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I remember when interviews were a straightforward 1 to 1!

Yes, fine, this blog has been inspired by a modern day interview thing that went wrong today, and cost me any chance of a job. Technology, you have to love it? Maybe not?

When I first did a job interview just over 40 years ago, it was a straightforward affair, an interview was arranged, you met your prospective employees, they asked you questions, you answered them, and then asked them a few back. And that was it, pure and simple, you passed or failed, easy as that.

The first time I had an interview that didnt follow this formula was in 2005, my first one back up in Yorkshire. Given I’d done a couple of ‘normal’ interviews up here before this one, I discovered the joys of a group interview thing. I must have done alright, as I got invited back for a more standard interview, and then was, in good time, offered the job.

2009 followed the same route, with a group thing, but that was it, I was offered the job on the back of that, though I did do a solo interview after the group thing was over.

Now, in 2015, the computer era has kicked in, it seems quite a challenge to actually see a human being. Assessment tests and the like, before you even talk to anyone seems the norm nowadays! Then its generally just a phone interview, and then…a human being? Of course, being as old as me doesnt help your job prospects nowadays anyway!

OK, this is the moment of rant. I was doing one of these online test things this afternoon, and basically, it didnt work. I was meant to be hearing ‘orders’ being placed, and had to input them accurately, presumably to see if I could do it. Thing is, the tape, or whatever it is didnt work, just got a lot of garbled noise. So I tried to go back, and start again, but the test decided I’d finished, and the test failed me, as of course, I hadnt got anything right! Within minutes I’d got the email telling me I’d been unsuccessful, shock horror.

I did write and tell them that it wasnt my fault, but I suspect the email just hit an automated system, and wasnt noticed. I havent heard back anyway. So there you go, I lost out on a job, and it wasnt even my fault!

Technology, err, you have to love it, maybe?

OK, the video. No connection to this whatsoever. But what this record was, was Number 1 in the UK, on the day I started work!