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What a weekend!

Oh fine, I’d planned to focus on one transgender issue in this blog, that the UK government seemingly have been trying to cover up, but events of the weekend have sort of overwhelmed that. Still going to look at it, but maybe a bit less detail than if events in America hadnt happened.

So, lets start with the one I’m sure everybody has heard about, the awful massacre in Orlando. I’m going to do my best not to say too much about the gun laws in the US. But given the fact that someone on the FBI watch list, can get hold of a weapon like that, and nothing happens, just unbelievable! The blunt fact is, despite his last phone call, this was not an ISIS related terrorist activity. They clearly knew nothing about it in advance, from their postings on the matter (source, instead of their agency), whatever the more rabid people of the media might want to suggest. What is clear, is that he came from a homophobic background, and had a deep hatred for all gay people. As a sideline, he believed in beating his wife too! Yes, lovely guy, not.

Unbelievably, in these days of health and safety, fire standards, and the works, the club he went into in Orlando had only one entry/exit point. There seemed to be others, but they led to closets, or a small courtyard, not a proper route of escape. So, once in, hard to get out of, under the circumstances, without being shot! Given the enclosed space, and the weapon he had, its probably a blessing that as few as 50 died, though sadly, its possible that number may yet go up.

Oh, the beloved right wing media. Focusing on the fact that he was Muslim, and that phone call, and ignoring all the other facts! Yes, he was Muslim, but as the next section of this shows, that was just one issue, the main one was his awful homophobia. He carried out this massacre because he saw two men kiss in front of him, on the street. Yes, seriously, that was it!

Rest in peace, all those sadly dead from this atrocity.

The next piece, I suspect the amount you’ve heard about, depends on where you’re reading this. Yesterday, was L.A Pride day. So fine, I might not have known much about it, but for my friends in the area. What happened yesterday morning, was the arrest of a white man, in Santa Monica, because his car was full of enough artillery to cause an equal amount of death, and destruction. Funnily enough, he was a right wing extremist, who admitted he was heading to the Pride festival, and it didnt look, or sound like he was going there to join the parade. Thankfully, in this case, he was caught before he got there, and with additional security, all went off fine. But again, just about a year ago, he was arrested for, yes, you’ve guessed it, gun offences!

Please, USA, at least reconsider your gun laws. Oh, I forgot, the NRA (National Rifle Association) has so many congressmen in their pay, that…ah well! 😦

Lastly, and something that my ‘beloved’ UK government have sneaked through, is this

Trans people in UK could face rape charges if they don’t reveal gender history

I’ve seen a meme a few times on Facebook, which shows a guy, and a girl in bed, post coital sex. To quote her, is something like “No, thats not my boyfriend, thats me before the operation.”, and a stunned look on his face. Alright, I found it amusing the first couple of times, but yes, it gets less funny as time goes on. Mind, given she clearly had all the right ‘bits’, why should it really bother him, unless…?

Me, I’m not planning on having sex anytime soon, in truth, and besides which, at the moment, if it got as far as sexual matters, I’ve clearly still got something a girl shouldnt have! But in truth, before anyone got that close to me, I’d make my limitations very well known, and let them act accordingly. In truth, I’m pretty certain that even if I was post op, I’d let someone know first, before we got up close, and physical! To be truthful, given I doubt I would consider the op, unless I needed it, for sex, someone is going to know anyway!

But yes, I guess, younger people, who have fully transitioned, and look just fine, do people really need to know? I’m sure that now, with younger, and younger people starting to transition, its going to come to a point where people really arent going to know, beyond the fact that their wife/partner will never get pregnant! Fine, maybe decades from now, Trans Girls will have babies, but for now…

So, I’m torn, in that someone of my generation probably would want to say something, so it shouldnt matter, but I can see youngsters feeling differently about it. But overall, no, I’m not a fan of this.

OK, video time. Maybe because of my age, maybe because of my attitude, or maybe because this body has so emotionally destroyed me over the years, this pretty much sums me up, concerning these homophobic haters out there


So which do you want?

Do you want the details of the day, or do you want the tale of someone who is no longer a Facebook friend of mine, due to homophobic comments.

OK, fine, a bit of both.

Right, for want of a better term, I did my last lap of jersey today. Yes, the alert ones amongst you will say that I’m here until Saturday, and you’re right. But Saturday will be pretty much just pack, and dash, and tomorrow, after a brief trip out, will be to say goodbye to St Helier, for, who knows? I doubt I will return again in 32 years, I’d be 88 then, if I’m still alive, which doesnt seem to be a guaranteed event, even now, with people living longer. To be fair, once the body, and insurance rates say that I can no longer travel to the US, then for as long as I can, I might holiday nearer home, but even so…

Today, I did what most sensible people would do (but I’m blonde) at the start of their holiday, I did the circular tour of the island, heading out east, then looping around at a nice pace, till we got back into town. The east coast, I did up to Gorey under my (helped by buses) steam, and the west coast, as you know, I’ve been all the way round to Greve De Lecq. But lets just say that most of the north coast, plus the east coast above Gorey is a ‘challenge’ by public transport, not really doable, so that was nice for me.

The woman next to me on the coach, even more so, as she left us at Greve De Lecq, having done most of the ‘tricky to see’ bit, though she missed out on the very north west corner, but hey, I can understand not waiting around an hour at lunchtime for that. But I’m glad I carried on, if only to be able to say ‘How much!’ for the items on sale at Jersey Pearl.

Fine, the second bit. Today, in the UK are some elections, both local council, and more critically the EU ones. I could have arranged a postal vote, but I didnt. I know, dont complain about results, but…So, when I got back on here, and logged into Facebook, what did I find?

A supposed Facebook friend (not that I know him, I suspect he befriended me from one of those ghastly ‘do you know?’ lists, as it was showing 2 mutual friends when I checked. Basically his posting was something about being proud to vote for UKIP, and hoping they’d see off those gay b******s in the country. Might not have been his exact words, but get my drift?

Now, given I have the whole gamut of LGBT folk among my real life friends, am Trans myself, and either lesbian, or bi, if I was interested in romance, you can imagine how I felt! Lets just say the jerk lasted about 5 minutes (while I ranted on Facebook) before being rapidly defriended!

His politics, no, I’m not a fan, but I wouldnt unfriend him just because of that, of course the killer was his homophobia, sadly there are still too many people like that about. I’m left wondering why he friended me though, unless he didnt realise I was trans! But thats not the point, his attitude just sickens me.

OK, last but not least, the video! No relevance to the post, its just that I’m on Jersey, and this was mine, and Sue’s song. Oh, and it was on the radio at breakfast this morning, which reminded me.