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Lets look forward to 2014

Fine, as promised the brief look at what I know I have planned for the New Year.

As usual, the main things in the pipeline would be the 2 trips to the US, though the first will be later than usual this year, not until mid May, instead of late April. Why, principally because Easter is late this year, so combining in all the bank holidays around that time, and avoiding the Grand National, its about the first chance I get to go. Where, well, as things stand at present, like Dorothy, I will get to Kansas. Though whether I get beyond Wichita, at the moment, its wait and see. September, and this might change for other reasons to November, the plan is to go to Albany.

All provisional, the first depends to a small degree on a friend named Kate (who might have had a few mentions here) and her availability. Though to be honest, unless she can be available in September to travel with me, but not in May, I plan to go to Kansas, come what may! Might make going to Cherryvale without her a lot more tricky, but…

Albany in September, might become Albany in November. I mentioned just before Thanksgiving that it would be nice to be in the US on that occasion, but equally saying I felt it was a family thing, so maybe I shouldnt? But another dear friend, James, offered to adopt me for the event, and if that does happen, I will probably delay the trip till then, and just have the usual week at home in September instead. I might, might, make a third trip to the US, but suspect the finances wont stretch to that.

Due to some small football tournament next year (something called the World Cup?), getting to Ireland for cricket might prove complex. Not that I can really comment at present, beyond 2 one day matches against Sri Lanka just before my May trip, not much is definite yet. I hope I can, and get better weather than last year if I do, but lets wait and see.

Beyond that, I have my 56th Birthday (creak) to look forward to in March, and a week off, starting a week on Monday, hopefully to recharge the batteries. Beyond all that, the Works Christmas Dinner at the end of the year, assuming I’m still there of course!

I know, I know, such an exciting life lol!

The only other thing I do know, is that at some point this month, the 5th ebook should be released, and I promise to crank up the publicity machine when its ready, whether you like that or not! 😛 More, probably, though I have no idea when!

One thing is for sure, whatever plans I make, something will come along to change them, one way or another. For good, for bad, who knows? But no, I have no plans for romance, or to go to a football (soccer) match at any point this year!

The video, well, its a tribute to someone who died 28 years ago today, thanks to his wild drugs intake. But this is silly fun, and as it was used to introduce the world to 1980, quite apt. Phil Lynott, RIP. Oh, and another Phil died today, Phil Everly. I just have to fear the day when all the Stephanie’s die lol!