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Raise your skirts, girl!

I had an amusing moment recently at work, and one that came totally unexpectedly. At lunch, I went across the road to get something to eat, nothing shocking there, I grant you, Greggs must see me coming by now, and given I win no prizes for originality in what I buy generally, they can probably even guess in advance what I’m going to ask for.

No, the amusing moment came when I got back in the office afterwards, and jumped in a lift to go back to my floor. There was another woman in the lift, about my age, at a guess. So I just press my floor button, she does the same, and the lift moves off.

So I hear the line, “About that skirt you’re wearing.”, and lets face it, I thought this was going to be, err, fun. Well, fine, it was, but not in the sense I was expecting. Her complaint about my skirt was about the length of it. And before you jump to conclusions, her complaint was that it was too long!

When I pointed out that my knees arent a pretty sight, so wearing a short skirt isnt practical (and above the knees is meant to be a no-no at work, though others seem to just ignore that), her firm reply was that there was nothing to stop me wearing a midi length skirt though! And yes, she’s right. But it just proves that you shouldnt assume what the complaint is going to be about, as yes, I was expecting it to be about me being in a skirt!

But fine, I’m still wearing an ankle length skirt to work at present lol. Though yes, going out today, I did wear a midi length skirt, so I can do it! Snag was, I sat at the bus stop, waiting for the bus to go to the beauticians, and it was trying to blow the skirt up over my knees!

I suspect for Kansas City, all I will need is a shorter, lighter skirt, so they might get more wear yet, but I’m not sure I fancy that for the cooler weather fast coming in this country. But maybe, if the weather is warm in September, well, I might have to show a bit more leg at work!

But dont worry, guys, no mini skirts, or short dresses for me! My knees might be seen as WMD’s to eyes, lol!

OK, to the video. What girls, in shorter skirts want to do, by the brilliant group known as Postmodern Jukebox

The boys (and girls) of summer have gone

Well, hopefully not literally true, but here in the UK at least, its the last Bank holiday before Christmas, so in that sense, we’ve reached that landmark of this summer. And guess what, here in the UK, as is traditional, the weather has been pretty awful today. Irony, they arranged the first one day international for today, and it was wiped out without a ball being bowled. Whereas, had it been any other weekend, it would have been yesterday, when the weather was much better! Ah well…

Fortunately, for me at least, I should still have at least 1 more week of high temperatures, when I hit Kansas City in 3 weeks time. Hey, they are getting heat advisories at present, because its too hot! And fine, I wont object too loudly if its only in the 80’s by then, not high 90’s!

Strangely enough, given my job, I havent been at work today, having time to write a blog might be a big giveaway on that to some lol! Not that I mind, because the bus service on a Bank Holiday still runs to a Sunday service. Whatever I say about the trains, at least they’ve caught up with modern life, and run a normal service. Well, as normal as Trans Pennine Express will ever achieve anyway! But the bus companies still think that a Sunday service will suffice on a day when its now just a normal working day for so many.

OK, so neither has yet caught up to the fact that Sunday’s are much the same, and sadly its a fact of life thats unlikely to change. But Bank holidays, seriously…? Anyway, I’m not going to change the logic of this, but no harm in trying?

Me, I’ve got 1 more bank holiday before Christmas, but only because I will be in the US for Thanksgiving. That is definitely something I’m looking forward to. But first, now in under 3 weeks, that visit to Jean Harlow’s birthplace. Will her ghost be there to greet me? I doubt it, but you never know! 😉

The video, well maybe the boys, and girls of summer arent gone yet, but the UK bank holidays have

Takes your breath away

There have been many, err, interesting methods for raising money for charity over the years, and the latest craze is one where you let someone throw a bucket of icy water over you, or in the odd case, do it to yourself.


Dont get me wrong, the cause that the money is being dedicated to, is a good one. ALS is an awful disease, and any research that enables it to be wiped out is a good thing.


My main snag with this method of raising money is a simple one, especially given so many of the ‘celebrities’ getting involved in it are in California, is the precious commodity being used, water. In case people havent noticed, a lot of California is under drought restrictions, and yet people are using all this water to tip over themselves, and give money to charity. I know, I know, its only a bucket of water, but if you add up all those buckets, in a state in a deep state of drought…crazy, right?

So fine, give to this good cause, and if you must, let the world know that you’ve done so. But please, if you’re in an area where water is desperately short, dont waste it on this stunt!

Oh, and word of warning to all, dont nominate me, I’ll just ignore. I havent the health to stand up to a bucket of icy water, and I dont earn enough to make large donations, so…

The video, what this icy water seems to do to so many

The more you live, the more you try things

It might be hard to believe, but at one time, I was very much a ‘tried and tested’ girl (or guy, as I was), and tended to stick to pretty much the same, safe formula, and leave things at that. However, since the confidence boost given to me by hypnotherapy, I’ve got very much more daring, if in a safe way.

As in, I’ll give things a try, to see what they’re like, before making a call, rather than just saying “No”, and leaving it at that. And yes, that even stretches to trying out those awful looking Jean Harlow eyebrows for one night in November. Seriously, if you expect me to find these attractive

jean harlow coloured 3

you’re going to be disappointed! I know, I know, they were a 30’s thing, but…

Alright, despite that sentiment, I’m going with a variation of them for one night, just so ‘Jean’ can see I did it lol!

Oh, but while we’re on the subject of Harlow, and her make up style, let me show you this

Jean Harlow2

Now, aren’t those eyebrows much nicer? In fact, as a whole, I love that look. Very 30’s, but at the same time, there is nothing that could offend modern eyes there. So much so, that…an ex workmate was advertising her new business on Facebook last night, and I was happy to support her. Yes, its this (semi) permanent make up, which would be an absolute boon for me, given I cant do my own, due to that slight tremor in my hands. In all truth, the only reason I probably havent had her do it already is the distance between us, about 200 miles. But fine, last night, I got one of those offers you dont refuse, and I doubt I will!

A special price, somewhere to stay, and fine, the thought of looking even more like Harlow, and looking like I’m wearing make up (which a woman really should), how can I say no? So fine, early in the New Year, it will probably happen, should make going to Hollywood even more fun! Jean Harlow really will live, maybe?

However, before all that, today, I tried something else new, a spray tan session. And hey, what do you know, I like!

No, I dont look like an orange, I look a nice shade, but definitely look like I’ve been out in the sun, and added some colour to my fair skin. I like it, others like it, so its a certainty that it will be repeated for Kansas City. Oh, and Hollywood next year, might really be carrying the tanned Harlow look by then!

So yes, again, I’m so glad I gave something new a try.

The process is interesting, and the spray is definitely on the cool side, but…it looks good, its safer than the sun, or tanning machines, and it looks good, so…it will be done again, but only for special occasions.

The video, well, the more you live bit might be true, but me, and love, hmm…?

Whatever’s written in the fates

So fine, when I wrote the Robin Williams tribute last night, I wasnt seriously expecting to cover the same ground tonight. But lo and behold, when I woke this morning, it was to the news that Lauren Bacall had gone to her maker overnight, admittedly at a far grander age of 89, and not by her own hands.

Its a sad fact for folks like me, but the number of stars from that ‘Golden Age’ of Hollywood is nearly gone. Day, De Havilland, and Reynolds are 3 names that come to mind, and I’m sure there are others, but not many. Hard to believe that its not that long that we lost our last connection to the silent era, but then again, she was about 113 when she died! Not the normal lifespan lol!

I guess, to bring up the line from so long ago, Bogart whistled, and Bacall came.

Rest in peace, Lauren.

I’ll include the video at this point, it seems the right place. Another who has departed this world, a beautiful song

Right, and on a more light hearted note…

Some time ago, in a charity shop in Wakefield, I found a top that looked like it had appeared from the 1920’s, and said, buy me. The label in it definitely isnt that modern, but whether its genuine vintage, who knows? Lets just say that in the area of the boobs, its definitely a V cut. So fine, this week, I felt guilty about never actually wearing it, so I’ve put it on. Now, all this might not be helped by the bra I’ve got on, I’ve a feeling its one of those ‘push you up’ bras, so the combination of the 2…has my boobs shouting quite loudly, ‘hello boys!’

Now I know some Trans folk quite like to flaunt their figure, but I’m not one of them!

I think part of the thing is, that girls, back in the 1920’s tended to either have very small boobs, or barely anything at all. Whereas modern girls…lets just say that 20’s tops are not designed for modern cleavages, unless you want them to poke a man’s eyes out.

OK, some might say, it might help me find a man, but do I really want a man who could only possibly love me for them? So fine, when I went out this afternoon, I put on a different top, one that kept my ‘puppies’ under wraps, so to speak.

Given that one guy, in a car, noticed them anyway, is beside the point, god knows what he would have done had I been wearing this top, had a crash, probably! But fine, given I dont want my boobs regarded as weapons of mass destruction, I definitely had better not wear this top out.

I love it, but…I’m a 30’s girl, fuller figured, not a flat chested flapper lol!

Ah well, live and learn…

Robin Williams R.I.P

Well, I’ve had an idea for a blog for a while now, and yet again, you’re going to have to wait for it, because something has come along and trumped it. Honest, you will get it soon, possibly tomorrow, lets just wait and see what happens? Seriously, I wish I didnt have to be posting this today, but fate says I do, so…

I first came across Robin Williams a long time ago, seemingly back at the start of his TV career, Mork and Mindy. This slightly crazy young man, playing an alien from another planet, meeting up with a cute looking human girl. But enough about possible lesbian crushes, and…it was obvious this guy was going on to much bigger places.

And he did. Too many films to mention, many of them very good, though like everyone, the odd duff one thrown in from time to time. The ones that immediately stick with me, the one in the video, Dead Poets Society, Mrs Doubtfire and Bicentennial Man, all for different reasons. I cant mention them all, he made too many good ones for that. But anyway…

Besides all this, and all the time that took up, he still took his stand up comedian show on the road, on a regular basis. No, beyond the odd bit on TV, and on You Tube, I never got to see it.

But there is one thing that seems to go together with being a stand up comedian, and that’s depression. Dont get me wrong, I personally know how bad that state of mind can be. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and all that. And fine, it can get to the point where it makes you suicidal, believe me, again, I know. But I won, I’ve passed through that dark curtain, and come out the other side, and enjoying life again.

But for some, eventually it all gets too much, and there comes a day, when…Sadly for him, and for us, that day came yesterday for Robin Williams. All we can hope is that this will enable him to find the peace he needs, even if it leaves us with a lot of hurt, for a while.

Rest in peace, Robin Williams, thanks for all you gave us. I managed to find the most obvious piece of video for this moment on You Tube,

Some modern things are the ‘cats whiskers’

Oh, and in case any of you modern folk are wondering, the ‘cats whiskers’ is a term for something that is very cool, as used by the flappers in the 20’s. And in line with that era, the vintage top I have on (might be a modern style one, but labels suggest maybe otherwise?, combined with my new bra (very modern) are doing their very best to push my boobs into the view of everyone! Fine for sitting at home, but not exactly suitable for work lol!

But fine, despite my happiness to eschew modern gadgetry like mobile phones and the like, there are one or two elements of modern life that this old fashioned girl definitely approves of. One is these messenger services, where you can ‘chat’ to someone online, thousands of miles from you, and it doesnt cost a penny! I did just that with my friend Kate, who I will be with, 5 weeks from now, yesterday afternoon, for nearly 2 hours, and it was great.

Hey, I’m old enough to remember a time when you had to book a call to the US well in advance, and it would cost you £1 a minute, and I’m talking that much in the 1960’s, when the average wage was probably about £25-30 per week, if that! Now, instantly, if you are both online…I know its not the same as actual talking, but…

The other modern delight I’ve been using this weekend is online banking. Firstly to transfer money to Dave, to buy my US dollars for next month, and in an even more modern sense, another payment, to deposit money on to my pre paid credit card! Oh, and I got an email this morning, informing me that my annual travel insurance will just be renewed automatically, unless I say otherwise!

Hey, I remember a time when if you wanted to pay a bill, you had to send off a cheque, and rely on the postal service to deliver it for you. It would take days, and then would need to clear the system, so…! Now, the money was in Dave’s bank account in about 30 minutes!

Oh, and fine, I know, flying around the world is a lot quicker, and a lot safer than it was in Harlow’s days! So fine, this modern style of life does have a few good things going for it, but…

Yes, if I could go back to the 30’s, with internet, then maybe… 😉

The video song, not entirely modern, its about 30 years old! But maybe this ‘Baby Jean’ will find some of this quite soon?

To bid you farewell

To those who know both blogs, apart from the set up words, the only difference is in the video pick

I know, its been a week since I last posted, and I’m sorry. But today has been my first day off for 10 days, and beyond something exceptional, like last Saturday, I tend to only have time for these when I’m off. But anyway, enough talk…

Talk about a depressing week for anniversaries, mind! The first I want to mention happened on Tuesday, 52 years since the day that Marilyn Monroe died, at the age of 36. No, the video isnt Candle in the wind, another more poignant anniversary grabs that honour. To be honest, I dont know an awful lot about her, other than when tragic blonde actresses get mentioned, the 2 most popular names are of course, Jean Harlow, and Monroe.

Whereas we all know what Harlow died of, her kidneys failed, officially due to Scarlet Fever in her teens, but lets face it, all the smoking, drinking, and the like (and maybe, just very maybe, all that bleach on her hair) didnt help her kidney’s to function, lets face it, and thats what killed her. Back then, no dialysis, no replacement organs, so it was fatal.

However, when it comes to Monroe, in all honesty, we really dont know. Officially, its suicide, by barbiturate poisoning, but there are so many other theories to how she met her end, so who knows? One thing is for sure, who she was seeing/dating was giving concern to people in ‘high places’, so her death was handy for them. Or was it arranged? As I say, we will never know for sure.

The other whose death anniversary this week, is of far more significance to me. 29 years ago, yesterday, (Mary) Louise Brooks died, at the grand old age of 78. To be honest, given how much she smoked, how much she drunk, and how she lived her life, its amazing she lasted that long, but anyway…she did! Emphysema, a lot of it caused by her smoking, probably aided the inevitability of dying of a heart attack, but lets face it, she lived a long life, albeit a painful one at the end to some degree, so…

But the grimmest one, and the one with a round number occurred on Monday, 100 years on from Great Britain entering World War 1. Given my recent posting about this, and having given my feelings on those brave men who died, I’ll keep this part brief.

As I said, this is the one worth of the video pick, a wonderfully haunting song by Dire Straits.

That other video, the obvious one, Candle in the wind, Elton John

Wouldn’t it be nice?

…If in these modern times, we didnt feel the need to have Gay Pride parades, because everyone is genuinely treated equal.

Yes, being fair, things are an awful lot better now (to put it mildly) than they were in the past, but are things as good as they really could be, hmm?

Oh, yes, its Leeds Pride tomorrow, another day when the streets of Leeds will be shut in places, making the run to work more ‘entertaining’ than usual. Thankfully, even with an afternoon start, I should be clear, and into work before the ‘real fun’ begins.

So alright, yes, its an LGBT issue, but an event like this generally doesnt take my eyes, I’m too old to worry about such things, until…

Earlier this week, at work, I was asked if I was going to Leeds Pride, by one of my workmates, a wonderful lady, but maybe not everyone’s cup of tea. Me, I get on fine with her, but anyway…I said no, mainly because I was working, but equally, I added that I wouldnt have gone, even if I wasnt. I didnt ask if she was counting me as Lesbian, Bi, or Trans though, and as another workmate said to me today, it could have been any, or all of them, knowing her!

She made a reply, which I gather related to the chaos that all these parades, and running events (Tour De France as well this year) cause to the public transport in Leeds. Fine comment, if she was working tomorrow, but she isnt! But, she made one fine point, saying that if ‘Hetro Pride’ (or a similar title) was arranged, the PC crowd would have a fit! And yes, she’s right, they would!

From my perspective, it would be nice if people didnt feel the need for Gay Pride parades, and secretly I suspect, that even if things were perfect, they might still continue, the power of the ‘pink pound’, and all that. In fact, to a good degree, I think we are getting towards that point, though we arent there yet! But one day…

Who knows, maybe one day I could go to a job interview, in a dress, and high heels, and get the job! No, I am far from convinced that would happen now, however well I pass. Oh, and seemingly, in the next few days, I will have an even bigger piece of Trans news, but I’d better let her break that to the world first.

Me, I suspect that unless the Leeds NHS buckle, and just let me have the op (I think to be honest, everything else is femme already) to remove something, then I probably wont bother, unless I find a man, or a woman, and feel the need to change things down below. And lets face it, Leeds NHS have forgotten about me by now!

Right, the culmination to this Leeds based video, is a Leeds based band. You may not have heard of them, but give them a chance, because they have talent, and judging by the video, they have fun too. Oh, and one is related to a workmate of mine. So good, they are playing at both Leeds, and Reading festivals this year, so enjoy