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The modern trend in job interviews

Oh, fine, I wasnt going to write tonight, but then I found this song, and I had to put it up, while I remember where I found it, so… you get to discover my biggest hate in modern interviews.

When I first started doing job interviews, 40 years ago (yes, I really am that old), it was a straightforward battle between you, and the interviewer. They would ask various questions about you, you would ask various questions about the job, and hopefully, you gave the best basic answers, and appealed to their inner spirit, that you should be the one they gave the job to.

If only it was so easy nowadays! Nowadays it seems the one thing they really arent interested in, is you, as a person! All they want are examples of this, examples of that, and to learn nothing of the person themselves. Yes, I know, psychometrics, or whatever its called, are all the modern trend, and we folk, looking for jobs just have to live with it. But yes, as you might have gathered, I hate it! So I’m pretty sure that I’m not showing my best, because when they ask me these silly questions, my mind goes blank, I take a few minutes to come up with even a semi decent answer, and I’m sure I’m getting marked down because of it, aargh! And yes, as you can tell, its frustrating me.

So much so, I’m considering whether hypnotherapy might again be the answer, even if I’m not quite sure how that slips the answers into my head, but…I know what it did for confidence issues, and other things, so yes, I’m getting tempted to try that route again. Which is only kind of ironic, given that my beginners hypnotherapy course is now less than 3 weeks away, and the best way to do the full training course, isnt by having a permanent, full time job! But in an ideal world, I need a job, to pay for the course, so…

And no, much though it might be an interesting experience to go into an interview as a competent, confident, robot like machine, I dont really think its the way to go. Yes, I personally would love it, but I suspect the ’emotional show’ they like to go with the smooth answers wouldnt be provided by a “robot”! The other option would be to just let “Jean Harlow” loose, and hope she bubbles the interviewers into submission lol! Snag is, she still wouldnt have the immediate answers they love to hear!

Oh, and fine, I might not exactly object to being hypnotised again anyway! 😉 Put it this way, I’m thinking about it. All I can otherwise say, I wish we still had interviews like we did in the good old days!

Oh, right, that video. This song was originally a hit in 1976, this is a live version from 25 years later. I loved the single, bought the record, and tonight, I found this, so…