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Somebody watching me?

Until about 6 weeks ago, this blog tended to dip into double figure daily views on days when I posted a new blog, and be lucky to reach more than a handful on days when I didnt. Fair enough, because of my posting pattern when working, by Friday, or Saturday, there’s not a lot fresh to see, so I could understand that. And may I add, most of the views, understandably were from the UK, with a number from the US, and a few others. And then…

The last 6 weeks or so, if I havent managed 25 views in a day, I’ve had a bad day. Most days its at least 30, and sometimes even more! The weird thing is, 90% plus of those, are from the US. I mean, I’ve had days when I’ve had over 40 views, on a non posting day, and everyone of them is in the US? So who is it, no idea. Given that I know the view count, and location stats seem reliable, I dont know where my new fan club has come from. I will say that if I believed the figures, most of them are individual people, coming in reading one article, in a 24 hour period, and nothing else. Thing is, I know that count isnt right, as I’ve had days in the past when I’ve had, for example, 3 viewers, but have had 5 countries listed in the location section. So yes, doesnt tie up.

But who has suddenly taken an interest in my blogs? Now, if this is some US film conglomerate, or theater company checking me out, before offering me a role, then great! Equally, if its some US newspaper, or LGBT group, looking at my blogs, before offering me a journalistic type role, equally great. I would jokingly say that it might be some scientist waiting to check all my robot/brainwashing fantasy stuff, and make me an offer to do something interesting to my mind, or those aliens reading it from Area 51, but suspect thats only in my dreams lol! Hopefully, one day, I might find out!

But yes, if you’re one of those new readers I’ve attracted, who reads all the old stuff, on a regular basis, let me know. Either here, by comment, or by email at if you dont want everyone to know who you are, and why!

Oh, but if you are planning on making me a job/guinea pig offer to work in the US, for a while at least, let me know what is being considered for me, pretty please xxx

Right, video time. In the sense that the singer had hardly any hits, this song is probably more famed for Michael Jackson doing backing vocals on here than anything else.

The best that you can do, is read the blog!

One of the amusing things about the blogs I write, is that WordPress provide stats, so I know how many views I’ve had in a day, who has requested every blog to be emailed to them once posted, and various other details. It also used to tell me how many had actually watched the videos, but now they are embedded in the blog, that fact has gone out the window. So yes, I find all these videos for your delight, and have no idea how many people actually play them? Dont worry, I’m not planning on giving up on them regardless.

But there is one thing that has amused me over the years, and thats some of the people who have ‘Favorited’ one (or more) of my blogs, but clearly not read it. How do I know this? Well, sometimes its down to the fact that the views number hasnt changed since hours before they liked it, I remember 1 memorable day when 3 people liked a blog, but I only had 1 view all day, and that was for a different article! Yes, tagging the word ‘fashion’ seems to set off all the clothes lovers of the world, though they clearly dont read any of the articles!

“But yes, someone has tagged fashion, I have to like that.” lol!

PS Mentioning Japan in a blog tag has pretty much the same effect.

But fine, the one that amuses me the most, by far, is politics related. Yes, any mention of Trump in a tag, seems to get all the right wing Conservatives over excited, and they like the post, clearly without looking at it, for the simple reason, every time I mention him, its not in a good way!

So today, I wasnt totally surprised when someone posting on here under the name of ‘Australian Conservative’ liked last nights posting about how Trump had so driven California to annoyance, that they are campaigning to have a vote to leave the US. Oh, and of course, my less than thrilling reaction to his decision to ban Muslims from so many countries as well. But yes, he liked that posting!

The irony, when people like your postings, and they have their own page on WordPress, it links 3 of their postings on the email. One of them, ‘My defense of President Trump’s refugee ban’! Yes, the complete opposite of what I said in the posting he liked! Oh, and the views number hadnt changed from this morning!

So yes folks, if you’re going to like a blog posting, whether its mine, or from someone else, take a tip from me, read the blog before liking it, just in case? 😉

The video comes from someone who was a one hit wonder in the UK, and the star of the film was British, but wasnt me!

Love Our Lurkers Day

it seems that there is annual tradition here on WordPress, that the 12th November is known as Love our lurkers day, and seemingly this is now the 8th time its happened.

One thing is certain, I have a good share of lurkers here, the stats show me that, even if the comments box has remained unused, or virtually unused for a very long time now. But since posting a link to the blogs on Facebook again, on posting days, its not unknown to get 20-30 views on here, and quite often getting close to, or just into double figures on non posting days. But no one ever says anything, not even hi!

I could understand it if I was posting anything controversial, or naughty, but unless supporting a trans person is controversial (and I guess to some it might be), then really it isnt. My ‘other’ blog, well, I might be naughtier there sometimes, but you wouldnt know about that! Well, one or two might, but otherwise…

What would be nice, especially in terms of transgender related issues, would be to know what people would like to hear my views on, or maybe ask me a few questions that I could do my best to answer. I’m off all next week (Monday – following Tuesday, in fact), so I should have time to do a quick Q&A session, or answer something in more depth, if a lurker wants to ask.

If you dont want to post a real name on here, then fine, make one up, post anonymously, or just email me at ,if you dont want the world to see.

But it would be nice, if just one or two lurkers would come out of the woodwork, and say hi, nothing more, if thats how you feel. Even Yankees fans are welcome, you know. 😉 Oh, alright, you pushed me, even Patriots fans too. Love you, Kate btw lol.

So be brave, I dont bite unless you want me to, just delurk, for one day of the year, and let me see who reads my pieces, and maybe watches the videos.

A suitable video, what you readers are from me, a secret

Change of heart

So, hi, and welcome to 2013 to all my readers. Oh, the title, dead giveaway that something has changed, isnt it? And no, for those so inclined, its not my cup size increasing dramatically lol! 😛 Nothing that exciting, just the irony that as soon as I post about my holiday plans for this year (yes, now its this year!), than I change them. As I said, nothing dramatic, simply swopping around, now off to Rochester in April, and Kansas in September, after a Yahoo chat session with my dear friend Kate. It does mean I might freeze in April, I might boil in September, but I’m pretty sure I’ll survive both all the same. But, if anyone knows of a coat with its own internal heating system, I’d love to hear about it!

What else? Well, I guess if you’re so inclined you’ve seen the stats for here for last year? Funniest thing for me is that the most popular thread is the one where an assexual person asked what sex would be like, but I suppose the sex thing is always going to come up in searches? No, not at all surprised that the UK, and the US totally dominate the countries reading this really.

Resolutions for this year? No, not really my thing, though I do resolve to visit the US twice this year, but I think thats cheating lol. Of course that could change for good or bad, but probably not! More rebellious stuff, I hear you say? Well, I wouldnt be surprised if when we get better weather that I wear skirts, and heels more than I have in the past, but that is assuming we get a summer, unlike this year. Still expect to spend most of it in trousers though, all the same. Dinner’s in a dress, quite likely I suspect! 😉 That is out in the open now, so why stop? Wearing a dress to work, probably not though, that might rank as a step too far, and lets face it, who wears a dress to work nowadays anyway?
I dont smoke, hardly ever drink, and gamble once a year, so I can hardly give up any of those, could I? I think someone would like me to lock horns with Leeds NHS again over a certain issue, but she will probably be disappointed, my life is pretty good as it is, apart from one annoying thing I’d like ‘adjusted’. The rest of me seems to pass, and no one is likely to see that annoying thing, so why worry…? If any surgeon does want to resolve to solve that problem for me though lol? 😉

Right, I resolve to continue providing music videos for your delight, and this is no exception. A little known Gerry Rafferty track, but one that deserves so much more attention, even if sadly he isnt around any more.

Whats Going On?

And no, this isnt just an excuse of a title for a video, genuinely, I want to know.

Normally this blog plods along nicely, with a general viewing rate of 5-6 a day, which is nothing sensational, but then again, hey, neither is the blog really, I suspect lol?

Yesterday looked another day of ‘much of the same’, the count was actually at 2 when I posted the blog last night. Fair enough, I hadnt posted for days, so…I checked back about half an hour later, to see if anyone had picked up on the new posting, and to see if I might get up to average for the day.

80, yes 80 viewings when I went back! What the heck? Last thing before bed, about 20 minutes later, I thought I’d see if the rush had died down at that point. Nope, 133 views at that point lol! That was it though, the last hour before midnight didnt add to the score. Has it died down today, well sort of. Last time I looked, it was still on 65 views for the day! The stats page is in such shock at this that its frozen after 53 postings everywhere except the daily total! And yes, 133 was a new daily record by some distance.

I had no idea that me posting about threatening to wear a dress to the works christmas dinner would be so popular! I suspect someone new saw it, took a look around, and post views exploderated! All I know is all yesterdays looks were from the UK, today on the basis of limited info, the viewers are a better country spread. Still, no offers of a dress, or bribes to wear a dress at the dinner though lol!

So, as 4 Non Blondes (the group), and 1 Blonde (me) have to say, Whats Going On? The video,