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Run, runaway

One thing that has always amused me over the years is the running joke that people decide to get a gym membership as part of their New Year resolution, go once, and never go there again. Me, at my age, I’ve never even bothered with the going once. Lets face it, with the physical state of my body, it wouldnt go well! Nowadays thankfully, I’m too old, and too single to worry too much about such matters anyway! Mind, as some say, with the speed I walk, especially to and from work, I get plenty of exercise anyway. So I guess I’m fit enough for my needs, at least? So yes, I might use the state of my joints, the arthritis in my hands and everything else as an excuse for not going, but in truth, its just something that doesnt appeal to me. At my age, I’ve got to soon die of something, so…? Lol!

The amusing thing for me at work though, is that I’m surrounded by 2 gym enthusiasts! And to be fair to them, they do seem to accept that I’m never going near one of those places, and dont suggest it. Yes, my gym is the walk between Bradford Interchange, and work, and back, and its staying that way!

But yes, they put themselves through their paces at the gym, and hey, its fun listening to them talking about it, but thats as far as I want it to go, for me! Good for them, but for me, happily pass. Yes, when it comes to gyms, and exercise, and the like, I’m glad I’m middle aged, happily single, and reasonably (hmm?) slim, so I plan to stay away.

Yes, fine, I’d love to be a stunning 25 year old, natural blonde, but if it means going to the gym several times a week, to keep fit, well…? Stay as I am?

Love, and admire you ladies!

OK, as so often, the clue to the video is in the blog title. The last big hit for Slade, and definitely not the early glam rock stuff!

Would I like to sleep here? You bet I would!

Yes, I think if I was ever in a position to create my dream home, it would either look like something out of the 1920’s, or 1930’s, or it would look like something from 2030. Alternatively, if some wealthy person wants to buy me a ‘certain mansion’ on Easton Drive, Beverly Hills, and provide me with a self drive car, or something to get me around, I wouldnt say no.

But in truth, any home in the LA area, with a vintage feel would probably be heaven for me. Oh fine, nowadays, I’d need cable TV, and internet supplied, but otherwise, in truth, I could probably very happily settle into a 30’s lifestyle, and live that way.

Fine, but this blog is more about a couple of more futuristic places to lay my head at night, and in the case of one of them, to make home.

This morning, on one of those silly articles on MSN, that I read to many of, it was about quirky hotels. And fine, the crazy one that took my eye, is in Japan, no surprise there, I guess? This one appeals to me, simply because of what it is, a pod that you climb into, and sleep in. Fine, I’d like to think of something being done to my mind, and body while sleeping in it, but I would imagine its quite an experience regardless. Sadly, I’m not likely to ever go to Japan in my life, and I have no idea if there are any in the UK, or not? Its probably one of those ‘just once’ things I’d like to do, but it appeals to me no end. Mind, I’d probably want to wear something in silver (ideally metallic silver) while sleeping in it, cant think why!

The other futuristic thing I’d love to live in, and apparently they are homes, is one of these

my dream home

As far as I can guess, its one of the Futuro homes, designed in Finland, in the early 1970’s. Why I say its a guess, is because it looks in remarkably good condition to be one of the originals of those. So whether, its a rare, well preserved one, or whether its an old photo, or a modern take on them, I have no idea.

Yes, I know, it looks like a flying saucer. Great, in my eyes at least! As far as I can tell, from all reports, sadly, they dont fly at all, let alone at hyper speed, for deep space travelling. Still, I might be lucky with the one I get to go in, lol? I have no idea how comfortable those things would be to sleep/live in, but I’d love to give it a go, all the same.

Yes, I know, humour me, but I’m a huge sci-fi fan, and those 2 designs just appeal so much. If anyone can give me the chance of a visit/stay in something like that, or knows of a pod I can be brainwashed sleep in, in the UK, please let me know!

The video, a Slade oldie, a rare live performance, of where I’d like to be taken, if it was one of these

An amusing thing happened on the way to the taxi

No, not quite the name of an old movie, but close. Not sure if this should be defined as a comedy, or whatever, I’ll let you decide.

When we finish work at 10.00, or later, we are provided with a taxi to get us home. Yes, even me, I am just about in qualifying range, so… Depending on who else needs a taxi at the same time, you might get one on your own (if no one is going roughly in your direction), or you might have to share. Fair enough, I dont mind in the slightest, if its not terribly out of my way, it doesnt usually add much to my journey time, saves the company money, and…

A couple of months ago, the email listing the taxis came around, and I was down to be sharing with someone. Less than 5 minutes later, a follow up email arrived, with a revised list, and his name was gone, and I had a taxi to myself. Fine, I might have had suspicions that it was a personal issue (me, my ‘gender’, or both, not a clue) but I was prepared to live and let live, he might have had good reasons for doing that.

But then, Friday night, I was down to share with him again. This time, no revised email appeared. I saw him leave his desk just before I did, due to my need to finish things off on the escalated desk. So, when I got to where the taxis wait, I was looking for him, as a landmark as to what was my taxi, couldnt see him. Then one of the drivers who knows me a bit, shouted across that I was in his cab. Seems the cab was only waiting for me! As for him…?

Not that in one sense I mind, I got home earlier that way. But in the other sense…I have no idea what the guy’s grudge is with me, whether its trans related or not, so I will resist calling him trans phobic, but…Its not like I’ve done anything I know to him, he’s not in my section, I really dont have anything much to do with him, so…?

Ah well, his loss, I guess? No, I dont know if he got another taxi, or made his own way home, and doubt I will ever know. Still, nice to feel ‘loved’…not! Will be interesting to see what happens, if, and when, we are put in the same taxi again!

The video, from the Slade comeback years, what George Takei might say about events on Friday night!

Its Christmas!!!!!! (well, the season starts here at least)

Yes, firstly, you aren’t seeing things, I have finally taken down the Boston Red Sox style page, and replaced it with something else, for a while at least. Its called retro, it looks retro too, so pretty near perfect for me, I guess?

I know, I know, strictly Christmas is still just over 3 weeks away, but the first (of not very many) social events for me, at Christmas is just 2 days away. Yes, the works Christmas Dinner on Thursday evening, in Leeds. Oh, and if anyone is prepared to do a mini makeover on me, on Thursday evening, so that I’m ready to leave the hotel somewhere just after 7, feel free to shout. No, alright, dont worry, lol.

So yes, guess what, have you seen the weather forecast for Thursday, especially around here? Ah well, at least I’ve got a good reason to wear leggings under the short dress, I have circulation issues, and its going to be cold. Oh, alright, I was going to wear them anyway, given all the surgical repairs my knees have had, but thats beside the point! 😛

Yes, hopefully I’ve got the look this year, that might have some wondering which decade they’re in, hopefully 1920’s. I thought I had last year, but some thought 70’s, or 80’s but less doubt this year, I trust? Yes, assuming I get some in time, I will post a picture of the look, so that you can get to see it for yourselves. No, I did resist the cigarette holder that so many flappers loved to carry, no point for a non smoker, plus you couldnt use it indoors nowadays anyway! My, have things changed in that sense! Then it was trendy to smoke, but now…

The wig will be fun, see how many do, or don’t recognise me with dark hair now, especially with a whole lot more fringe than they are used to. Flapper headband as well, should all be fun, and at least I know where I’m going this year!

So yes, as work would say, and as Slade sing, its Christmas! Well, the first dinner of Christmas at least. I’ll let you know how it went on Sunday, dont expect to hear from me before then. Right, the song is still mimed, but a later look version of the famous song than normal. Hard to believe this is 40 years old, and I bought it the first time it came out. I think its been released every year since, mind!

Merry Christmas Everybody

Well at least to everyone who reads this anyway!

Just a quickie (and a classic video) for now, to wish all my readers a marvellous Christmas, and to hope you all get what you want tomorrow in the way of presents, and a perfect day. But given the reputation for these matters on December 25th, well I hope its not too painful a day anyway.

I know it will be a good day for me, even though I know full well that I wont get my most wished for present tomorrow, as I will not wake up looking like either a 50’s version of Doris Day, or even better at present, maybe, a 20’s version of Louise Brooks, though still blonde ideally! Correct genitalia the most important thing lol! Santa, please note! I know its a lot to ask, but…if I get that, I wouldnt care about not getting any other presents. 😉

My special best wishes go out to all others working over the holiday period, yes, I will be amongst you on Boxing Day. To those working tomorrow, especially one who I know reads this, my even more special wishes.

To all those marvellous people I met this year, thanks, its been an honour. To those I will meet next year, I look forward to doing so. The main holidays for next year are already planned, sorted, and in the case of the first at least, paid for as well. I’m hoping I can get to see Ireland play cricket again then, but thats a bit more TBA, other than on Sky at least.

I wont keep you longer, I’m sure you’ve got more important things to be doing today than reading this.

So yes, its a giveaway as to the song, the original and best version of a 70’s Christmas Classic

Its Christmas!!!