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May the fifth be with you

Fine, I’ve cheated with the title, and I can hear a ‘couple’ of people saying that this should have been posted yesterday accordingly, but tough. Unless anyone can give me a C3P0 upgrade, I have to post when the force is with me to do so. Yes, happily now?

In truth, some might be shocked to know the number of Star War films in the series I’ve seen? Yes, just three, the first three, in order of release, for those who have every film dutifully in actual chronological order, for which I wouldnt have a clue. So mentioning any of the characters who have been introduced to me, waste of time, not a clue!

Oh fine, I also dont deny it, if anyone offered me a chance to wear any of the outfits, see above for my first choice, C3P0. And Star Wars fans, thats nothing to do with him, its the fact that its a pretty good take off of Maria, the robot of Metropolis fame, its not even subtle in doing so.

Beyond that, just because they would be amazing to wear, I wouldnt say no to a Storm Trooper outfit (though it might ruin my shooting skills?), or even more so, the full Darth Vader outfit, oh please! Could think of a few Transphobic people who might have problems if I could do the ‘Death Grip’ thing, mind!

Other than that, if I was young, slim, and naturally female, I’d love to do the Princess Leia slave girl look. I know, I’m submissive, and it amuses me, but I would have a few issues with that look, without serious surgery, and a rejuvenation machine! Mind, if anyone is offering both for free? But fine, one of the ‘full cover’ looks is wiser, and easier at my age!

I guess that at some point in the future, long after I have left this world, the whole May the fourth thing will die away? I guess a generation or so after the last film is released, probably? But until then…

So, the video, the combination of 2 classics. The Star Wars take on the Queen classic, that probably changed music back in the 1970’s. Quite a decade, dont you agree?