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Some people are crazy!

Well, for the video tonight, I considered Slade, I thought about Patsy Cline, but then decided to go with an old master. See the end to find out who!

Tonight our time, teatime Wisconsin time, they will start playing an NFL play off match in Green Bay. The current temperature there, is 6 degrees. And, I dont mean centigrade either! Oh, and by the time of kick off, in just under 4 hours time, expected to be minus 15! And it wont get warmer as the game goes on.

I cant even imagine playing in such conditions, it will be absolutely brutal, I should imagine, even for the home team, who are more used to it. But for the visiting team, San Francisco, from sunny California, I dread to think. Just heard on TV, it will be an 80 degree drop from temperature back at home, wow!

But seriously, however bad it is for the teams, just think of someone who has got it far worse, the fans in the stands. They dont get to at least run around for 3 hours, they just have to sit/stand there, and take it! I cant even imagine doing that, but apparently about 70,000 people will do just that. Me, I went to a Baseball game in Rochester in April, the temperature was in the low 40’s, and sat there, that was freezing cold! Yes, there was an additional wind chill factor involved in that (no idea how much), but even coffee couldnt keep me warm that day, keeping coffee hot was a challenge in fact, but… tonight in Green Bay…eek!

You fans going to the game, you have my admiration, but I think you must be crazy! But lets see, they’ve been doing it for years, so what video would be more apt than…?