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How Short?

In truth, my hair currently is too long for my preferences. No, that doesnt mean its halfway down my back, or more, but its well below the bottom of my neck, which in my ‘vintage’ eyes, is way too long! What happened, you ask? Simple, I tried to grow it out for last September, and the wedding, because I thought I needed it a bit longer than the back of the top of the neck, or just below, which is my norm. It did get trimmed in November, in truth, but my hairdresser took off about the normal amount, so it was about my normal ‘just before cut’ length, rather than its normal level.

Lets just say I’m the low maintenance type, so keeping my hair in a respectable mane, at this length, not so good. Anyway, looking at the March calendar, it now seems that I have 2 20’s related events coming up in quick succession. And yes, what does that mean, in a hair sense? Yes, the bob!

No, I’m not thinking anything too drastic, a la Louise Brooks version, far too boyish in style, and lets face it, the last thing I want to look is boyish, lol! But a slightly less dramatic bob, why not? Sadly, with my hairline, I have no chance of getting anything even vaguely resembling the Brooks bangs, or the helmet fringe, only wish I could! But a longer bob, without the dramatic bangs, at least I’ll look the part, if not the age. Lets face it, those flappers were young, in their twenties at most, and one of those events is on my 60th Birthday! So fine, unless someone can make me look a whole lot younger, lol…? And yes, the dress will be the one in the last blog, not one that will be above my knees!

So yes, big question, just how short do I dare go, without the boyish looks issues, both length, and volume? And yes, I am staying blonde! Perfectly natural, oh I wish!

But yes, if I’m going to do this 20’s thing seriously, for 2 lovely events, I need a bob cut… just how much of a cut?

Fine, video time. Lets just say its someone asking the opposite question, and leave it there!

Well I wanted the bob look!

Yes, I had my hair highlighted and cut today, was a bit overdue to be honest, but with work, and things of late, its taken me until now to find the time to get it done. But yes, as Linda put it this afternoon, when I went to get my nails done, and my face, err, facialled, for want of a better word, its lighter now. But then again, that was always the plan.

The thing is, the 2 ladies working in the hairdressers were commenting about a client coming in later in the week, who had always had the same style, for, well, a long period, shall we say? And to be honest, until recently, I’d been much the same. Then just before the Christmas do last year, when I had it highlighted, I asked for what I termed a long bob. In the sense of bottom of the neck, but shaped accordingly. Looked good, gave me my ‘sort of’ desired bob look, without going too boyish in doing so. Yes, as you know, going too boyish would be an issue for me lol!

So anyway, I rose to the bait (or non bait), even if the comment hadnt been aimed at me, and asked her what style she thought I should have. “Back of the neck?” she asked, and I assumed she meant the normal zone, near the bottom, and said yes. Ah, she meant it literally, and now judging by this picture of Louise Brooks, its not much longer than hers!

I should imagine this is a 1930’s picture, going by the lack of the famous helmet fringe, but seems the normal length she chose. If anyone needs a pic of her more famous fringe, try this

My current look, well apart from the blonde highlights, see the first picture as a good guide. Actually, it prides me to say I’ve got slightly more fringe than that! 🙂 But no, nowhere near to that in the second picture lol. So yes, I’ve got the Louise Brooks bob! Just hope that it doesnt look too boyish is all I can say. At least I’ve got 2 assets that make me look less boyish lol!

Big challenge at work tomorrow, will anyone notice? Probably not, but…

Oh, the video, another classic character from that era

Hair colouring, a quick question.

Hopefully I can get a rare event around here, an answer, in the form of comment to one of my blogs. Just maybe?

Yes, its got to that time again, when the blonde tresses need a colour top up. Well alright, I’m probably going to end up leaving it until I’m off in a couple of weeks time before it actually gets done, though in all honesty, it really needs doing now, but anyway… pertinent question that I’d love to know the answer to.

The first time I went to get it coloured, the hairdresser suggested to me that I get it highlighted, rather than coloured. I said fine, lets face it, she knows far more about these things than I do, and certainly did then, so agreed. But is it, for someone who wants to be blonde all over, and not just in places? Or is highlighting just a clever way of achieving pretty much the same effect? There seems to be a small price difference between the two, so something must be different, just not quite sure what.

And which is the better look to go with?

The cut, not a doubt in my mind, I’m sticking with the bob look, though it wont be the really short one, sort of mid length, back/top of neck again. Under my circumstances, I really cant go with the very short Brooks type look, because lets face it, the one thing I dont want to do is look boyish! I know that nowadays the cleavage helps to deviate from that fact, but at the same time, if people actually look at my face, not my boobs…you get the drift. Even more so with those at work who knew me before transitioning especially. But I love the style, and even the fringe is admitting defeat, and starting to look good, even if not yet good enough for the helmet look, but its getting better. 🙂

One woman at work even asks if I’m trying to compete with her boob size wise, I have no chance of doing that, but given everything, I’m certainly not flat chested nowadays, thats for sure. Yes, some of it is cheating, but not all of it now, thats for sure lol! However, no, in case anyone was wondering, that valentine card never appeared, shock horror!

But yes, if someone knows the answer to the colouring question, who actually reads this, I’d love to know. Just that I was thinking that if it is more of a full cover look, should I get it coloured this time around, and not just highlights?

The video, well given the colour I’ve been talking about, who could be more apt than Blondie? Yes, its that song that revived her career, so many years after seemingly being over, she proved us wrong with this

Queen Of Hearts?

No, I dont really expect to be on Thursday night, but they do say miracles happen lol! At least hopefully ‘thoroughly modern Millie’ can look quite cute at least, and I hope thats not just my opinion. But it has to be said, if this flapper girl wins the fancy dress prize, then some have got plenty to worry about!

Yes, as you might have guessed from that, the hair was officially bobbed today, though its the long bob (back of the neck) look, not the much shorter one that those like Brooksie tended to wear. And yes, its still blonde, unlike her as well, but I’ve had a death threat (kidding, I trust) if I didnt keep it that colour, so…I do like it, so it might not only be doing it for fun (another song hint) for the dinner in that case. Now, how many will even notice tomorrow, hmm…?

Already packed, as much as I can at least, due to being on a late shift tomorrow, and obviously an early start on Thursday, as I have do a shift before the dinner. Wonder if anyone will ask to see the dress, given I will have the overnight bag with me, with it in. I could be wicked and show them the back up pink dress that I’m taking just in case, but given I’ve found one of those spandex body shaper things I bought in San Francisco a few years back, that should give me the extra squeeze to get into the gold dress, should I need it, hopefully not, especially as all the accessories fit in with the gold look.

Its funny, if you’d told me 10 years ago that I’d be going to a works dinner, in a posh dress, I would have laughed at you, and thought you crazy, but now…Hopefully it will be great fun, and nowadays not only have I got the look, I’ve got the confidence to do it as well, which has to be quite something. Heels too, though of the wedge kind, my knees dont permit anything more drastic, even if I wanted to! My only regret is that the person who was going to do my make up for me cant now do it, they arent going after all. And no, I dont think I put them off lol! I dont do it, so no way do I want to do it myself, so thye’ll have to put up with the natural me at least, poor them! 😛 Unless anyone reading this knows someone in the Leeds area, prepared to do it about 6.30 Thursday at my hotel, in which case, leave me a comment, and I can pass on the hotel details.

One thing I do promise, I’ll let you know how it goes, though it will probably be Sunday before I do so, given my shifts for the rest of the week. Saturday morning maybe, but Sunday far more likely, my next day off.

The video, how many are saying Dave Edmonds? In which case I’ve played the joker on you tonight, because it isnt. 😛 Either click on the link, or check the categories for who it is…