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Cloning/replication talents, any one?

No, I dont seriously expect anyone to offer to do that for me, but might have been handy for next Thursday, but anyway…Cant think of any other way I can do 2 interviews at the same time, at least!

Yesterday, I survived a phone interview for a Building Society role in Bradford, and got invited to a face to face one, next Thursday afternoon. 2 snags, main one, it wouldnt actually start until the beginning of May, which isnt going to help much, and secondly, its that one thats not in the centre of Bradford, so not quite sure how easy it will be to get to, and from. But we will see, I guess?

This morning, I got a call for another job I’d applied for, and they wanted me to go to Derby for an interview, even if the job will be in Leeds. Its a Capita brand company, so hey, anything can possibly go, at least. Snag, they’re doing the interviews, yes, you’ve guessed it, next Thursday! They would be taking us down by coach, seemingly, but still a bit weird to me.

So yes, fine, I’m sticking with the Bradford one. First, its far more money, as in between £3-5K more per annum! Yes, as I’ve said before, Capita dont pay well, possibly why they have to seek staff so often! And yes, thats another part of my job hunting logic, to be honest. If there is one of the 2 jobs that I’m likely to get a second chance at, should I need it, its the Capita one! Hopefully I wont need to go down that road, but anyway…

But yes, if anyone can clone/replicate me, before next Thursday, let me know, and I’ll see if I can get the other interview sorted out as well. Oh fine, I’d enjoy the replication process anyway. If only… 😉

Alright, I’d enjoy being the guinea pig for any sort of ‘mad scientist’ type stuff, whatever the results might be. So if anyone out there is looking? Thought not, shame!

OK, the video. Well, if you were replicated, it would look like you were seeing yourself in a mirror, so…