‘needing to improve’, and because of this, has been inspected again in the last few days. Sympathy for the school staff, for the need to do this, zero!

The boy who initiated the attack has seemingly vanished abroad, presumably to try and avoid the forthcoming court case?

The second item relating to the ‘delights’ of Huddersfield only came out in the last couple of days, when it was ranked the worst town in England. Given this fact is based on the strength of one site, dedicated to bashing the towns where people live, I’m prepared to look at this a little more cautiously.

Now I’m not saying Huddersfield is the loveliest place in England, it isnt. Whether its truly the worst, having seen more than a few in my life, not quite so sure. A few of those mentioned in the Top 10 I would have said were worse, and how places like Middlesbrough dont make that list, no idea? But fine, I guess events like those awful events at the school in Almondbury doesnt help?

But fine, just as well this town isnt trying to attract tourists, I guess? Still, we do have the famous station cat, and she seemingly now has an apprentice, so…? But yes, if anyone wants to buy me a retirement home in the sun, I now have an idea of where to move to, before Brexit wrecks plans…? 😉

Right, video time. A bit more of the very dishy David Tennant singing along to a song from the Blackpool series. Oh goodness, he could look like that at me, anytime he wishes!