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An actress I (sort of) got to know

Firstly, let me say, if you’re looking for a really good tribute to Monica Lewis, who died earlier this week, at the grand old age of 93, this isnt it! If you want to know my personal moments with the lady, through social media, stick here!

Its fair to say that on Social Media, “people” arent always who they say they are. Hey, I have a Facebook account I’m proud of, in the name of Harlean Carpenter, but given the actual lady is dead, might be a clue. And lets face it, most modern stars who have these accounts, have ‘someone’ who posts everything for them. One of my favourites, OMD, its a well known fact that a good percentage of the postings are done by Andy McCluskey, but thats not the norm.

So its fair to say, that when Monica Lewis appeared on both Facebook and Twitter, given that she was in her nineties, I assumed it was someone doing tribute stuff for her. Wrong, I quickly discovered that this genuinely was Monica, and for many months I’ve enjoyed seeing her posts, seeing her comments, as well as all the vintage pictures of herself that she posted. Being honest, I think she was enjoying it all as much as the rest of us were!

However, earlier this week, the news broke that Monica had died in her sleep. Yes, she had been posting on Twitter the night before, and I wouldnt be surprised if she wasnt on Facebook too! There was a further posting on her Twitter account, from her family to confirm the sad news, and pretty much tell us what we already knew, we had been ‘chatting’ to Monica herself, all that time.

No, she wasnt a massive star, but as some would say, she had a decent career, over many years. I never even considered meeting her when I was in LA, but I suspect she may well have said yes, if I had!

Its probably as close as I will really ever get to a genuine actress, and I’m glad I knew her.

So it just needs to be said. Monica Lewis, rest in peace, and thanks for everything.

The video, yes, its her