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Its a white rose day!

I must admit, I think that nowadays there is a mass over abundance of ‘days’ for various things, varying from the sublime to the absolutely ridiculous. For me, this falls somewhere in between.

For reasons best known to others, and not to me, today seemingly is Yorkshire Day, and given thats where I live, and work, it would be remiss not to mention it. No, I have no idea why the 1st August was chosen for this, if there is any special significance, or it was just picked at random, just because…?

I spent the first few years of my life intermittently in Yorkshire, given my father was in the Navy, and based at Chatham Dockyard (down south, lol), but then when I was about 3, or 4, the family moved down to Kent officially, and that was that! Which sadly explains my accent, in that my educative years, I was developing a Southern accent, not a Yorkshire one, as I should have done!

And then finally, about 43 years or so later, I finally became a Yorkshire resident again, after all that time, and addresses all over the country. No, I’m not saying I’m not moving away ever again, because lets face it, if I got the chance to move to LA, I’d probably leap at the chance! Or indeed, work in the US for a while, which is less likely at my age, but who knows?

But for now, I’ll stay in my home county, and see where the rest of life takes me, I guess? But I suspect, unless something amazing happens in my life, its probably where it will end too. Ironically, no, I wasnt actually born in the county. My parents were down south when I decided it was time to be born, so my passport actually has me born in Kent. But in every other sense, I’m a Yorkshire lass, and proud of it.

Right, video time. Had to be a Yorkshire artist tonight, didnt it? Probably not the most famous one of all time, but I love the feel of the video, so went with this one regardless.

I want to ride my bicycle

But no, in that sense, its not the obvious video. In another sense, its even more obvious than that!

This weekend, the incredible event that is the Tour De France, came to Yorkshire! And yes, I at least got to experience it, if not entirely in a good way.

Put it this way, back when I was a guy, I used to quite enjoy watching ‘Le Tour’, principally in the days of the legends that were Lemond, Fignon, Indurain and Pantani. Yes, a while back! I also remember watching Lance Armstrong, but lets say no more about him!

Now, like a lot of sports, since I’ve become a woman, I’ve lost a lot of interest in them. Yes, I know, its amazing what a gender change can do! Golf and Snooker seem to have suffered the same fate to be honest. Horse racing, now thats a funny one. I couldnt see me now going as a gambler (very modest stakes, even back then), but going out socially, all dressed up, just maybe?

Anyway, cycling…

The main man for me in those years was an Italian called Marco Pantani, who made going up very steep mountains look like a stroll in the park! In that very handy thing called hindsight, it seems quite possible that those climbs were ‘assisted’ by illegal substances, though nothing was really proved at the time, but anyway…his mountain climbing was a delight to watch.

As I said, this weekend, the Tour came to Yorkshire…starting in Leeds on Saturday. Yes, where I work! Lets just say the train that pulled into Huddersfield station at 7.45 wasnt the normal one. An ancient goods engine, pulling lots of carriages that hadnt seen public action in a long time. Hey, they were slam door stock, not the modern self locking ones, I’m sure Health and Safety would have had a fit! The train was busy, despite the large number of seats, hardly surprising given how many wanted to see the start of the race.

Clearly the train had seen better days, and it laboured most of the journey to Leeds, losing the best part of 15 minutes on a 20 minute journey! Painful was the word! Actually, getting to work through Leeds was easier than I feared, a bit of congestion crossing the route, but not that bad. By the time I cam home, it was all gone.

Today was stage 2, and it was passing through Huddersfield, my home town this afternoon, about 2.30. No, I avoided town, I was always going to see far more on TV, lets face it, though I guess I might regret not going in time. To be honest, I started watching earlier than expected, for a while, then switched back on about 30 minutes before it was due through Huddersfield, planning to switch off soon after.

Err, I didnt! Indeed, I delayed my bath until after the race was over, in Sheffield, it was that exciting! No, I dont think I’ll get heavily involved in Tour watching again, but it was fun today, and brought up a few nice memories.

The video, yes, a pretty obvious one in all honesty.

On leaving Yorkshire

When I was young, back in the 60’s and 70’s, we Yorkshire folk used to have a joke about going over to the dark side, long before Star Wars came up with the term. Yes, you’ve guessed it, it meant we were crossing over into Lancashire lol! In fact, given that when visiting, the natural route south from the Haworth end was to head to the M6, rather than the M1, I did it quite often!

In those days, it was a different journey to today, when you’d pretty much just cross the Pennines on the M62, and leave it at that. There were sections of it at the beginning of the 70’s, but even then, it was just as easy to loop round under Manchester, through all the mill towns, and before that, that was your only option! Yes, not only does the M62 now make it a relative stroll, the mills are pretty much all gone as well, and definitely have as mills at least. Mind, all their pollution has gone with it, so…we have car pollution instead lol!

Well yes, I’m crossing over to the dark side tomorrow, though nowadays its called Greater Manchester, one of those metropolitan districts created in the middle of the 70’s. But to us Yorkshire folk, its still seen as Lancashire! I guess they are one up on us, they have an international airport, we dont! And yes, thats why I’m crossing over the Pennines tomorrow, or more strictly, going under them, through the train tunnel.

So yes, this is the last letter from Yorkshire for a while, it might be the last from England, but watch this space on that. Only tasks left for tomorrow is to pack, and get my hair cut, if I have time, everything else (I think) is done.

So, to the video. No, I dont expect to hear this announcement at Manchester Airport on Saturday, well, the full version at least. But given my love of OMD, I’m going for a new track, one it wont take you long to listen to,

Is spring on the way?

I only ask because the weather forecast for this week is suggesting that the temperature will break 50, and thats quite something, even more so as I’m off most of the week! No, I dont put great faith in weather forecasts in all honesty, but we will wait and see. Who knows, I might end up wearing shoes at some point this week, and maybe even a skirt, or at least a lighter coat. Given the mornings are still cold, and I’ve got an early start for work tomorrow, it wont happen just yet, thats for sure!

Tuesday will be miracle making day, getting my hair highlighted and cut in the morning, it needs both! Then in the afternoon, the nails will be touched up, and the back (and other areas) massaged. After that, the week is mine! It makes it pretty much 3 days for travelling around in all honesty, I dont tend to do so much at weekends, I prefer it when the streets, and shops are quieter in all honesty. Not that I plan to go far, saving all that up for 7 weeks time when I go to the US. But equally, some time in the fresh air, just doing my own thing will be nice.

And no, as I discovered, there isnt really any real shopping needs that I have, but if I see a bargain, well…I might get it all the same ūüôā And yes, I’m a creature of habit, so going somewhere new isnt likely to happen either. I’m also of course limited by where is easily reachable by public transport of course. Somehow or other, I think I might avoid Leeds though, unless I get good reason, I see enough of that place as it is!

But yes, I might get out of boots this week, I might even get out of trousers, I prefer the chances of the former though lol! The video, well, the weather forecast suggests more than 1 of these, but lets wait and see…

I dont like cricket!

Oh no, I love it, oh yeah!

Well maybe I wont go as far as saying I love cricket in a literal sense, but enjoying watching it on a nice day, that I can definitely go for. Alright, there was at least one occasion last year that I watched Ireland when it wasnt a nice day, but we got play in eventually to some degree, and won, so it wasnt too bad.

But yes, watching cricket on a nice day is far more enjoyable. And currently the rumours on the weather forecast suggest I might get one of those tomorrow, though it will be Yorkshire in Leeds, not my beloved Ireland that I’ll be watching. With luck, one Irishman, Niall O’Brien might be playing, but thats it. Not that he’d know me, but…

Sadly, it does seem the weather is about to break, but hopefully not until tomorrow evening, and I will have got my cricket fix by then, with luck. I’ll only go to the first 2 sessions anyway, so that I can get home before the rush hour strikes, and in time for dinner! And lets face it, there are a lot worse grounds than Headingley to visit, that has to be said.

I dont know when things changed, but I’m far less of a general sports addict now than I used to be. To be honest, the only sports I get into nowadays seem to be Cricket, Baseball (you can see the connection?) and NFL, and thats about it. I can take Snooker, Golf and Horse Racing, but dont get the same¬†feel for them anymore. Maybe it coincided¬†with an influx of female hormones into my system, maybe it was something else, I really dont know.

No, I wont get to see Ireland live this year, and given other things, this might prove to be my only chance of any live cricket this year, so have to take it. Just hope the weather forecast is right, thats all.

Yes, a video tonight, and some might even have worked out what it is lol!

Bank holidays

Any other year, today would be a bank holiday. This year, it isnt, due to the Jubilee celebrations next weekend, when there are 2 bank holidays instead, both Monday and Tuesday.

The thing is, apart from bank staff, and most office workers, how many actually dont work on a bank holiday nowadays? Think about it, people go out for the day somewhere, or go shopping, or as is relevant in my case, go gambling, and people have to work to cater for all this need. Dont get me wrong, I appreciate why we need these bank holidays, and everything, I just think the concept of them has become a bit of an anachronism, given the percentage of people who actually wont be working that day. And yes, I get 8 days added to my holiday allowance to allow for working on all these days. Well alright, not Christmas Day, but equally that is taken back from the holiday allowance.

No, I’m not a staunch royalist, not in the slightest. Not sure if that makes me a republican though, or just a ‘couldnt care less’ type! So no, working while the Jubilee celebrations will be going on around me, doesnt bother me in the slightest. Except, like the last royal wedding, I can foresee all the¬†TV’s being focussed on it at work anyway!

But alright, one of my main bug bears about bank holidays, even more so nowadays, is the Sunday bus service that runs! Seriously, trying to get on a daytime bus, on a bank holiday is akin to sardines in a tin! Maybe in the good old days, a very limited bus service would be enough, but nowadays…I know, I know, trying to rob even more of their day off lol, but…Interestingly the trains run a normal service, hint, hint.

Yes, I’m in one of those silly periods at work. I was off yesterday, in today, then off tomorrow and Wednesday. The logic of which is…? As it is, assuming the weather holds, it helps. Given that I wont get to Ireland for cricket this year, I’d assumed I might not get to see any this season. But a hole has appeared in my diary, Yorkshire are at home on Wednesday (first day of 4 day game), so might sneak off there, if the weather holds, as its supposed to (ha, ha).

Sorry, for those who like the videos, there isnt one. One, I cant think of anything obvious, and even more so, two, I need to get off here in 5 minutes for work, so not really the time to find one.

Tomorrow, got some writing to do, and I dont mean a blog, though I possibly will do one as well. Ironically its about 3 months since I had the time I last worked on the story, but as I say, a window this week, so need to get it done.

Maybe I got it wrong?

I have to admit it, my assumption was always that going with my natural cleavage (however tiny) was a safer route than being out there, using enhancers as a buxom old lady, but maybe I was looking at it from the wrong direction?

Yes, as some know, if they read this regularly, I’m on holiday this week. And lets face it, Girls just want to have fun, as Cyndi Lauper used to say, and no, thats not the video lol! So this week, all my trips out have been of the ‘fully stacked’ kind, and I’ve been surprised by the reaction, or rather the lack of it. Is it in human nature to assume that if someone is ‘well built’ that they must be female, even if other little details may suggest otherwise? Yes James, I know, before you say it that I have a decent pass rate, but even so…well, I was expecting a few funny looks at least, but no, not really¬†happening. And yes, I still get a few when out with just my natural cleavage, which is why I was wondering whether it is the big boobs that do it, or not? Do men, and indeed women see them and assume, decent cleavage, must be a woman, which doesnt happen so much¬†with my natural decolletage?

Or is it just that the people of Yorkshire are more open minded than I thought?

I admit it, on Facebook I jokingly posted about telling work I was getting a ‘boob job’ done this week, wearing the enhancers next Tuesday (my first day back, as Monday is one of my 2 days off next week) and seeing what reaction I got. Typically of our management, and indeed the other staff, that opportunity never arose. Management probably because they dont really care, other staff because we were so manic on Sunday (understaffed, what a shock!) that they didnt have time, assuming they cared anyway! To be honest, if I could keep a straight face, it might be tempting to do it anyway, but I doubt I would. This time of year you’re so wrapped up in coats and things, that no one would probably notice before work anyway! I think they might notice at work, but dont quote me on that with some of them lol!

The ‘fun’ would be lunchtime, out on the street. And in the shop where I get my lunch most days, they know how ‘big’ I am after all! And 2 cups is a lot to grow, even by plastic surgery I suspect? I know, if I had it done, I would develop somewhat, but that much? Its an issue I admit to being torn on, I like just rolling with my natural development, it makes me proud that I have decent breasts of my own, despite a lack of help from Leeds GIC. But at the same time, bigger boobies are nicer, though am I then just being fake?

I may well be able to pull it off (pardon the expression) most of the year, though I suspect summer Friday and Saturday evenings might not always be fun, given the number of idiots about then. And if I do it, I wouldnt want to pick and choose, I either need to be smallish B cup all the time, or well developed C cup all the time, that would only be fair on work and things.

I have no plans to not use the enhancers before I go back to work, the only time they will come off is for bathing etc, they arent designed for that, or for wearing without a bra lol! But otherwise…Well I wouldnt mind the enhancers making it impossible for me to remove them, but hey, they only happens in fiction, and the movies lol!

OK, the video, lets do something transgender related. I only know of 2 songs that openly talk about transgender women, and neither of them recent. One is Lola, by the Kinks, the other is…

How many work it out before clicking the link, I wonder? A look at the tags might give it away I guess?

There is, as far as I know, one time when I couldnt use enhancers, while flying. I assume as they are made of silicon, that they wouldnt pass any security tests, especially the TSA ones, given I fly to the US a lot? Unless someone wants to make me a foam pair, I assume they would be fine?

Beyond Yorkshire

I’m told there are rumours of life beyond the Yorkshire boundaries, will have to find out if its true or not? Yes, I am joking btw! Though if you talked to some people, you might believe otherwise. As for their feelings when Lancashire won the cricket county championship yesterday, I dread to think lol!

Time permitting, I intend to keep this blog going while away in Boston, but absolutely no promises are made, so if it goes quiet (or quietish)¬†here over the next week or so, you know why. I’m just the type of person who would rather you knew, rather than just have you¬†wondering where I’d gone.

Irish cricket has the last 2 games of the season early next week against Canada, and given the new qualifying rules for the 2015 World Cup, it adds more importance to victories that should be achieved by the full team. Not that the IC Cup team did too badly this week lol! Other than that, Ireland play Australia in the rugby world cup tomorrow, and I’m not expecting an Irish victory there somehow.

Beyond that, not much to say, other than wishing my readers a good weekend, and speak to you again soon.


Go west!

Double blogging tonight, I can blame You Tube for that, but found a couple of good songs for things. Mind, unless you’ve found my other blog, or vice versa, then you wont know both!

Yorkshire, where I am now, only ranks as the county I’ve lived in for the 3rd longest period in my life, even more so if you count the Somerset/Dorset border area as one, as my stay down there was spent on both sides of the border, though never more than 3 miles from the other, and indeed worked in Somerset all that time. Kent is the longest btw, and now will be for a few more years yet, given I lived there about 21 years, and still only approaching 10 in Yorkshire even now.

Somerset was my first taste of independence from home, I knew I needed to get away from home for several reasons, one of which I’ve now got round to living of course. Though back then I was still trying to be a man, even if I was making a very lousy job of it, again I now know why!

But Somerset (and Dorset) did me good, I got that freedom that I needed, and life was fun. Life down there is definitely lived at a relaxed pace, even if the fallacy that everyone drinks cider is totally false lol! I made a few good friends down there, but had no contact with any of them once I left in ’99, and do regret not knowing what happened to a few of them.

Dont get me wrong, I’m Yorkshire through and through, and glad that after all these years, that I’m living up here once again, and in all likelihood, unlikely to move on. I guess I might move to Ireland when I retire, even though I have no relatives or anything over there I know, theres something in my heart, my Irishness if you like that calls to me, even if it is more than a few generations back. Dont ask me why, but there is?

But I’m glad I lived in and around Yeovil for 16 years, I had a great time down there, I must admit.

Sorry, you might be hoping for Pet Shop Boys, or even the Village People, but you’re getting neither of them. Instead you’re getting a group whose very heart is Somerset, even if one of their legendary line up was born nearer Edinburgh than Taunton. And yes, I love them even now.

Hope you can enjoy lol!


One Small Day

Yes, you will get the video of this fantastic Ultravox song at the end, but this blog is more about the lyrics, I must admit, especially the words of the chorus.

How many times has it turned against you
How many times will they walk away
One day where I didn’t die a thousand times
Where I could satisfy this life of mine
One day where every hour could be a joy to me
And live a life the way it’s meant to be

One day where I wouldn’t feel my senses die
Where nothing made me hang my head and cry
One day where I could see myself as others do
Where I could feel the strength of love at hand

One day where I didn’t die a thousand times
Where I could satisfy this life of mine
One day where every hour could by a joy to me
And live a life the way it’s meant to be

(Copyright Ultravox, of course.)

Just think how relevant some of those words are to a Transgendered person, to have days when life would be a joy, because you would be living it in the correctly gendered body. And unfortunately, the nature of being transgendered does mean that some people will turn against you, just for that reason. And yes, there have been times in the past when I have felt like crying over it, and indeed have even done so, but hopefully I’m beyond that now. Life isnt perfect, without the right physical body, its never likely to be so! But at the same time, maturity, and hypnosis have certainly calmed the worst of woes. I doubt anyone will be surprised to hear I’ve suffered with depression before in my life, but again that seems to have been salved by hypnosis, the best thing I ever did.

One small day, I might be able to live life as its always meant to have been, but for now I’m doing my own thing, and thats far better than the strange life I lived for so many years without knowing what was really wrong.

Sorry if this has been a bit whiny, but had a few issues the last few days (work, travel and things mainly), so just using this as a vent.

Alright, the video link,

For those who like to know these sort of things, the stones are Callanish, on the Isle of Lewis, and Billy Currie, the keyboard player is from Huddersfield, where I live.