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Back to work!

Yes, this is the last day of my sanity break from work, its back to duty as from tomorrow morning. It has been lovely having a long break, 9 days in all (7 holiday, plus 2 days off for this week), but now I get 6 working days in a row, as ‘revenge’.

I’m going to take the vow of diplomatic silence as to the quality of calls I will be getting again as from tomorrow, but you can probably get my drift. No, I wont say more, I know some at work read this, and I have no idea who! But yes, most missions have been accomplished, presents are all sorted, story is written, and indeed sent off to my wonderful, and patient editor only a few minutes ago.

The dinner on Sunday was good, and with wonderful company. Yes, I braved the cold, and wore a dress. So popular that it was suggested I wore it to the theatre last night, so I did! Now that was cold when I came out, even with a coat on, and my back did briefly spasm, I assume related. Thankfully, it was just that one moment, been fine since, and hope it stays that way.

Given I’m in the UK, and not the US, my next big day is a week on Thursday, yes, the works Christmas Dinner really is that close now, eek! Thursday in the US, is Thanksgiving Day, but this year at least, its across the pond from me. After that, as far as I know, the next one after that is just under a month away, another date fast approaching. After that, who knows? I suspect middle of January, Nicole’s birthday. In fact, that week is my next week off, a mere 7 weeks away!

But for now, its back to work, answering calls from the shops, with queries and things.

So, this video just seemed rather apt, for what will be happening, just after 9.00 tomorrow morning

Flapper Girl

Yes, and the song title is in the title, just hope you’ve heard of this brilliant group. I must admit, I only discovered them by sheer fluke, when I typed those 2 little words into You Tube, and lo and behold, various options for this song cropped up, along with the usual historical stuff, including a few Brooksie ones, unsurprisingly.

Given that I know a few at work read this, maybe I shouldnt give the game away to them, but anyway…Yes, I found, and purchased a wig, classic bob look, with the fringe, and I plan to wear it to the Christmas Dinner at work, to finish off the look wonderfully. Hopefully I can get a picture or two taken, as last year, and if so, I promise to post some on here. Got a headband too, hopefully it works over a wig, pretty sure it will, as it seems a decent one.

So now I’ve got the dress, got the shoes, headband and wig. So all I have to get ready now, is me! Shouldnt be too hard to do, darlings! x

Well, unless someone wants to hypnotise me, and give me the 20’s mindset to match the outfit lol! Might be fun, but they might have to explain the internet to a 20’s babe first!

Well, theoretically the holiday is over, though I could have been working till 10 tonight (as I am next Sunday), but lets just assume…Though as I mentioned before, I’m off the next 2 days, as my days off for the week, and out to the theatre tomorrow night too. No, I’ll save the Flapper dress for another couple of weeks.

Tonight was out for a meal, being Eric’s birthday, and yes, despite the chill, I wore a dress, though a warm coat over the top. And hey, this dress is as long as trousers anyway, just not much protection up top, but the coat saw to that. Been told I should wear it again tomorrow night, so probably will, though again, I’ll need a coat over the top.

On other news, I’ve got some writing done this week, hoping to get a little bit more done the next 2 days, so I can hopefully earn a few more pennies (well, cents) on the ebook front sometime soon. And guess what, its set in the 20’s and involves a flapper girl. I know, I know…Anyone got a time travel machine, so I can find out what it was really like? 😉

Fine, the video. I always jokingly say that there is no decent, fresh music this century, and someone has to prove me wrong. As I say, I found the Lumineers by sheer luck, but I’m a fan. Judging by the awards they’ve got already, I’m not the only one.

50 seems a popular anniversary this weekend

Well, it seems that Dr Who isnt the only 50th anniversary of note this weekend, indeed in so many ways, this one was far more significant. Yes, 50 years ago, today in Dallas, John F Kennedy was assassinated. Given I was only 5 at the time, no, I dont really remember any of the events at the time, even if it was talked about back then. And yes, I’ve seen the fateful moment a few times since then, which just blurs memories of course.

Oh, and lets face it, this is a story that has more conspiracy theories than almost any other. Who killed him, was it really a lone gunman, was it CIA arranged, was it KGB arranged, I’m sure we will never really know the full story now.

It turned into one of those classic ‘Where were you when?’ moments in history, and of course, given when it happened, one of my duller ones. Given I was 5, and given that it took place at 6.30 pm UK time, its safe to say that I was at home, probably with my parents. Given my father was in the Navy at the time, I cannot guarantee he was there of course. But seeing it was in school term time, its fair to say I was in Kent, and home at that time of night.

As I’m not quite certain when we got our first TV, I’m not sure how I heard the news. One thing is for sure, that back then, you wouldnt have got instant film of the event, especially something across the Atlantic, as you would now.

But yes, on this date in 1963, the world was rocked.

No, no video tonight, beyond posting one of the event, I cant think of anything suitable. And given the number of those available at You Tube, I’ll let you take your pick.

The social calendar just gets busier!

Yes, about this time of year, even an old maid like myself can find her social calendar filling up. No, not hitting the town every night, heaven forbid, apart from that not being my style, I couldnt stand the pace at my age anyway!

Irony, the first thing that happened was actually an expected date disappearing from the diary, as the place we were planning to go out for dinner on Christmas Day has just raised their prices too high, and we decided not to book. A shame in a sense, last year I took it as a second chance to wear the Dinner dress, but I can fully understand why we arent bothering, and agree with the decision.

Still, there is always Eric’s birthday meal to look forward to (Sunday, in fact), and I suspect I will dress up for that. No, not the new dress, I really want to christen that at the work dinner, but I have a, err, few other options anyway. Oh, and of course that works dinner on December 5th.

But then the list starts to grow. Scrooge, with Tommy Steele, is currently on in Leeds, and as part of the birthday celebrations, we are off to the theatre next Monday. No show on a Sunday, thats why! Thankfully I’m off Monday and Tuesday next week, so no problem on my part. No, probably not a dress, nice top and skirt, I suspect, but dont quote me on that!

And now, there’s more!…Unofficially at this point. Though given who I’ve got the info from, I believe its true.

About 3 weeks ago or so, we had an email come round at work, with a contest for 5 pairs of tickets for the UK Snooker Final at York next month. Now those who know me well, know I never win anything. But, I knew the answer (alright, I googled it to make sure, but…), so I tried my luck. Given everything, and the fact that it finished at the weekend, and I hadnt heard a word, I assumed I hadnt won…again. But then, talking to ‘A’ at work tonight over Facebook, I joke about it, and he sends back a message to say I need to get the ‘glad rags’ ready, I’m a winner. Check work email box, as I hadnt looked since this morning, nothing. But it seems he’s seen it on the Managers monitor, and so…No, I’m not going to expect anything, until I hear officially, but hey, wow!

The offer actually includes travel and accommodation, presumably the latter on the Sunday night, as it will probably finish quite late. But, its only 30 miles from here, but lets see where we are staying first! 😉 I’m thrilled for Eric in all honesty, a bigger snooker fan than me (though I do like the sport), and a chance for him to go to a final, is just so lovely. How will I dress, no idea, have to think that over. But cant see me being too ‘radical’, given its on TV and all that. But something nice, oh absolutely.

Right, the video. Warning, the song is an absolute shocker, so anyone with delicate tastes should not listen! Shows how long ago this was, most of this bunch just commentate nowadays, and I have no idea what happened to Tony Meo!

Start of the holiday, and all that

Yes, that week has come, when I dont have to go to work, started today. I need the break to recharge the batteries, and hopefully I will. Not literally, well, unless you’re offering lol, but…a few days of sanity will be nice. I promise, not all the blogs this week will be as ‘quiet’ as this one.

Judging by the weather forecasts, I could have picked a better week, but as the choice is influenced by a birthday on Sunday, its not truly my call. Hopefully they will be proved wrong, or at least, not quite so bad around here, at least.

The week started in traditional fashion, the Christmas shopping trip to Manchester. Well, that’s Dave, and Eric sorted at least, and no, I’m not telling you what, as its possible that at least one of them might read this blog, so…Oh, and given that Eric has his birthday on Sunday, I got that present too, but a similar lack of details on that, for the same reason. Normally I would have got Nicole’s too, but due to a lack of guidance as to what I should be buying, it will be done later in the week…I hope!

Me, mixed results. Unlike last year, I wasnt heading to Manchester looking for a dress for the Christmas dinner at work, as you know, that was sorted out a couple of months ago. But there is still one item that I’d love to get for the big night, just so I can complete the Brooks, flapper look. Yes, the black bob wig, with that ‘helmet’ fringe, because even if I coloured my hair accordingly, I still couldnt do the fringe, without help! I know, I’m awkward. I have no desire to spend a fortune on a good quality, human hair wig, as I’m not convinced it will get worn more than the once. Maybe it will, maybe it wont, but…Equally, I want something decent enough that it wont look too awful at the Dinner. Ooh, lets see, just like the ones the ‘display models’ in BHS in Leeds are wearing, funnily enough! No, I havent plucked up the courage to go and ask if I can borrow one yet. I might have to, if I cant find anything suitable, but for now, I’m hoping to find my own.

Found a few places doing hair extensions in Manchester, but beyond a pretty cheap (and therefore I expect, not great quality one) wig, I found nothing there today. I do know of one place in Wakefield, that I will try later in the week, but in the meantime, any Leeds reader, who knows someone working at BHS, feel free to ask on my behalf, and get my eternal gratitude.

Oh, a couple of silly buys for me, from Primark. I’ve always been a sucker for leather, and leather look, even if perhaps I shouldn’t at my age! They must have known I was coming! There were a number of dresses reduced, with pleather sleeves. Some short, some long, some with short sleeves (barely anything), and some with much longer ones. All reduced to £5! Yes, I got one of the longer ones, with longer arms, in green, no way could I resist that! They also had bra/bustier things, in a black leather look, reduced to the same silly price. Yes, I got one of them too, though I have no idea when I might wear it? Ah well…

The video, well, its a band from Manchester, one of my favourite videos of all time. Yes, I know the song is about drugs, something I’ve never taken, nor am I likely to, as I really cant see the point. But the video, its truly something special, though I do wonder if it was dreamt up by someone influenced by drugs!

Diesel train, chugging down the track

Well, this is one of those occasions where the initial premise for the blog today isn’t going to happen! No prizes for what it was going to be, given its the 14th November, in other words, Louise Brooks’s birthday, of sorts. She would have been 107 today, but was never going to last that long given her lifestyle!

Anyway, enough of that, its not what you’re getting now, because I found this video! Its rare, to say the least, I’d certainly never discovered it before, and with Doris Day, thats saying something! Everyone remembers her as a film star, who could sing, but in fact, she started out as a dancer, who only turned to singing after a car crash. Then she became a film star, and so…who at 89 (officially), or at 91 (as some records suggest), she’s still going strong!

And yes, its fair to say that if I’d been a young girl, I would have wanted to be Doris Day. I think I did anyway, as a teen, so I should have taken the dysphoria hint back them, but never mind…

Next week, I will be taking a ‘Sentimental Journey’ again, one I’ve been taking from my youth, on the Settle & Carlisle railway. I’ve known it through good days (as it is now), bad days (2 trains a day, and only stations at Settle, Appleby and Carlisle open), and probably inbetween too. Though there are steam specials on the line a-plenty, I’ve never been on one…yet. No, next week, the journey will be by humble diesel train, yet again.

It is a spectacular journey, but then again, so are some of the Scottish ones. And I can bear witness that travelling by train, through the Rockies in winter, is quite something too, and I really must do it again sometime, though I have no idea when.

But thats for next week. Prior to then, I have the delights of battling Trans Pennine Express for the next 3 days, to and from work. Not terribly scenic, definitely nothing I could ever feel sentimental about, but it helps pay the wages! It would be wonderful to write as an occupation, but dont think thats ever going to happen.

Love Our Lurkers Day

it seems that there is annual tradition here on WordPress, that the 12th November is known as Love our lurkers day, and seemingly this is now the 8th time its happened.

One thing is certain, I have a good share of lurkers here, the stats show me that, even if the comments box has remained unused, or virtually unused for a very long time now. But since posting a link to the blogs on Facebook again, on posting days, its not unknown to get 20-30 views on here, and quite often getting close to, or just into double figures on non posting days. But no one ever says anything, not even hi!

I could understand it if I was posting anything controversial, or naughty, but unless supporting a trans person is controversial (and I guess to some it might be), then really it isnt. My ‘other’ blog, well, I might be naughtier there sometimes, but you wouldnt know about that! Well, one or two might, but otherwise…

What would be nice, especially in terms of transgender related issues, would be to know what people would like to hear my views on, or maybe ask me a few questions that I could do my best to answer. I’m off all next week (Monday – following Tuesday, in fact), so I should have time to do a quick Q&A session, or answer something in more depth, if a lurker wants to ask.

If you dont want to post a real name on here, then fine, make one up, post anonymously, or just email me at ,if you dont want the world to see.

But it would be nice, if just one or two lurkers would come out of the woodwork, and say hi, nothing more, if thats how you feel. Even Yankees fans are welcome, you know. 😉 Oh, alright, you pushed me, even Patriots fans too. Love you, Kate btw lol.

So be brave, I dont bite unless you want me to, just delurk, for one day of the year, and let me see who reads my pieces, and maybe watches the videos.

A suitable video, what you readers are from me, a secret

50 years of Dr Who

Back in 1963, the BBC came up with a new children’s programme called Dr Who, which was first shown on 23rd November that year. No, I cant remember if I actually watched that first episode or not, far too long ago for that. What I do know, is that at some point in William Hartnell’s reign as the Doctor, I watched several episodes. Since then, with every reincarnation of the Doctor, I’ve seen at least 1 episode. Of course, thats all Paul McGann ever made, but fortunately, I saw it. My recent working life has made keeping that record up more complex, but I managed to grab one episode with Christopher Ecclestone, and matched that number with Matt Smith. Now it seems, at some point I will have to keep the streak going with Peter Capaldi.

My personal favourites, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, and David Tennant, I guess.

My favourite baddies, unsurprisingly to many, it would have to be the Cybermen. Mind, they have changed their look over their time too, the best part of 50 years as well. There was a long gap between 1989, and 2005 when no episodes appeared, beyond that one special with McGann. But then it returned, and has been reincarnated ever since.

So, 2 weeks from yesterday, Dr Who will quite literally celebrate its 50th birthday. Wow! The trailer for said programme

gender identity equality?

Yesterday at work, I saw this item (or a similar one at NBC, which I cant find as quickly) about Obama again seeking to get the bill through the Senate which will make it illegal to discriminate against someone job wise, or job interview wise, due to their sexual preferences, or gender identity. Seriously, my main annoyance with this is that its taken so long to actually get to this point, and even now, may only pass by the barest majority permitted.

That article

To be honest, if passed, this may well work in terms of someone currently employed, but I still feel that in terms of interviews, the dice are still loaded, especially against trans people. And before anyone points out that I am trans, and have a job, well thats because I’m in a job that I started before I made things official! Whether they would take me on now, with the same skills, well, maybe they would, but I think it might be a more challenging issue somehow. Not that I currently have any plans to put it to the test (besides which, this legislation relates to the US, and I’m in the UK), but would be interesting to see any reaction if I did. There might be employers who would take me on regardless, but I bet there are a few, where if I was a natural woman, my chances of employment would be far greater!

Strictly, I have had one interview since then, for a promotion at work, but didnt get it. But no, I only applied for the job because it was ‘suggested’ to me that I should, as I didnt consider I was suitably qualified in the first place. So to me, it doesnt count as discrimination, just that there were better candidates for the jobs.

Would I get a job in the US at present, if I was legally allowed to do so? Given many over there think I’m a woman anyway, I’d like to think I’d get a fair crack on merit, but who knows? Instinct says yes though, and that if I didnt get it, it would only be because I wasnt good enough.

So, I wish this bill success, but just wish we didnt need it in the first place! So employers (reading this?), if the best person for the job is openly transgender, can you put your hand on your heart and honestly say they’d get the job? Interesting test, isnt it?

The video, classic 4 minute pop, which is what the situation might be, if there truly was no gender identity issues in the world

Horse racing matters

Well, now the baseball season is over, I’d better get back to other issues! Please, its very hard to talk about transgender issues, without knowing what people would like to know about, so feel free to give me ideas in the comments section, and I will see what I can do.

In the good old days, this week would have marked the end of the flat season, in horse racing. In terms of turf racing, it still is, but nowadays we have all year around all weather racing, so the cut off point has got totally lost in the process. To be fair, with summer jump racing too, its even harder to spot where that starts and ends, but anyway…

But in a sense, the working week starts tomorrow, and a great deal of the interest will not revolve around a race in this country, or indeed this hemisphere. Early Tuesday morning our time, we will have the race that supposedly stops Australia for the afternoon, the Melbourne Cup. But because of the time difference, all betting shop bets will need to be placed tomorrow. Beyond the year that Dermot Weld won the race with Vintage Crop, and indeed started the UK and Ireland invasion of the race, it hasnt really crossed my concious that much.

But I’m told that its a combination of Cheltenham Festival (though on the flat), and Royal Ascot rolled into 1 day! No, I doubt I will ever see it, far too far away for my elderly body to go visit. And yes, too early in the morning to worry about getting up and watching it!

So the video, well, its an Aussie, singing about ‘That Day’, seems rather apt.