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Take a chance on me

Well, so onwards and upwards to Plan B!

I have actually currently applied for one role at work, one that gets me away from the phones though. Our pre match trading department needs an assistant, and I’ve gone for that, given that a lot of it is data, and mathematics, areas at which I’m pretty strong. Unfortunately, the occasional challenge of conjuring up football prices from time to time, might, err, be more entertaining, shall we say? But as someone in the team said to me, my knowledge of other sports is so strong, it might override things. Probably not in a supposedly 54 runner field I suspect, but who knows?

Anyway, apart from all that, I cant deny that the redundancy package on offer isnt tempting, and reasonably generous. So yes, I’d love to pull something out of the hat, so I can get a job, and get the money. At my age, this might prove interesting, but I’ve been having a dabble on Reed’s website today, in the valiant hope that…you just never know! Havent yet had any offers from Hollywood, to play Jean, or her mother, but I guess thats hardly surprising, seeing they dont even know about me lol!

There is one other job at work that I could apply for, but it holds little appeal. But as they say, any port in a storm may come into it, especially as with the months trial option, I can always find something a (little) later, and still get the money as well.

So the black dress, or indeed, another dress, may yet get to go on show again, sometime soon.

The video, my appeal to all those employers I’ve sent applications to, via Reed

Oh, and a momentary amusement. I put this photo up on Facebook as a liked link, and someone I know asked if it was me. I think she was kidding, but I can see her point. This is the photo

Is it me or Jean

This is a similar one of me

photoshoot 8

Yes, I can see it, I guess. And no, the CV has gone in as Ms Nicholls, not Ms Harlow!