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I’d like to buy the world a (Diet) Coke

Some of my more senior readers have probably already worked out the video, but hey, the song is 47 years old (eek!), so maybe not all?

The thing that probably inspired this blog was an advert, at a bus stop that I passed today. It was selling Tesco Diet Coke (which I already drink, save promotion claims), but the sale point was the fact that a 2 litre bottle of Diet Coke had 55 less lumps of sugar in it, than standard coke. Now I knew there was sugar in standard coke, and some form of sweetener (Aspartamene?) in diet coke, so its not as innocent as it seems, but I was still stunned by the amount of sugar in standard coke!

Let me add, that like the sweetener name, I havent checked whether the claim is correct or not before posting this.

I actually prefer Diet Coke, to Standard Coke, the taste suits me better. Fine, a little bit of mild weight watching probably helps to fight off the middle aged spread I’m developing (Hey, I am 60), but I’d rather drink the diet version anyway. Yes, I’d actually drink diet Pepsi in preference to standard Coke, though most places nowadays dont seem to sell both, unlike the good old days. No, I really cant tell any significant difference between the 2 brands, in fact. Just me, I know…

And yes, as you’ve also noticed, I dont actually buy the ‘real thing’, I’m on a budget, lol! Its fine for what I need it, which is basically to help me with food digestion (hiatus hernia), and to take painkiller pills! As a drink, unless its really hot, probably not? Fine in the old days, when I could drink it with vodka, but now I cant do alcohol…

So readers, how is it for you. Coke, or Pepsi? Standard, or diet? Or doesnt it really matter to you? Feel free to comment here, though I doubt anyone will.

OK, video time. Yes, this started as a Coke advert song, and turned into a gold record selling hit! I will always have a soft spot for the New Seekers, as in 1972, it was the first pop concert I ever went to by myself! And yes, I wanted to be Eve Graham, lol! Her parts were the ones I sang along to, even then!

Good old fashioned Civil Service?

Any readers old enough to have seen ‘Yes, Minister’, or ‘Yes, Prime Minister’, or more likely, have seen any number of the repeats over the years, probably have an image that every Civil Servant, even now, wears an immaculate suit, or dress to work, depending on gender, and preference of wear. How do I break this to you, it doesnt happen.

I’m not saying that some of the top echelon dont do so, but at our level, smart casual clothing is fine. Well, normally it is, but… A month today (19/9, or 9/19. depending where you reside), we’re being given free reign to dress up posh at work, for the day. It is for a good cause, it will raise money for charity, and there will be prizes for the best looks. Then yes, back to standard smart casual the next day, lol!

Who, me, dressing up, of course I will be, darlings! Though to be fair, unless First Buses are prepared to actually clean their buses, it will be work only wearing a dress! Well, I wont get changed when I go out to get lunch, but anyway… But yes, if I had faith in a clean bus turning up, I would wear it to work, believe me! Both the most suitable dresses are floor length, so pavements might be issue too, but anyway, the concept of wearing a dress to work, and back, done it before, and will do it again!

My obvious choices at present, are either the Flapper Dress I wore to my Birthday celebrations, which most at work havent seen, or a wonderful vintage style dress I bought in Kansas City many years ago, and have only worn a couple of times, as its a real special occasion dress! Which it will be, well, wait and see! Or read on here, in most cases, I guess? I must admit, it will be interesting to see what others decide to wear too.

So yes, for one day at least, Sir Humphrey Appleby would probably approve of Civil Service wear, lol.

Video time. Yes, you can tell this really is live, as there are a few ‘moments’ in this when things dont go quite to plan. I suspect this will be a new song to most, if not to me. Yes, I purchased the single of this, about 46 years ago! Was a rarity, actually, as the label was incorrectly pressed, another song, different artist, lol. B side was correctly done though, lol.

Back to the place I started

In truth, on the whole, the one thing I’ve avoided in my life, is going back to places where I lived for a long period of time. And before anyone says anything, 4 weeks isnt a long period of time, so revisiting Los Angeles is fine in my book! 😛

But the Medway Towns (departure date, 2003), Yeovil (1999), and Leytonstone (2005), I’ve pretty much passed on all 3 since leaving them for the last time. I passed through Leytonstone once in a car, but thats it! Yes, I’ve excluded Newbury (2001) because I did go back once, about 14 years later, and fine, it didnt really work. Unsurprisingly, it had changed dramatically from what I remembered, and only made me more determined not to go back to the others. In truth, the only one I’m torn about is Yeovil, but after 19 years, there is no way it could go well now, so I mustn’t!

So why, this week, am I going back to Haworth (1962), you might reasonably ask? Its funny, I’ve no idea why I dont have any issues in returning there, not that I have now been back for about 10 years, because I guess I just dont remember actually living there. Yes, you have to remember, the family moved officially to Medway Towns when I was 3, or 4, and hey, I was too young to remember much of that. I do know where the ‘old house’ is, or did 10 years ago, and ironically it, and its next door neighbor were now 1 house! May I add, that made it into 1 decent sized home!

Let me say it had changed dramatically, but it had changed dramatically long before then. When I came home as a teen even, it was just a small section at the top of the village that was pure tourism, the rest of the village, just an ordinary mill village. Move on 35 years, and the whole place was a tourist haven. So why go back now, I hear you ask?

Simple, if its going to be done, it needs to be done soon. As anyone who knows Haworth will know, or even seen pictures of the village, you know the Main Street is steep. Regular readers will also know my back isnt what it used to be! Whereas 10 years ago, going up the hill was fine, I suspect its going to be more of a challenge now, with my back, and lets face it, that situation isnt going to improve! So yes, if I want to do it, I need to do it soon.

I’m not saying it will be the last time, but I suspect, it might be. Its not exactly a disabled friendly village, by design, lets face it, lol. And yes, I’ll probably stop off in Keighley on the way. Thats not the town I remember as a youngster either, but it will be a swift pass through town, and on, I suspect.

In truth, I dont know if this is a good idea, or not, but just feel it needs to be done?

Video time. I did use this before, but it was 7 years ago, so dont really see this as a repeat?

The best laid plans, and all that…

Yes, fine, the title of the blog gives away the fact that today hasnt gone quite to plan, even for a birthday, right? Yes, right! The beauties of asking complex questions of someone who’s native language clearly wasnt English. Ah well…

I gained a friend over on Facebook, someone in Australia, who I dont know, but was seemingly friend, of a friend, and all that. Given he posted some gorgeous pictures, both old, and created, I happily accepted him. Shrewd move, as next thing I know, he’s adding a gorgeous photo of a 30’s lady to my timeline, which I absolutely adored. Today, when I get up, I discover another photo, this one of me, designed as a sort of birthday card thing. Loved it, as did a few others.

So this afternoon, not wanting to just post them on here, without his permission, I sent him a message, asking if it was OK to do so. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I think he thought I was objecting to him just using the photo of me, and got an apology back, and discovered he’d removed (or at least, made dormant) that Facebook account. Yes, fine, maybe I should have at least saved them to my collection in advance, but I never dreamt he’d do that! Yes, not a happy bunny!

The rest of the day, well, another job rejection, another phone interview set up, but fine the frustration really is getting to me now. I’m also waiting on the magic news from the Council about paying my rent, thought I’d have heard by now, but anyway…

Only other news, I got cash for my birthday, so I’ve pretty much decided I will go over Elland on Saturday night, spend it on that, seems a good way to do so. And yes, play at spotting Jean Harlow on the big screen!

Fine, the video. You could say this is how I feel about events re those pictures this afternoon!

Its a long, long way

Well, its true, my flight home will certainly be that lol! And yes, its also the most used line in the song, Pandora’s Box as well, so the perfect climax to this weeks related blogs.

Yes, unless something surprising happens tomorrow morning, I’ve seen my last close up views of the city of Rochester, at least for a while, probably forever. A sad fact, as its a nice city, but there are a few more places I’m looking forward to seeing, plus, there isnt really enough ‘undone’ stuff here to warrant coming back, unless I get a good ‘live and work’ offer at least, and lets face it, thats not going to happen. Enough here though, that I never made it to Buffalo, thought there was more than enough here, and I was proved right.

Today, I ended up visiting the Museum of Play. Yes, I know, some might say I’m a bit old for that, given I dont have children, but I didnt feel I needed them. It might help, but…The ironic thing is seeing the amazing collection of dolls that they have there, literally through the ages. ironic of course, as thats one element of my life that I missed out on, because of things. For better, for worse, who can ever know? But yes, I felt a few pangs of regret when I saw all those dolls, I must admit.

It wasnt the only thing, one of the current displays there is for Sesame Street, which started over here at least in 1969. I remembered far too many of the exhibits, especially the musical ones from that year lol! The other thing was upstairs in the arcade section, more than a few pinball machines, which I always used to love playing. These ones in the museum are actually newer than the ones I would have played, just shows how long ago that was, doesnt it?

And then taking things to the opposite level, there was a Kinect golf game that you could play. Talk about new style gaming for someone like me. The camera makes the ‘person’ look a lot like me (skirt, not trousers, but otherwise…), and no buttons to push, or joysticks to twiddle, just the natural golf swing. I must say that version of me swings a far better golf club than I did in real life lol! But yes, it was great fun, even if my knees didnt possibly think so at the end of 9 holes!

And thats it! Next post will be back in England, sometime early next week. Thanks Rochester, its been a wonderful visit. Note to UK bus companies. The bus fare anywhere around Rochester for a single journey is $1. Yes, you saw it, $1! And it takes 20 minutes or so from here into town by bus, so its not short hop stuff. Guess what, the buses are busy, I cant think why lol!

The video, yes, its the pinball machines that win out

One By One

I think its fair to say thats how my blog posting has gone lol. The crazy thing is, all those blogs, the next one after this, I hit the century! No, I wont expect the crowd to applaud at Headingley (or insert major cricket ground you know) for this ton when it arrives early next week (I strongly suspect), or indeed anyone else to do so in all honesty, but hey, thats quite a number, and one I never imagined reaching in all honesty when I started this last year.

Judging by the number of tags I’ve got, I’ve covered a wide range of subjects so far, and plan to continue to do so. Some might occur more often than others, my money being on cricket, and transgender issues being high on that potential list. There will certainly be something from Seattle in April, and more from New England in September. There will almost certainly be more frustration with a certain train company as well lol!

I’m on holiday next week, nothing wild planned, a few days out, one day of pampering, combined with an effort to get my knees, and back, into a healthier state, the latter being more of a challenge for Linda, I suspect! I hope the weather holds up, the forecast is reasonable, but we all know how reliable they are! Got 2 more shifts at work before then, but then a week of being able to sleep to a ‘reasonable’ hour, and a few days of de-stressing will be good for me. Got so much holiday left to take in the year (till end of March) that I’ve still got 4 more days after this, at the beginning of March!

I’ll try to come up with something special for the century posting, though in all honesty, at the moment I have no idea what. So, if anyone (James, or others free to comment) has any ideas on that front…?

Without wishing to sound like an Oscars winner, I would like to thank all those who read this for doing so, the stats do tell me I’m not just posting to myself (and James) which is nice to know!

The song, for once I fancy that none of my readers will know this song, given it was a B side, 40 years ago by the New Seekers. I might have a senior, British reader here, but not many I suspect? It was the runner up for UK Eurovision entry for that year in Edinburgh, a song called Beg, Steal Or Borrow beat it, and came 2nd overall. I hope you like…

Going back?

I suppose if you’ve lived in, or around one area all your life, then this probably wont mean much, but if you’ve lived in a few areas of the country as I have, then…

I lived in, or around Yeovil for nearly 17 years, arriving early in ’83, and leaving there late in ’99, working in one place in town, all that time. ironically, I work for the same company again now, though the shop has moved in the meanwhile, but not far! From there I moved to Newbury for a couple of years or so, before various events meant I had to move on again, which I’d rather not talk about, as they are of a personal nature.

I know Yeovil has changed a lot since then, had contact with a couple of people in that area, and they tell me I wouldnt recognise parts of it. Newbury, havent really got much idea, but I suspect its changed a bit too.

The silly thing is, I sort of have a strange hankering to visit these places again, but I’m just not sure its a wise thing to do after so long. Not only will the places have changed, the people will have done so too, and I’m unlikely to meet anyone I knew back then, and even if I did, they probably wouldnt recognise me for obvious reasons lol! I sort of initially discovered what was ‘wrong’ with me when I moved to Newbury, but was still trying to deny it, in public at least at that point. Yeovil only ever knew me as a guy in all honesty, though neither place ever saw the female me, its fair to say.

So, is it just a silly idea to want to go back after so long, or is it something I should do, if only so I can toss away a few ghosts of that time? As you might gather, I definitely have mixed thoughts over the idea.

Right, musings over, I suspect some are only waiting for the video option anyway lol! This is one from my teen years, the first group I ever saw in concert, in Chatham, though this lineup isnt the one I saw, there had been 2 changes by then. Always wanted to be Eve Graham, 30 years or so later, I found out why! Hope you enjoy, as always…

Good old fashioned music

The thing is, thats what I like! Have in fact heard very little recent stuff, hardly anything since the turn of the century, though I’ve caught up with The Killers version of Romeo And Juliet (Dire Straits song, for any young ones reading this), and liked it. But in all honesty, anything much after Angels by Robbie Williams really hasnt caught my radar lol!

The 60’s music was fun, though I got more into the flower power stuff, than I ever did the Beatles. You could also say I enjoyed all of Tony Burrow’s groups, some will get that little joke, well I hope they do. If not, wiki the name, and see just how many groups he sang lead vocals for! But my tastes have always been varied, back then it was anything from The Kinks to The Seekers!

I guess the 70’s was my main era though, as I approached, then hit teen years, just in time for glam rock! Men dressing up, and wearing make up, shocking stuff lol! I guess Bowie, and Starman was my first real glimpse of that, but the likes of Sweet, Slade, Mud and co, kept me happy as well. But I still loved my good old fashioned pop, New Seekers, Middle Of The Road and the Carpenters being 3 main loves of that. And then Abba came along…Gerry Rafferty (RIP) was another big love of mine.

80’s saw me move into the synth stuff, and new romantics, so the likes of OMD, Ultravox, Adam and the Ants and Spandau Ballet sort of entered my collection too. The 90’s saw signs of Brit Pop, and in theory I must have been one of few who liked both Blur, and Oasis at times. But then I got old, passed 40, and my record buying ground to a halt. Well technically music buying by then, but you get my drift lol! Well there was a Geri Halliwell record or two, but lets not say too much there! 😉

So yes, the video choice, I’m not sure if many will know the song, it wasnt even a hit 40 years ago, but I love it all the same. Its a live version, and yes, it shows. Its good, but not perfect! Its the original New Seekers line up, so another RIP here for Peter Doyle, taken from us far too young.

Oh, and someone on the news tells me its 1 year today to the Olympics in London, whatever they are? Kidding, kidding!