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The only way to travel at an Airport

The only snag for me with this marvelous way to get around an airport, is that its at Heathrow, which is an airport I never use, and the fact that it only connects from 1 Terminal, to the parking areas, and I dont drive! But fine, if this was at Manchester, and I had the time, I’d happily do a round trip, just because… 😉

Oh fine, it might be even more fun if the pod, once you’ve got into it, had some interesting options, like a swift brainwashing session, but I guess I’m probably the only one who would fancy that, anyway! Oh, you want to see for yourself?

Now if they had something like this, to get disabled folk from check in, to the plane eventually, I’d love that! I hope Las Vegas, Seattle, or maybe even Manchester can get something set up for May lol! If someone wants to tell me that one of the first two does have something like that, I’d be thrilled! Alright, the snag is, Las Vegas will only be transfer between planes (via Immigration and Customs), and Seattle, I wont need parking, but…?

I have done a ‘light rail’ type transfer at a few airports, Chicago, Atlanta, and if I remember rightly, Seattle, in the past. But all of those have been in busy trains, not your own personal pod!

But yes, if I ever have an hour or two to spare, at Heathrow Airport, Terminal 5, I’m giving this a try, even if its just a return trip, with no brainwashing device in the pod! Chances of that happening, pretty much nil, unfortunately!

Oh fine, you want a music video too? Given that we’re not actually ‘Leaving on a jet plane’ at this point, I’d better go with this!

The last day off before…

Well, alright, strictly it isnt, given that Thursday and Friday next week are regarded as my days off for the week, with my actual holiday starting on Saturday, but lets face it, I’ll have stopped working by then, so it will feel like I’m on holiday anyway. In fact, this time next week I’ll already be at Manchester Airport, though in the Radisson hotel there, not the airport lounges! Dont think I’ve ever stayed at an airport hotel in this country, even though I have stayed at a good number nearby to them in the US in my time. Quite simple, they are usually cheaper than the downtown hotels (especially the budget brands) which suits my pocket perfectly, and to be honest, getting into the big city from these sites is rarely tricky.

The difference this time, is that the Radisson is literally within the airport building, you enter it from the skywalk running between the terminals, instead of my usual site, with a short shuttle bus ride to the hotel, from where you can usually see the airport, though generally not hear much, these places are well insulated for good reason! Still, it will be nice, though slightly strange, just to have a very short walk to the terminal on Saturday morning.

But anyway, more on that next Friday I suspect, including a room review if you’re unlucky lol! I think everything is as sorted as it can be, including the rail ticket there.

So, as I say, in a sense, today was my last day off, got 5 days in a row after this at work, so used it as a chance to get things sorted. Oh, alright, I got the need for some air this afternoon, and headed into town. Didnt look like I was going to end up with anything for a while, but in the end…I cracked! All charity shop stuff, all a bargain price. 2 tops, 2 pairs of shoes, total expense £19 in a total of 3 charity shops. One things for sure, they cost more than that originally! Happy day…

So yes, as you’ve guessed, this is the last blog for a while. Indeed, it might be next Friday at Manchester Airport before you get another one, though you might be (un)lucky and get one before then, but certainly not before next Wednesday. You can stop cheering now lol!

The video, maybe I should have saved this for next Friday, but then if I dont get time to do one, you’d miss it, so…