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You know you’re getting old, when…

The people you grew up enjoying watching on TV start to die, at quite an elderly age. I know 79 isnt bad, but I’m fast approaching 55, so…

Yes, I woke up this morning to the sad news that Richard Briers had died, at the age of 79. Emphysema, ironically the same disease that took Louise Brooks from this world, ironically a few months short of her 79th birthday. Both smoked heavily, and of course Brooks’s mother died of the same disease, probably for the same reason, smoking. So, on that theory, as a non smoker, something else will have to kill me off lol!

Its funny, I remember Briers in so many series, and indeed in later years, in films, but the one part most will remember him for, is Tom Good, in the Good Life. For those of you too young to remember, he basically throws in his old job, and attempts to live self sufficiently. Of course, being a sitcom, he didnt always succeed! Briers was the comedy genius in this, but supported by 3 excelent foils, the series was one of the sitcom greats of all time, and is probably still replayed on TV channels today.

He did many other things, but thats the main one I will always remember him for. Thanks for the memories, Richard, RIP.

Oh, the video. One of those other things I mentioned, a slightly different series for children from the 1970’s called Roobarb, though many believe it was called Roobarb and Custard. Yes, its not hard to work out where the names came from lol! By todays standards, it makes for strange viewing, with the almost moving screen, but that deliberate, even back then.

Why this, not the Good Life, much shorter videos lol!