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No longer officially working

Yes, I know, I actually packed up work on the 29th March, but technically, until now (or in some eyes at least, Sunday) I have been paid by William Hill as part of my package, they gave me my notice period from when I finished work. But now… no more!

So today, I went to the Job Centre, and signed on, so that I can receive Job Seekers Allowance, as its called nowadays. Sounds better than dole money, I must say! Hopefully it wont be for long, anyway.

Still, because of all my experience in the call centre field, I get a sort of period of grace, where I only have to seek jobs relevant to my experience, 13 weeks in fact. So I’ve pretty much got until the end of July when I only need to seek call centre, or customer services jobs, and the people there will be satisfied with me. After that, I have to start accepting other options as well, but hopefully it wont come to that. No, I dont think I’ll be doing ‘escort work’ at my age, anyway lol. Too old to start the photographic model career, probably?

Being honest, I quite fancy doing something different, but at my age, with 12 years of back to back call centre work, its easier said than done! There are a couple of possible alternative options, which would be great, and we will see what happens. But if you wanted me to bet on it, at present, put your money on call centre!

The video, well, its the one everyone connects with unemployment, shall we say?

Just to say, there will be an extra bonus blog tomorrow, from a, err, guest writer. You’ll see, tomorrow. 😉

PPS This is the 500th blog, who would have ever believed it?

The day they pulled the big top down

Well, apart from a few fans of 70’s music, that might keep people thinking for a while about the video tonight.

Yes, this is the last blog for a while (hopefully a short while) that I will write as a working lady. Thats right, 3 more shifts at William Hill, and they wont think its all over, it will be! Its going to be funny at 6.30 on Sunday, when I clear the desk for the last time, but I’ll live. It will be strange though, all the same, knowing I wont be going back again.

Its been nearly 6 years, unfortunately not near enough (about 2 months short) to get another year’s worth of payments, but such is life. There will be a good number of people I will miss, a few I definitely wont miss, and some in between.

As things stand, I plan to start job hunting next week, which hopefully will give me a nice split (with luck) to be able to start work soon after I get back from Hollywood. But at my age, whether it will be quite that easy, we shall see. The 5 weeks notice pay means that technically I’m employed until the 3rd May, so wont count for unemployment numbers until then. beyond that, I’m on a beginners hypnotherapy course on 23rd/24th May, which might lead to an interesting change in working life. Hopefully, a new job, and do the course too!

I would have hunted earlier, but for 1 thing, the fact that I’m away for most of the second half of April, in Hollywood. No, even if it would be wonderful to do so, I dont expect to find a job out there! But I guess you never know, funnier things happen, but…rolls eyes, this is me you’re talking about!

Oh, and be thrilled, or be warned, I plan to do more writing, as gainful employment in the interim.

But back to points mentioned, that last farewell. Unsurprisingly at my age, I’ve done a few, never cried yet. Hopefully this one will be the same. Which leads me to the video…

Same surname as my author persona, what more could you ask?

In theory we get equal rights, but…

Supposedly in this country, transgendered people are pretty much meant to have the same rights as those who are born into the correct physical body, and in some areas it does work out that way, but in others, especially for mtf transgender people, reality is a whole different matter.

Alright, I’m better off than I woukld be in some countries, I can have a passport that says Ms, and indeed my NI (National Insurance) certificate says the same thing, but in boith cases, until I’m post op, the paperwork still says male! Doctors, bank and work all show me as female, though at work I’m still ‘expected’ to use the male toilets for now, which gets me some funny looks at times, but anyway…Using public toilets is entertaining now, and something I try to avoid wherever possible, but cant always be done. And yes, by tending to dress ‘cross gender’, I can avoid miost hassle on the streets, though the painted nails are a bit of a giveaway, but most dont seem to notice, or at least care. Trousers and a top are fine, suspect I might attract more wrong attention if I wore a dress though lol!

And thats what I feel is wrong, a woman can power dress, as they term it, and no one blinks an eyelid. She can even wear her hair short, and beyond maybe being thought to be butch, not a word is said. But if a man goes beyond mild cross gender dressing, it becomes simply a source of amusement, and possibly danger for that person, and in a perfect world, that shouldnt be the case. I have no desire, or need to wear high heels in public, and beyond a few occasions, no great desire to wear a dress either, but if no one would blink if I did so, there might be occasions when, but…still be nice to wear a scoop neck top out all the same. Beyond the toilet issue, work is very good on matters in all honesty, and I suspect that if I was the pushy type, that might even get changed, but despite this posting, I’m not really that way inclined

The two areas that really annoy me, even if I’m not actually job hunting at this moment though, are health and employment. I have no idea how good Leeds NHS is over general matters, but it has to be said, and quite rightly, that their section dealing with transgender issues has an awful reputation, and sadly quite justly. I’ve pretty much given up bashing my head against the brick wall they’ve put up, and settled for living a woman as best I can, without their help, or is that their hindrance?

Oh, and if I was going job hunting…! In theory, and in rights, I would be entitled to equal opportunities in getting any job I applied for, if I was good enough. But how many employers are going to give that, in good times,  let alone now, in all honesty? I suspect 20% would be a vastly optimistic figure somehow. Fine, Ms N will get interviews (even at my age), but when I actually turn up…, jobs might be another matter lol! I assume there are actually transgender friendly employers out there, but not many I suspect when push comes to shove!

Alright, transgender rights rant over, I’ll try and come up with something lighter, and a pop video next time, I promise. To my readers, have a lovely weekend, whats left of it, and I’ll speak to you again soon