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Your candle burnt out long before

I know, the blogs have got a bit of a mess day wise this week, due to sad events, but whether this just rights the ship, or whether you still get one tomorrow night, lets wait and see. But yes, with all the news sources mentioning this, and the fact that I do remember a few other events around it, lets mention what happened 20 years ago today, the death of Princess Diana.

Firstly, let me say I’m not a royalist, and leave it there. So if you’re expecting a gushing tribute to her, just move on. Not that I’m one of those great anti-monarchy types either, to be honest, I can just take, or leave them, but agreed, pretty much most of the time, its to leave them well alone.

Given that back in those days (gasp, shock horror, for some), betting shops werent open on Sundays, I got up about 9 am, switched on the TV, and it was wall to wall news about her death. Given that for me, and I suspect most others back then, this was in the days before internet, and mass swamping of satellite channels on your TV, your choice was limited, to Diana, or Diana! Mind, if they had existed, I suspect they would have been swamped by the news too.

This actually happened a week before me, and my partner at the time were due to go on holiday to the Baltic States. The irony of events for me was that, they cancelled all the racing for the day of the funeral, the following Saturday, so I actually finished work a day early. Now, they’d probably not shut the shops for anything, have wall to wall virtual racing, plus those ghastly machines going all day, but back then…nothing!

I saw bits of the funeral, though I took the chance to pack for the holiday in a slightly saner way than I would have done had I been working. There are 2 things that will always stick with me from that holiday, even when most of the details are faded by time. Firstly, just about everywhere out there, you heard this catchy tune, which I could tell was going to be a huge hit, if released in the UK. Yes, it was the second biggest selling single that year, aka Barbie Girl, by Aqua. You’ll be thrilled to hear that isnt the video! Second one, and more pertinent, was when we walked into a church/cathedral (please, its 20 years ago, I cant remember) in Tallinn, and saw a shrine to Diana there. Yes, her mark, and her fame had clearly spread that far.

I suppose it has to be mentioned, was it an accident, or was it murder? The rumor conspiracies both ways are quite amazing. My answer, I really dont know. I’d like to think it was a genuine accident, but given all that came out afterwards, well, you do have to wonder, but anyway, no comment…!

Sadly, the funeral I’d rather be here for, out of that, or my friend, is the one I wont be here for, as its happening on the first Monday I’ll be in the US. And given it will be 4.30 in the morning where I will be, and everything else, I will just wait to hear how it goes, by email, or message service. I know, thats life, I guess?

OK, video time. No, I’ve not picked the ‘obvious’ version of the song. I’m more of a Monroe fan, than I will ever be of Diana, so…

I want to go back…

People may have noticed that I might visit the US quite often from my postings, though this year at least, one of my 2 trips to North America was to a lovely city across the border in Canada, namely Toronto.

And yes, in recent times the only travelling I’ve done in Europe has been to Ireland, which is very different to how it used to be. Most of my holidays (once I ‘graduated’ to foreign shores, around the mid to late 80’s) used to be in Europe, though not often the touristy destinations. Eastern Europe seems to crop up a fair bit, after the wall came down at least.

I’ve mentioned the Country, and its capital city before, its where I first heard Aqua, whether you regard that as a good, or bad thing, is your call, not mine. But what I found in Tallinn was a beautiful city that hooked into my soul completely. So much so that I contemplated going out there to work at one point, but it came to nothing in the end, possibly to a good degree because the language is such a nightmare to learn. And yes, even nowadays. you do need to know the local language to some degree at least lol!

I do want to go back and see Tallinn some time, I suspect its changed greatly since my first visit in 1997, and not necessarily for the best, as budget airlines have made it a popular destination for stag/hen parties, not really my scene! I certainly would love to see the islands like Saaremaa, where I suspect the style of life would suit me more as well. But getting to do so always seems to get delayed, and it almost certainly wont be until at least 2013 now, well not unless I win the lottery or something at least! Not that I know how trans-friendly the country is, but I dont think that would stop me going back anyway!

Why does it appeal so much? I cant really give a full answer, mainly because I dont know the real reason myself, it certainly wouldnt be for the warm winters, thats for sure! The people back then seemed so friendly, the country had a good vibe for me, so all in all…Irony is, there are probably a good number of Estonians working over here nowadays! I keep saying I want to go back, and maybe some day relatively soon, I actually will, though it wont be next year as plans stand, thats for sure.

The video, an absolute cheat, oh shock horror. You’ll recognise the song if you’ve read my previous postings, or indeed know me at all, as you will know I adore the original of this. Managed to find this Estonian cover version, not literal, but pretty close, well as much as my exceedingly basic Estonian stands up to the test nowadays. I dont think it will make the dent on the charts here that the ‘song I heard in Tallinn’ did, but I certainly find it pleasant enough, and hope you do too.

Not that I know much else about Juri Homenja, but you never know where a category link here might lead?