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Putting it into words

Nearly a fortnight ago, a dear friend sent me an email about a website that wants 30 second pieces, to celebrate the Transgender Community to put up on their website next month. What a great idea I thought, should be easy to put something into words for that, and its a worthy, and special cause. That website

Yes, I gave it a try. Did I get anything close to 30 seconds worth? No! I cant even vaguely get close to that brief a piece, for love, or money, and I could definitely do with either, or both of those at the moment. Oh, the exact words

#30SOL + Pride 2016
Reflections from the Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Community

The month of June at Thirty Seconds or Less will feature transgender and gender nonconforming people offering words of hope, reflections on faith and their gender identity, proclaiming their truth to the world, and more.

To contribute to the series sign up in an open space below and then write 75-100 words, record yourself reading it aloud (a voice memo on your phone usually works just fine), and send the recording and transcript to by Friday, May 27. (You can also record audio online at

•What is a word of hope you want to share with other transgender or gender nonconforming people?

•Are you a person of faith? If so, how do your faith and gender identity impact one another? Where do you find hope and encouragement from your faith tradition?

•What is something you want to say to our world today?

Please share this with anyone that you think who should contribute to this series. And if you have any thoughts or questions, contact or @ThirtySOL.

I know, I know, I write stories, so I should be able to write my own piece. In truth, I can, but unlike my stories, I cant keep it short. And yes, I’m happy to do the voice bit, not an issue. I did one recently, a robot piece, though given I never heard back about it, I have no idea if the project just never took off, or whatever?

Yes, I know, it should be my own words, but I’m not good at short, and snappy. Believe me, I’ve tried. So, if anyone feels they can put the right sentiments into about 75 words, for me to read, I’d be grateful.

What am I looking for? Something that says I want to be there for other people in the same situation as me. Something that says that not all the world is against us, maybe? You get my drift, something lifting, anyway.

I’ll be honest, it would be nice to do something positive at present, given my current situation. Yes, its fair to say I’m very down, with the whole job thing at present, and not in a good way too. So doing something like this, might just help me to feel better again, who knows? Well, it might, if I could get the words down to about 75!

Right, video time. The perfect question for someone living the transgender life, with doubts, I guess?

The sound of my voice

I meant to post about this in the previous blog, but I forgot…Yes, I’m blonde! So you can have the full length story, covered across from my other blog

Oh goody, you’re in for a video treat tonight. Lets leave it at that, for the length of the blog, at least.

At the beginning of this week, on Fembot Central, someone wanted a woman to do a vocal piece, a half of a conversation between a man, and a fembot. So yes, I said that if no one younger offered to do it, I’d do it for him. I have done these things in the dim, distant past, long before you could record it on to a program, on a laptop, for sure.

And yes, seemingly, its a bit like riding a bike, I soon got the hang of it again, just like reading a script. Fine, its a bit weird, doing your line, waiting a few seconds, and then recording your next line, to give him space to edit his lines into the middle of it. I’ve read scripts before like that, but all players have been there, so its easier to judge the pace. When you’re recording by yourself, hmm?

The other snag I discovered, when it came to do my lines, was exactly how robotic I was meant to be, I forgot to ask. Yes, I know, I was pretty sure he didnt want the monotone robot style, given she was a fembot, created to look like a human. So I played it in a clipped, human way, apart from where she was having difficulties with a malfunction in her system.

Actually, for someone like me, not an expert in technology, I had more fun getting it together, and sending it back to him! I mean, I’m the one who wants to be controlled by computers, not controlling them! Yes, the .wav things (I did one where I used the letter b, one where I used beta, as I wasnt sure which he wanted) I saved them as, was very large, and wasnt going to willingly be sent by email, not even separately. Eventually, the technical blunder girl saved it to her One Drive thing on Hotmail, and sent him the link! Yes, I mean, if we needed it recorded, we were all in one place, and put it on to a tape recorder, or cassette recorder!

Yes, fine, I loved the experience, it was great fun doing something like that again, after so many years. No, I dont think the tape will be going to Hollywood studios, even if it was fun. I’ll see how much he liked my voice, if I passed, I might be doing more. Yes, I’d love a contract, with decent money, for doing these things, but realistically…nope!

So, to that video. In honesty, Ultravox created some great videos. Vienna is the obvious well known one, but the barely known Passing Strangers is one I love, for the whole vintage feel. This one is just plain powerful, and far superior to the other one they made, for this song