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A golfing delight

When it comes to sports I enjoy watching, golf would be in the plus zone, if not as high as obvious ones as cricket. But what happens with golf, is that every so often, something very unique jumps out at you. This week, at Sawgrass, has just one of those holes, the 17th.

Some of you already know what I mean, but for the rest of you…this hole is only about 140 yards long, but…between the tee and the green, pretty much just water! Well there is a narrow strip of land (would be harsh if the golfers had to swim to the green lol!), but that is pretty irrelevant. You look out, you see water, and a tiny green.

I know, its a bit perverse watching the top golfers in the world making idiots of themselves occasionally, but hey, its fun!

The funny thing is, I can claim to have played Sawgrass many times, and indeed have a decent record at the 17th, but only in a cyber sense. Many years ago, when I had a lot more spare time than now, I used to buy the odd PC game, one of which was an early version of the Tiger Woods game, which yes, featured Sawgrass as one of its courses. To be honest, I’m no real gamer, and I did buy a later version, but didnt like it as much. Most like complexities and challenges from gaming, I just enjoyed having some fun. And nowadays, I havent bought any games in about 6 or 7 years. And the irony is, those early games wouldnt even run on modern computers, they would be far too basic for that!

But it has to be said, even on a computer game, standing on that tee was quite a challenge, especially if the ‘game’ decided that the wind was blowing ‘a bit’! But yes, a good shot was extra special when I did hit it. The one other hole I remeber fondly from that game was the very short par 4 at River Highlands, where on the game you were able to reach the green with a driver, and yes, in cyber golf terms at least, I hit an albatross/hole in one there, but it is the only way I ever would have done.

While talking of golf, here’s an irony for you. When Tiger Woods was nigh invincible, I always wanted someone to come through and beat him. Nowadays, he seems a lot more human, and here I am, on Friday evening (my time) hoping that he makes the cut this weekend! Crazy, or what? I know, he’s human, and certainly proved that of late, in more senses than one. But it didnt always feel that way, it has to be said lol!

Want to see what I mean about this hole? Check out the video then.