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Summer sports

Yes, seriously, the summer sports are starting up, so it must be summer. Looks out of the window at several inches of snow, hmm?

But its true, the baseball season starts next Sunday with a first time divisional match up. No, no new teams involved, Texas Rangers meet the Houston Astros. Its just that well, they werent in the same league until this year. Houston was part of the 16 team National league, where the pitchers bat, and make fools of themselves, and Texas were one of 14 teams in the American league, where a designated hitter saves us from that comedic moment. I’m sure there must be a pitcher somewhere who can bat well, I’ve just never seen him! On the other hand, there probably isnt one, seems more likely!

So yes, the reason for this, Houston have moved into the American league, balancing up numbers at 15 apiece. It means inter league play all season long, so NL teams will be playing a hitter sometimes, AL pitchers will have to bat sometimes, so… probably some good facepalm moments there, especially among the latter!

Cricket, well the traditional season opener between the county champions, Warwickshire, and the MCC is already under way. No, not in this country, dont be daft, the pitch would be under several inches of snow! No, they are out in the UAE, sensible folk that they are. But a fortnight on Wednesday, the county season is due to get under way, lets hope the weather has imnproved by then!

Sadly the football (soccer) season still has about 2 months to run, before crawling away, seemingly just for a few days, until the ghastly event returns again in July. Of course, it actually goes on, some European countries play summer soccer, due to their winter conditions. I wouldnt fancy playing in Tromso, Norway in January for example lol! Desperate punters at work would probably bet on Albanian division 27, if we gave them the chance though, rolls eyes! I suspect there isnt one, but if there was…

Right, to the video, and yes, its baseball related. He may not have been the greatest harmonica player who lived, but he was certainly one of the greatest baseball players, and sadly he’s no longer with us, dying recently at the grand old age of 92! So, in celebration of the baseball season, I present…