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Thanksgiving, and a white Black Friday

And so, the end is near, though the video isnt going to be My Way…well, not the one you’re expecting at least!

Yesterday, as I’m sure everyone knows by now, was Thanksgiving Day, here in the US. And for the first time in my life, I got to experience what that magical day is like.

It started off with what I gather is another US tradition nowadays, the Macy’s parade in New York City. Lots of hype, lots of over exuberance from the commentators, so I kept the volume low, and survived. Then, a little NFL, a phone call to start getting ready (into dress, and low heels), and then over to the home of my wonderful host, James.

The afternoon was wonderful, the conversation, his family, and the meal, all of them. If, and when I repeat this delight, no idea, but I’m so glad I’ve done it once in my life now, at least. Put it this way, I had absolutely no need to eat again after that until this morning!

Black Friday is a crazy shopping extravaganza, that now seems to start at 6 pm, on Thursday! Yes, I know, but thats the way of life nowadays, seemingly. Anyway, I ignored it completely, both last night, and today. So I headed off down town by bus, and went to the New York State Museum, for a very interesting visit. Then back into town, via the State Plaza, and a lunch break, and then finally back to the hotel.

Yes, with all the snow still on the ground, I didnt go out to eat tonight. I know, I’ll probably regret it, but… and tomorrow, I head back to the UK, James very kindly running me back to the airport. Hard to believe, its less than 2 weeks to the Work Christmas dinner.

Not only that, but by the next time I return to the US (Hollywood, next April, if all goes to plan), I should look even more stunning than now, as I will be a beautifully made up lady, looking even more like Jean Harlow, I suspect.

Last, but not least, I’d like to thank my 2 wonderful hosts on this trip, James, for letting me fulfil that dream of celebrating Thanksgiving, and to S, for letting me discover that I was indeed a Hollywood actress in a previous life, and for letting me find out how much fun life as ‘Jean’ can be.

The next blog, probably a jet lagged one from the UK, on Monday.

As I said, the video isnt ‘My Way’, but…

Public transit, a little shopping, and lots of snow!

So fine, picking up from where I left off last time around.

Yesterday morning, at 11.00, I was picked up from my hotel by S, and whisked back to Worcester, to catch the bus back to Albany. Another entertaining chat en route, which led to me discovering that in fact ‘Jean’ was still in my head, and just needed releasing, to make a show. First S did it, just to sort things out between him, her, and me. More correctly, him, my sub concious and me, but that’s just nit picking. Next thing I know, I’m told to do it for myself, and lo and behold, here’s Jeannie!

But before anyone gets any ideas, there are only 2 people that can wake her up, S, and me! Carla is safely tucked away though, before anyone thinks otherwise.

So fine, I’ve quickly discovered that there is a firm that makes Trans Pennine Express look punctual, and that’s Greyhound buses! Anyway, we finally get away from Worcester about 20 minutes late, and head for the Mass Pike, and the journey home. Big snag, accident on the Mass Pike, was a crawl (or slower) for the first 10 miles, and we finally reached Albany 2.5 hours late! Consolation, the most wonderfully sweet taxi driver on the way home, lovely guy, got a better tip than I normally would give, for sure!

Fine, it was well publicised on the news, and on websites that Albany was going to get hit by a big snow storm about the middle of today. So fine, I went out early, and not far, to a nearby Mall. Alright, time for a little fun, I let ‘Jean’ go shopping instead. Now, that was fun! Main moment of amusement, well it seems that Jean possesses quite a Kansas accent. Slightly combined with my own, but predominantly…

Fun moment, when I mentioned about flying back to the UK to one of the cashiers, given my Kansas accent, she asked me when I moved to the UK. I muttered some random year, and just left it at that! Alright, I did think about getting my sub concious to swap me back, change accents totally, (and huskiness of voice) and confuse her, but I’m a good girl, so I didnt.

By the time I got back out of there, the snow was in free fall, with plenty on the ground. Sadly this morning, I’d lived up to my blonde reputation, and only gone out in shoes, and a medium ‘strength’ coat, instead of boots and anorak. I knew it was coming, so why I did that…no idea?

Its different, seeing so much snow, when its only November. The last time I saw this, was about 2000, in Kirkenes, Norway, and thats the other side of the Arctic Circle! Mind, that was the beginning of November, not the end, so…

Right, you’re now up to date, and no, despite the clearness of the roads at least, I’ve decided to forego the Ice Hockey match in town tonight. I’m not the biggest fan of the sport, but if the weather had been good, I might well have gone. But now…

The video, sums up today’s weather really.

Welcome to Hollywood…New Hampshire

Yes, fine, I know, ideally this would have been written yesterday evening, but lets just say that given what I discovered yesterday, I wasnt in the right frame of mind to do so. Hey, some of it is still whirring around my head now, but…

Monday started in a dull fashion, the delights of the Greyhound bus station in Albany. No, its not the most delightful place to spend the best part of an hour, waiting for your coach, but hey, thats America, and public transit for you. Most people of even moderate incomes drive, so many of those on the buses are the less fortunate ones. Not that the place felt dangerous as such, just a bit of a depressed area, I guess?

Anyway, about 15 minutes late (making me feel at home, with TPE), we pulled out, heading for Worcester, where S was meeting me. Yes, thats all you’re getting of identification, for his sake. Driver must have known what he was doing though, as we pulled into Worcester, pretty much on time. Then the fun began.

Lets just say that neither of us knew the city at all, and we had some fun ‘getting together’, and getting out of town. But soon, we were heading north, to New Hampshire, and his place of work.

S is a really interesting guy, much my age, and we had some great conversation en route, a lot of it 70’s related, so before a lot of my readers time! 😛 We arrived, and after a short while, set to the first event of the day, my past life regression. Thankfully, he let me remember things, but only after events. I started by getting younger, and younger, until eventually I was back in the womb. Then we went one step further back. I’m guessing we did it this way, to ensure I got the relatively recent life we were looking for, but dont quote me on that.

It worked, I ended up back in the 1920’s…in Hollywood! But no, not Jean, before you ask. In a sense, that might be for the best, because now I know it was real, and not just my influence on things. A dark haired actress, doing bit parts, and extras, named Clara Johnson. Hey, we found one mention of her on Imdb, in a 1937 movie, so she was real! Nothing else, but as a friend who knows these things told me, bit part actresses didnt get the credits back then, that they do now, so nothing to concern myself about there.

But fine, the most stunning part about all this, Clara got married, had a baby girl. Yes, I was a mother, seemingly a good one, oh wow! Died in her early 50’s, sounded like the cigarettes got her in the end, but I suspect she drunk a bit too! Unlikely, but I may have a daughter, or grandchild somewhere in the world!

Yes, fine, as S realised afterwards, he should have asked Clara if she knew Jean at all (possible, they would both have been doing that sort of thing in the late 20’s), but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Lets just say that it took me a while to get over this news, to any degree. As I say, even now, I’m still trying to comprehend it all. So little I can find out about her, so I suspect sometime, I’ll have to arrange for someone (possibly S, via Skype) to talk to Clara again, and find out more that way.

Then, after enough recovery time for me to stop saying “Oh my God” at regular intervals, we went for part 2. Yes, the Jean Harlow moment. He handled this in a fun (for me especially) way, by creating Jean-bot, via a nanite injection (a pen pressed into my hand, he showed me afterwards), and we took things from there. So fine, I might know a few things about Jean, and her life, but some of the stuff that rushed into my head, no way! Or at least I didnt think I did!

I have no idea why, unless Jean sort of absorbed my thoughts, along with hers, but her reaction to modern life was pretty blase. Or maybe thats because she knew she was a robot, not the real person, but I’m guessing S is the only one who could truly answer that, he created her, after all! Then we did it, the mirror test. I was walked to a mirror, looked at it, and it wasnt my face looking back at me, oh wow! My voice changed, my attitude did too, all quite something!

Anyway, after a brief interview, and Jean seemingly hinting she wanted a drink, stronger than water, I was brought out of trance, and allowed to remember things. Just as I was doing all this, he turned me back into Jean for a few moments, and the voice was back.

Then, after a brief recovery period, I was whisked (film star style lol) to my hotel nearby, for the night. Monday night football, including that gorgeous Jon Gruden, and then to bed.

Truly quite a day, and so many thanks to S, for letting me experience all that. As I say, at some point, I’m going to have to let Clara be interviewed again, absolute must!

The video, seemingly quite apt, seeing I was a bit part movie actress in the 1920’s, and 30’s, and it gives me a chance to let you hear a lesser known Gerry Rafferty piece.

smooth operator

Its funny, how when you expect to have problems, everything goes smoothly. Pretty much sums up yesterday’s journey here.

OK, fine, the roadworks on the motorway getting to the airport was a pain, but in all honesty, I got there with time to spare, and walked to the booking in counter, in about 15 seconds flat, from the queue. The challenge of security…absolute stroll!

Plane took off pretty much to time, landed much the same. Funny point, I started the journey with a double seat to myself, then a few hours in, a man excused himself, and moved in next to me. Said his viewing screen wasnt working, but anyway…Fine, it must have been that, as he went back to his original seat about 30 minutes before landing. Ah well…

Then, the only low point of the whole trip, Philadelphia Immigration. Seriously, they are the main reason I dont travel more with US Airways, they are awful. Transatlantic jet arrives, hundreds get off, and 2 Immigration officers are on! Eventually, and I do mean eventually a couple more turn up, I get through, and… you have to go back through security after clearing customs, and generally at Philadelphia, thats as much joy as going through Immigration. Yesterday, sailed through! I was actually at the other terminal waiting for the Albany plane 20 minutes before boarding, instead of dashing on at the last moment. Hey, I even went to the rest room, got a coffee, and…amazing stuff.

Met at the airport as planned, and a smooth journey to the hotel. Hey, I suspect I even spotted the Albany hotel I stayed at in 1988, but dont quote me on that. But it was in the right area, had the right colour sign, so…

Hotel is very good, not that I expected anything else from Best Western, to be honest.

This morning I went across town, to meet up with James for a short while, then back into town, a bite of lunch, and currently, a little NFL. Oh, the lady in Dunkin Donuts loved my accent!

Tonight, I wont go too far to eat, just tossing up between the restaurant here, or a pub/restaurant about 2 doors up.

Tomorrow, off to New Hampshire overnight, to be hypnotised by an expert, and see what develops. I’m pretty sure, at some point, I will believe I’m Jean Harlow! Still, more of that on Tuesday, I suspect.

For now, a video that sums up how things have gone so far

Northern New York state of mind

Yes, tomorrow I head off to Northern New York, for a week of relaxation, pleasure, and my first ever Thanksgiving.

Thankfully, where I’m heading is Albany, not Buffalo, about 300 miles west, where that incredible dump of snow has been. Where I’m going is fine, a bit chilly, but no snow. Or so I was told last night by the wonderful gentleman who invited me across. So all will be fine.

Funnily enough, I’ve been to Albany twice before, but seen hardly anything of the city. First time, in 1988, I stayed overnight at a motel, just outside the centre of town, and I dont even remember us venturing in, though knowing me, and Sheila, we probably did. The second time, a couple of years ago, I stayed much closer to the centre of town, somewhere close to the college relating to nanotechnology, and the like. But did I see any of the city, not really!

This week, I will put that right, even if a day or two (part of) will be spent on a very interesting side trip to New Hampshire. More of that, after the event probably, though if you’re good…I might let you know on Sunday, just before it happens!

To be honest, the only entertainment tomorrow will probably be the change of planes in Philadelphia. If all goes fine, then nearly 2 hours is fine, though not by as much as you probably think, by the time you go through Immigration, Customs, and Security! And then the shuttle bus to the terminal where the Albany plane leaves from. I had about 5 minutes less (admittedly the plane from Manchester was late) when I flew to Richmond, and that ended up being a very tight thing.

Other than that, it will probably only get ‘fun’ if I pull out that Harlow biography I’m not meant to read, and start reading it! I shouldnt, I know, but it might be entertaining to see just how awful it is. If a publisher reads this, and want to give me the funds to write an accurate Harlow biog, let me know!

OK, I’ll end this string of UK based blogs with a Harlow moment. Not too far north of Albany, is a place called Saratoga. To me, it has 2 significant points. Firstly, there is a racetrack there, and sometimes at work, we cover the racing from there. Secondly, and the film buffs will have already worked this one out, Jean Harlow’s last (uncompleted) film, was called Saratoga.

Popular demand at the time meant that MGM finished the film, using doubles, and the like, to cover for the fact that Jean was sadly no longer around. Here is a little scrap of that film

Beating the clock.

Fine, the last blog was one that cast a less than sunny eye on work, so lets compensate for that totally, with a bright, and happy tale of today.

Yes, I’m on holiday now, always would have been, I was down to finish at 5.00 today, and that will then be it for November, my next time at work will be on 2nd December, 12 days away. But I’ll let you into a little secret, I didnt finish at 5.00 tonight, I finished at 12.45!

Because of all the international football that has been going on the last few days, there was less football being played today around the world than normal. Which doesnt always mean less work, you’d be amazed at some of the leagues punters will plumb the depths of, just to have a bet. And when that happens, you can get a pile of calls, on the basis that those leagues are not worth putting into the shop system, for obvious reasons.

But when there is even very little of that…No, I wasnt sitting twiddling my thumbs at work today, chance would be a fine thing to even get close to that. But, we werent buried in calls either.

So anyway, about 12.45, I assume someone in the management team decided that someone could go home early, to balance numbers slightly better. Now, when Julie came around, looking for volunteers, ironically, I was on a call at the time. But to my delight, one of my fellow workers, Scott, spoke out in favour of the poor old lady, doing her last shift before her holiday. Yes, me!

A few moments later, I’m asked if I want to go early (counts against my holiday allowance, if you need to know), and unsurprisingly, I say yes! A few minutes later, desk tidied, email box cleared, and I’m heading out the door, a smile on my face, a rare event at work lol!

So, I have to thank Julie, Scott, and Carmen (who I think was going to be the lucky person, until Scott spoke out) for letting a weary old lady start her holiday a few hours early!

Tomorrow, I’ve got my hair being done in the morning, my body being sorted out (massage, for those with a less than clean mind) in the afternoon, then out for a meal in the evening. Friday, to pack, and Saturday, to America!

So all in all, a cheery side to tonights blog. 🙂

The video, one of those more, err, interesting 70’s groups, shall we say? The song, what I did today.

An amusing thing happened on the way to the taxi

No, not quite the name of an old movie, but close. Not sure if this should be defined as a comedy, or whatever, I’ll let you decide.

When we finish work at 10.00, or later, we are provided with a taxi to get us home. Yes, even me, I am just about in qualifying range, so… Depending on who else needs a taxi at the same time, you might get one on your own (if no one is going roughly in your direction), or you might have to share. Fair enough, I dont mind in the slightest, if its not terribly out of my way, it doesnt usually add much to my journey time, saves the company money, and…

A couple of months ago, the email listing the taxis came around, and I was down to be sharing with someone. Less than 5 minutes later, a follow up email arrived, with a revised list, and his name was gone, and I had a taxi to myself. Fine, I might have had suspicions that it was a personal issue (me, my ‘gender’, or both, not a clue) but I was prepared to live and let live, he might have had good reasons for doing that.

But then, Friday night, I was down to share with him again. This time, no revised email appeared. I saw him leave his desk just before I did, due to my need to finish things off on the escalated desk. So, when I got to where the taxis wait, I was looking for him, as a landmark as to what was my taxi, couldnt see him. Then one of the drivers who knows me a bit, shouted across that I was in his cab. Seems the cab was only waiting for me! As for him…?

Not that in one sense I mind, I got home earlier that way. But in the other sense…I have no idea what the guy’s grudge is with me, whether its trans related or not, so I will resist calling him trans phobic, but…Its not like I’ve done anything I know to him, he’s not in my section, I really dont have anything much to do with him, so…?

Ah well, his loss, I guess? No, I dont know if he got another taxi, or made his own way home, and doubt I will ever know. Still, nice to feel ‘loved’…not! Will be interesting to see what happens, if, and when, we are put in the same taxi again!

The video, from the Slade comeback years, what George Takei might say about events on Friday night!

A day to remember, but a day to celebrate too.

Well, seriously, given the date and everything, what else were you expecting tonight?

Strictly, the centenary of the significance of the 11th November is still 4 years away, but given this is the centenary of the start of World War 1, its a major landmark anyway. And at the 11th hour today, we have, or will (depending on your time zone) remember them.

Not that we just remember those who fell during that awful war, but on the battlefields everywhere, ever since. I suppose, strictly, those who died before too, but its fair to say that 1918 was of course the day that Remembrance Day over here, Veterans Day in the US, is the one that all are remembered for.

No, I’m not going to get political on the matter, though its fair to say that in hindsight, the leaders on both sides in WW1 didnt think too much about planning.

But anyway, for all those brave souls who died then, and since then, I remember, and respect all you did for us, who followed you.

Oh, the celebration? Well, two friends, one long term, one who I have only got to know recently both celebrate their birthday today.

The new one, that wonderful lady who showed Kate, and I around Cherryvale, less than 2 months ago. I think it was towards the end of last year when we first made contact, due to a posting I made about, yes, going to Cherryvale, the home town of Louise Brooks. Finally, I got to meet her in September, and she was just as wonderful to me in real life, as she had been in cyberspace.

Thanks, Tina, hope you’ve had a wonderful day.

Its fair to say I’ve known James a lot longer, though I’m not sure now, just how many years it has been. But in that time, he has become a true friend, a confidant, my editor, to name but 3 things! This man is simply amazing, believe me. Oh, and to top all this, he is the one who has invited me, in less than 2 weeks now, to celebrate Thanksgiving with him, my first time doing so.

So yes, as well as remembering the brave who died fighting for us, I am celebrating the birthday of 2 wonderful people.

The video, well yes, its a war related one, though possibly not one that people would immediately relate to events.

Me, and hypnosis

Yes, fine, if you want to look at it that way, then yes, I’m definitely a much better me than the one who lived her first 40 odd years on this Earth trying to be a man. Well, at that time, I thought I was, then I discovered the real me, and the rest of my life has been so much better. The last 4 years, living legitimately as a woman (to everyone but the passport office) has been the pure heaven, at the end of that intermediate period, when I knew what I was, but still tried to hedge my bets as far as the outside world was concerned.

Still, there was one thing that changed me for the better, about 5 and a half years ago, getting made redundant. I know, that sounds strange doesnt it? But what it did, was mean I had to go through the job interviewing process all over again. Well, given that apart from a brief period around 2002, I’d worked all my life, you’d think I must have done quite well in terms of job interviews? Well, maybe I had, but I cant say it was a process I enjoyed, especially given the way the whole job interview process has changed since I started working 40 years ago.

So I decided to try one thing that had intrigued me for a while, hypnotherapy. Now, despite some of the stories I’d read, I knew that in real life, you cant be made to do things under hypnosis that you dont want to. OK, fine, some elements of being controlled like that might be fun for a while, but forever, err, no thanks.

So, a little while before that job interview, my first one in fact, I had a hypnotherapy session, to cure a few of my confidence issues, most of which I suspect related to my gender issues, but not all. She did decide to tackle my gender issues as well (even more so, in the follow up, after I got the job, but…) at the same time.

I’m not saying I wouldnt have got the job if I hadnt done that, but what I do know is, that was the easiest interview I ever went through in my whole life. Confident, sure of myself, and everything else, and yes, as I mentioned earlier, I got the job! Boosted by all this, and the redundancy money, which was pretty much now free cash, I did a follow up session, focussing entirely on my gender issues, with amazing results. Seriously, I have no idea what she did, but the hip/waist ration changed, boobs started to develop, something else shrank, all enhancing the female look.

Apparently I went under very easily, something I’d never done online, in any shape or form. But just laying there, relaxing, went out like a light! Good, receptive subject, seemingly.

It was then quite a while before I was hypnotised again, and the next time was definitely a fun event, where I experienced life as a robot, and as a young flapper girl, which was definitely fun. Indeed, she was left ‘in control’ until the next morning, which made the journey home, on a modern train, quite an eye opener!

I have no idea where along the line it happened, but I have since then discovered one thing, I will now go under online, to a voice, if I’m not doing anything else but listening. If tonight is anything to go by, I go pretty deep that way too, now! And yes, I can tell the difference too, already.

Ironically, I thought I might have been hypnotised again by now, but despite promises, it doesnt seem to be happening. Yes, the past life regression one, to see if that one in a million chance that I really am Jean Harlow reincarnate could be true! Who knows, I might be, someone presumably is, so… It might happen elsewhere, in about 3 weeks, while in the US, lets hope that one works out at least! Knowing him, I might end up thinking I’m Jean Harlow for a while, regardless of results!

So yes, I’m recommending hypnotherapy to anyone who thinks they might benefit by it, at least give it a try. And dont think, if you dont go under online, that it wont happen in real life, because it may well do. And if it works, the benefits can be amazing!

The video, well some say a trance is like lucid dreaming, so this could be considered a good choice

If you think you know how to love me

Well, if you do, you’ve got quite a challenge on your hands, believe me. Why? Because somewhere around about this time, in November 2000, was the last time I had sex! No, funnily enough, I dont remember the exact date, and I’m pretty sure at the time, I didnt realise that that would be it, but since then, with another person, nothing! And to be honest, on the whole, I havent missed it!

Maybe there have been times, when having someone around, to snuggle up to, and then go a step further with, might have been nice. But on the whole, no, not really. And the thing is, now, with so many years of independence, and celibacy, whether I could change, if I did meet the right person, well, I’m not sure if I could!

Still, until that person comes along, its a pretty moot point anyway.

Yes, I think its fair to say that my gender issues played a part in all that, given that is about the time I really began to realise what had been ‘wrong’ with me all those years, and changed my lifestyle accordingly. But even then, if you’d told me that 14 years or so later, that would be it, well, I probably wouldnt have believed you!

To be honest, until the last few months, I must admit the lack of romance, dating and the like didnt bother me either. Now, whether its an age thing (knowing my time is beginning to pass), or whether its my new found confidence in my femininity, but I do find myself fancying going on a date, even if only a mutually paid for dinner date, or something, and just letting go, and having some fun. No, I dont think it would lead to sex, I’m certainly nowhere near ready for that yet. To be honest, without the necessary surgery to have sex correctly, I cant see me going down that road.

So it probably ends up as a Catch 22 situation, I wont attract interest unless I go for sex, and I’m not interested (given my age) of doing the pain and discomfort of the necessary surgery, just for myself! As I say, I’m a complex creature lol. Of course, once I get the make up done, and enhance the look in the New Year, I might get friskier, but I suspect even then, I’d want the ‘right bits’ before making love again!

So, as I say, its going to take one hell of a man, or a woman, to break my hold on celibacy, I guess? Might be someone crazy enough out there, I guess…maybe? Probably not, but we shall see.

Right, the video, a Bradford band, indeed I’m trying to work out if the drummer is actually wearing a Bradford City shirt of the day, or not, they were certainly fans