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Perfect planning? What?

So, I was just wondering when logic, when arranging fixtures went out of the window, in this case, horse racing. A little while ago, I was making my selections for tomorrow afternoon’s Pick 6 races, and suddenly realized the 2 main meetings tomorrow, are Chester, and Haydock Park, which is near Newton Le Willows. For those not of a geographical, or racing talent, these tracks are about 30 miles apart! Thats right, the race going community for both these tracks, is pretty much the same area! So, by racing at the same time, they are cutting both their neighbours throat, but their own as well.

Because, if you think about it, if they raced on different weekends, there is a good likelihood that many people would support both tracks. But short of cloning, tomorrow, its one, or the other. To add to things, just 80 miles up the road, is Cartmel, and guess what, they race tomorrow too! Slightly further afield, but again, less than 80 miles apart from each other, Beverley, and Catterick both race tomorrow too!

So fine, you’re thinking, the rest of the country, south of that line, will have plenty of options too? Wrong, south of that line, on a Bank holiday weekend, there are 2 meetings, and one of those is in the very west of Wales. The last, Salisbury. And yes, thats it!

Meetings used to be arranged by central planning, and if that was still the case, then the meetings would have a better spread, I’m sure. But no, the glorious greed of bidding for meetings, or simply arranging them regardless, has left us with this ridiculous situation.

I know, I wouldnt be going anyway, but it just all seems crazy, and ill planned, to me. Its not only the small area of England that has more than 1 meeting, its the very large area of England that really has no viable racing option tomorrow, too.

Whereas, with a little bit of sensible planning…Oh, I forgot, sensible planning has gone out of the world, nowadays!

OK, rant over, time for the video, and all that. You could say there are a pair of clues to this, but besides all that…