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Stayed another night

At the Holiday Inn Express at Leeds on Thursday, but lets face it, its not a hotel review you’re looking for, is it? No, its the events surrounding why I was staying there that you want to hear about.

So, the preparations. Well, yes, the dress fitted fine, as expected, though the world would have been grateful for the fact I wore leggings underneath it, to both cover up, and protect my knees. Yes, it was cold, and they wouldnt have enjoyed the trauma of having that inflicted on them. Nothing to say about the scary sight of my knees anyway lol!

Then came the fun bit, putting on the wig. Which in fact worked, and didnt look too bad at all. Bit of a fight hiding all the blonde hair underneath, but in the end, I just about won the battle. Then I made the fatal mistake, I tried to put the headband on, over the top of it, oh dear! Not sure if it was the amount of hair (natural and otherwise) that I was trying to get it over, or simply the ‘jewel’ getting caught, but it wouldnt work as a combo. And then, giving up on that, I then couldnt get the wig to sit right again, aargh! So, finally I gave up on the wig, put on the headband, and went blonde.

The venue, well, unlike last year, everyone could see I was going with the flapper look at least, so one up there at least. The meal, didnt think it was up to last years standard, but still better than the previous place we used to go to! On the whole though, the night was pretty good, with the highlight entertainment being one workmate who quite literally bought Santa to the meal. He had told me in advance that his outfit was appropriate, he wasnt joking!

The hotel wouldnt in all honesty get a high rating from me. Bit like the meal, not as good as I remembered it last year. Added to which, I requested an alarm call that never happened, but luckily I was awake before then anyway.

So, all in all, I’m glad I went, even if it wasnt as good as last year. Will I repeat next year, assuming I’m still there? Probably, if only to see what someone wears then!

Sorry, no picture yet, I will try and get one done here tomorrow, so you can see the dress. But until then, you will have to stay another day with this video. No, not the Christmas version, I prefer the original in all honesty.