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Don’t look back in anger?

Who, me, would never do such a thing! Its funny, at the time when various firms either said I hadnt got the job for the most tenuous reason, or more likely, never bothered to contact me at all, I might have got angry about it, but in truth, now, I’m very grateful that they did! Because, in truth, after about 15 months (from being made redundant, to hearing I’d got the job) of effort, I struck gold!

Great place to work, interesting job, plenty of great workmates who dont care if I’m trans woman, natural woman, or whatever. I swear that if I did actually turn up as a fully chromed robot, as long as I was happy with that, they’d be fine for me. They also dont seem to care if I get my ‘bits’ bobbed or not, as long as its my decision. I’m just treated as a woman in that place, and its wonderful.

You might ask why I’m writing all this today? Well, there is a simple, but good reason, it was on 22nd August, 2016 that I first walked into my new place of employment, as a worker, for the first time, and as they say, the rest is history! As I see it, hopefully, body permitting (and thats questionable at present?), its 1 year down, just over 6 and a half to go, as thats the date I’m due for retirement from the work force, as things stand. I know one or two saying that retirement at that point is purely optional, and I might have a think at the time, as 7 months later than that date, would mark the 50th anniversary of my first official job! As I say, I dont think it will be all my choice, or down to my physical health by then?

Seriously, the only thing that will have me leaving, of my own choice now, is the sort of acting role that I couldnt say no to, and there might be a few of them lol, though probably not offered to me! But fine, if it happens…I might try to make an arrangement for after the dream is over, lol!

No, I’m not going to pick out any names, too many lovely people to do anything like that. But this ‘old crock’ just wants to show her appreciation, not only for the lovely way I get treated at work generally, but the quickly obliging way things happened, when (hopefully just for 12 weeks) I had to cut my workload, things got sorted out, just like that!

So yes, to all those places who turned me down for a job with them, in hindsight, thank you so much! I just wish it didnt take 17 months, from being made redundant, to starting to work there, but maybe these things are meant to be?

If you havent worked out the video from the title, I’m shocked! Though its not the original one, a more recent live one from Noel Gallagher instead.


Stand by me?

For those of us who followed Irish Cricket before 17/03/07, the events of that day were less of a shock than they were to most. Indeed, you could say that a few days earlier, when they only tied with Zimbabwe, that we were a shade disappointed by the result, half expecting a win, against a very ordinary team in truth, who havent got better over the years. But yes, that St Patrick’s Day win against Pakistan was the day the world as a whole woke up to Irish cricket.

Some of us, as I say, though in my case from a distance, had followed Irish cricket for more than a few years by then. Ancestry thing for me, as it was for a few of those players back in 2007. Yes, more than a few of them spoke with Southern hemisphere accents! Gradually over the years things have changed, and it was only this week that Ireland played a team where all 11 players were actually born in Ireland!

The rise of cricket in Afghanistan has been even more recent, though very dramatic all the same. Hopefully, at some point in the future, they may be able to play an international cricket match in their own country, though the security situation means it wont be just yet.

Over the next few weeks, in India, a virtual ‘international tour’ starts for these 2 teams. 3 twenty over games, 5 one day internationals, followed by a 4 day ‘test match’ makes up the tour. Yes, its only an Intercontinental Cup match officially, but given the changing situation within the ICC, next time they meet, it probably will be a test match, as both countries are likely to be upgraded over the next couple of years. Which, if they keep their word, will mean Ireland playing a Test Match at the home of cricket, Lords. Wow!

Its funny to think that just 10 years ago, if someone had said this would happen, even the Irish fans would have laughed at you, but now… I had, in truth, hoped to get across to a game this summer, but though I’m back in work, and the money is coming in again, its still going to be one trip too far, I suspect. But next year, fingers are crossed.

In truth, Ireland and Afghanistan will never rival the Ashes, or India v Pakistan in cricket rivalries, but for two teams that have built themselves up together, I’m sure the games will always remain special.

The video, what these 2 teams have done over the years. Until now, in associate cricket, but in the future, test series? Maybe in a number of years, those games may even be in Kabul? Lets face it, 30 years ago, the idea of international cricket in Belfast would have been looked on nervously, so…?

My generation

And yes, massive clue to the video in the title, though maybe not the obvious version? Mind, listening to it, maybe I should have done lol?

Fine, before anyone says anything, this wasnt my planned blog for tonight, that was going to feature on whether I’d got a job, or was booking a decent period of time away in Hollywood, but fate means I dont yet know the answer to that, hopefully I can let you know tomorrow. Yes, thats right, the job is starting Monday, and yet I wont know until late tomorrow afternoon if I’ve got it, or not? I know, crazy! I mean, I’d love to make an appointment to get my nails done next week (ideally should have been this week, but things again made that complex), but how can I when I dont know whether I’m available midweek, or not! And no, I have no idea when it gets done if I start work on Monday, aargh! And yes, its all getting to my head at present, however hard I try not to let it do so. And given that at present, its only for 4 months anyway (until end of December), I almost feel I’d rather not get it, and have my 4 weeks away, but I sort of know thats not the way I should be thinking, but its how I feel about it all!

But besides, thats now out of my hands (of sorts), so lets just wait and see, take things from there. Lets talk about something else instead.

I’m old enough to remember when there were 2 TV channels in the UK, not several hundred. And yes, it was all black and white too. And one of those series I eagerly watched as a child, was Batman. No, not any of the movie crowd, or anything like that, the original TV series of the mid 60’s. And guess which character I wanted to be, which should have been a clue to my gender issues, Batgirl! Sadly, this week, ‘Old Father Time’ caught up with Yvonne Craig, who played her, at the age of 78. Apart from anything else, its when people who were relatively young, when I was a child, dying at that sort of age, you realise just how old you are yourself. Yes, fine, I’ve got a few years on her (I was about 8-10, she was in her late twenties), but you still sort of catch on that before long, your time will be up too.

So fine, on top of all the job hassle I’ve been having (some due to my age, I suspect), having things like this happen, makes me feel really old. Fine, hopefully good news tomorrow, just dont ask me which I’d prefer that to be. Twist my arm, I’d probably say no job, and be booking my stay in Hollywood, but I know thats the wrong attitude. But just now, I dont care.

RIP Yvonne Craig, btw.

Right, the video. its funny, when the Who sang this in the 60’s, they probably meant it, but Daltrey, and others are still alive today. This however, is the Oasis version, hmm?

Free to be whatever I…choose

Yes, the title is done like that, because of the song connection. Lets see how many can work it out before they look. Given the song is 20 years old, who knows? Apologies for the gap, but the last few days have been crazy!

Right, lets start with the personal update, before we get to the transphobia rant, and half of you turn away lol. You might spot the connection here? Went for an interview on Wednesday, for a job I’d love to do, as its in the travel industry, an area I’d love to get into. Biggest snag, the fact that there is some up selling involved, and I havent sold anything for 6 years, so I’m probably up against it, in that sense. Next week might (or might not) be entertaining, given its possible there will be several interviews, depending on circumstances, and a couple of agencies doing what they actually say. On top of that are a couple of local government openings as well. Well, I assume its a couple? Met up with an ‘old contact’ in her new workplace yesterday, so that she could put me forward for one, looking to take on 15 people, which would involve some weekend work. Today, with a different agency, but same council, I registered for a role seeking 10 people, working Monday to Friday only. Either Kirklees Council is on a major staff hunt, or they are really the same thing? We will see.

The one thing they all have in common, the jobs start on Monday 24th. Yes, all of them! So in theory, by this point next week, I should know how the job scene lays, in opportunities at least. Another neat coincidence, the last “competitive” visit to the Job Centre to sign on, is next Friday morning. There will be 1 more before the holiday (2 weeks later), but Julie knows I’ll have eased down the searching by then, as I wont be here for interviews, phone calls and the like after that point.

So yes, therefore I’ve put back the day on the decision on living in Hollywood for a little while until then. Mind, Friday afternoon (with luck), I’ll be booking it all, if I havent got work. At which point I’ll look, but be looking for a job starting mid October at the earliest, and ideally, the beginning of November. There, its official!

Right, you were warned, transphobia rant. On Twitter, I talk on a regular basis with a lovely guy named Steven. Well, thats the name he goes by on there at least! What I’ve learnt from him, and through yet another sickening article today, is that trans folk, especially those of colour in the US, in places have a very hard, and dangerous life. Well, in fact, its the murder rate for such groups that are depressing, to be honest. Me, I’ve never had any problems over there, but then again, I’m white, pass pretty well, so…I might have more “fun” if anyone gets romantic with me, but for now…no thanks to that. I do think its a tragedy how some trans people are treated over there, and only wish it wasnt the case, but anyway…

I’ll be honest, in terms of problems, I really do only have one group of people who set out to intimidate. Young, or youngish people of West Indian origin. The older ones are fine, and most other people put up with me, or better, but just that one group…All I can assume is its a macho thing, as with one exception, its all men. And given she was with a man, maybe she was just supporting him, but anyway…? No, I’ve only once been attacked at all, and he was drunk, at a bus stop, and promptly reprimanded by others. But verbal assault, yes, sadly it happens, from this one small group of people. Put it this way, I have no desire to ever visit the West Indies for sure, given the male examples I’ve met in life!

Right, the video. Yes, the clue is in the title, though its not strictly the song title