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Different lifestyle

Its funny, both blogs today relate to a roughly similar theme, get the same video, but in case anyone does know the secret of both (and there are at least 3 who do), they arent identical other than that.

Me, I’m in my fifties, so I remember what life was like back in the 70’s and 80’s, and even the 60’s through the eyes of a child. So I remember a time pre mobile phones, let alone the early clunky ones that weighed a ton. Hey, I remember when there were only 3 TV channels in the UK, not 300 or more! In fact, I just about remember when it was just 2, but only very vaguely. But go back another generation or 2, and by modern standards, things get very basic! The fact that by the standards of their time, they had modern gadgets too, but…hey, go back to the 50’s, and smoking cigarettes was trendy, unlike today!

What got me thinking this way was actually a story for my writing contest under my other persona, which included a reality TV programme. Cant stand that sort of TV, but the story was fun. But anyway…What I was thinking was that these Big Brother contestants think they suffer for their 15 minutes of fame. Hey, I only wish they suffered more, but besides that…Can you imagine how they would cope with a 70’s, or 80’s lifestyle while in ‘The House’, instead of the modern one they get. Take it back to the 20’s or 30’s, I hope you’re roaring with laughter at the thought as much as I am!

Seeing them find out what life was like back then, hey, even I might watch some of Big Brother to see that! So, to those awful people who produce Reality TV, try thinking outside the box for once. As for those awful singers on X-Factor and the like, if they really had to sing, without technological assistance, hmm…?

Its funny, looking the opposite way to wonder what life will be like 40, 50, or 80 years from now, a whole different world quite literally I suspect? I will be too old (or dead, quite likely) to worry about it, but suspect some of my readers might. Anyway, as a thought about this, and to pay reverence to my whole Brooksie thing, just think, this was a highly radical step in the 20’s!

Apologies for the film titles, but its worth it for all the expressions Julie Andrews provides, I think?