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Something to put me off marriage

Even if anyone was crazy enough to want to marry me in the first place! The thought of me, as a bride, hmm…can’t see it happening!

But no, its not the sanity of men, or women that is putting me off marriage, though strictly in that case, its more likely me putting them off marriage. Its something that has grown in popularity in recent times, the hen party! Please, I do not want to get involved in something like that, from what I’ve seen of them at least.

Unfortunately, Leeds seems to be a popular destination for these affairs, especially on a Friday, or Saturday night. When I finish about 8, or 9, as I head down to the station, you pass these groups. Somewhere between 4 and a dozen women, usually drunk (or verging on it), even by that time of night, out on the prowl. They might be too young to fit the ‘Cougar’ definition, but on a search for men, oh yes! Mind, usually the biggest giveaway is the sash, or badge, that says hen party anyway lol!

But on Friday, it wasnt in Leeds that I hit the hen party that inspired this blog, it was on the train to Leeds that lunchtime. Now, I dont want this taken disparagingly, but a bunch of 8 women, from Liverpool, already very drunk, with all but one dressed in bright pink, with the hen party sash, and a frightening pair of those pink headpiece things, also with hen party written on them, was the sight that met me.

The thing was, any man passing them, down the train, in either direction (including the conductor) were subject to sexual innuendos, and in at least one case, physical groping! Thankfully, I was clearly in pass mode, because not a word was said to me! Thankfully, they were going to York, so I wasnt subject to their escort when the train stopped at Leeds.

I know, I know, for some, its a lot of fun, but as someone who has never seen the point in getting drunk, just for the sake of it, and most definitely cannot see what you get out of sexually teasing a man you dont even know, I have no idea.

Oh, and it wasnt my last. Yesterday afternoon, I ran into another hen party, on the platform at Huddersfield. Definitely not sober, definitely not quiet, but angelic compared to the Liverpool mob!

Seriously, if you have to have a hen night, to get married, I’ll live in sin! Not that the situation is ever likely to arise, but…

The video, a Liverpool band (seemed apt), and my chances of finding anyone wanting to marry me!