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Hopefully its been a good day?

I guess for many, Christmas Day is nearly over by now? Then again, its only 11 in the morning in LA as I write this, so maybe not? For most in the UK it is, and given thats where I am, I’m beginning to feel that way myself. Yes, I’m very full at present, mainly because I waited until tonight to eat my main meal, sheer habit, I guess?

So what can I say, beyond I’m hoping you are enjoying/enjoyed the day. In terms of gifts received, I cant tell you much, because the other 3 here are away until tomorrow, and I said I’d wait until then before opening mine, when they get back. So at present, I know only of one, a lovely gift from a wonderful woman in the US, who I havent even met yet (hoping to do so in September), which only makes it more special. Fine, you want to see it? OK.

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

The rest, details in the next couple of days, I guess? No, the aliens didnt deliver that flying saucer I was hoping for, lol! Well, unless thats arriving tomorrow as well?

The day has been fairly quiet, beyond a couple of cats I’m minding demanding food at far too regular intervals, very loudly! Suits me fine, to be honest. I’ve done my usual silly Christmas Day thing, of wearing a dress I wouldnt wear any other day of the year, a pink flapper dress. No, its not that its pink, or flapper style as being the reasons I wouldnt wear it, but its well above the knees, and given my surgically treated (numerous times) knees, they’re not a pretty sight! I did try a couple of selfies, but they havent come out well, so you’ll just have to take my word on those!

The one delight I had, was finally getting to see that movie that so suits me, The Artist. Yes, by sheer chance, saw it on BBC2 this afternoon, and loved it, thought it covered the whole era very well.

OK, thats about it, go enjoy your day, or evening, or whatever…

To close with a video, hmm? To be honest, this choice was made for me, care of Bradford Interchange, and their Christmas Carol choice. Far too often, a very tinny version of this, which sounded like Depeche Mode had mixed it was playing, and no, it wasnt good. Hopefully, for nearly a year at least, I wont hear it again! This version is much sweeter!

Oh fine, any of those 3 dresses the singers are wearing, in my size, yes please!