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The opposite side of the couch

Well, I’m sure there are at least some of you who want to hear the story of the weekend, so lets roll with it. Alright, strictly there wasnt a couch, we were sat in chairs, but anyway…

As regular readers will know, I’ve been hypnotised a, err, few times. And thats not including any number of self trances I’ve probably slipped into while commuting on the train, or anytime I’ve let “Jean-bot” out to play, I mean properly hypnotised, by someone else. But no, I’d never hypnotised anyone (other than myself) at any point. That changed this weekend.

Saturday was pretty much filled with taking in a whole lot of information. It was interesting. Some of it I knew, a lot more that I didnt, but lets face it, thats not the bit most readers want to read about, is it?

So Sunday started with a review session, where our tutor, Angela set out to discover how much we’d remembered, without being hypnotised, to help it all sink in. After that came the fun moment, when we were handed the scripts we were going to use on each other. So fine, in our small group of 3, I went first.

Well, put it this way, it seemed like Chris went into trance for me. He did as I instructed him, at least. And thankfully, came out of trance when I asked him to, as well. Yes, someone used the script on me, and yes, even less surprisingly, I went out like a light!

Anyway, at the end of a very pleasant weekend’s education, with a lot of nice people, I’ve signed up for the rest of the course! So in theory, by the end of next March, I could well be a qualified hypnotherapist! Well, I wanted a new, and interesting job, and this could well be it! No, not sure if I will do it part time, or full time, I will see as things progress, on that front. But do it, you bet I will!

So fine, here is an official request to any readers, within a reasonable distance of me here in Huddersfield. I need victims, sorry, volunteers, to help me practice the script over the next 4 weeks. Its just a general relaxation, and feeling good script, nothing more than that. And honest, even if I could (and I cant, unless you want me to) do anything more sinister than that, I wont, honest. So please, feel free to email me at with a few details, if you’re willing, and we can arrange something. Please, just make the email title something that the junk filter wont think is spam, thats all.

Alright, lastly, the video. An old Neil Sedaka song, for spending time on the opposite side of the hypnotist’s couch to before