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Ace of hearts? Probably not!

Yes, we have come back to that famous day in the year, when everyone shows their love for that very special person, and I get nothing! Seriously, the last time I got a card, or anything for Valentines Day would be 1998! Since then, big blank. And no, I dont expect that to change this year either lol!

Though if someone wants to prove me wrong, with an ecard or something, feel free to do so, the address is , just in case. Whats that? Ah well, never mind!

And even if there was some crazy person who wanted to wine and dine me tomorrow night, sorry, I’m working till 9.00, so forget it! Mind, I might be stuck in Leeds if the weather is really bad, in which case… 😉 Would have to be in work clothes though, no plans to wear a posh frock, and heels to work, I must say, not this weather!

I guess part of the problem might be that I make it pretty clear that me, and romance are not the best of friends. Been bruised too often in the past, and I guess ‘body issues’ may, or may not play a part in that too? I could be free Saturday night though, if you want to wine and dine me? What, not even if I pay my half of the bill? Oh well…lol 😛

Anyway, to all those happily in love, in relationships, I hope you have a wonderful day, and do all the right things. If like me, you’re single, survive it as best you can!

The video, one much under rated artist