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Equality for all?

As I said on Tuesday’s blog, I heard something I knew I wanted to comment about, and this is it. Back in 2004, the government of the time, in their ‘wisdom’ decided to allow people of the same sex to be joined together in Civil Union, rather than taking the braver step of permitting single sex marriages. Lo and behold, 10 years later, single sex marriage comes along in the UK, but the Civil Union step isnt stopped, even if it was pretty much designed to allow single sex marriage, without shouting it too loudly, as the churches were up in arms about the whole thing.

Oh, what amused me this week? Well, seemingly a straight couple (for want of a better term, I personally hate using it) wanted to have a Civil Union agreement, rather than a formal wedding, and the courts said no! To me, nowadays, especially with single sex marriages being legal, I cant see why they cant do it! Why? Because of course no one ever considered changing the rules after 2014! Oops!

Me, I have no idea what their reasoning is, or anything else relating to it, but hey, it should be equality for all, and if a hetro couple want a civil union service, they should be allowed to do it!

Right, a word of warning for all those who think they know my blogging timetable, I’m going to mess you up for the next couple of weeks. Yes, next 2 weeks, blogs will both be at the weekends, due to happenings at work, I’m working both Tuesday’s. Next week is a day and a half course about dealing with challenging calls, which should be interesting, though I think after all these years (and the last couple of days), I can cope with most things, but anyway… This Tuesday, I will be at work, and during the day, taking part in a Diversity teleconference at work, about yes, transgender issues! I can currently only speak for the office I work in, but I see no issues! But yes, if I can help somebody, as I pass along, then great!

Fine, video time. Given I’ve done most of the good wedding songs, I was looking for something else, and thought of this. Frightening thought for me, this song is nearly 40 years old!

The leather look

Yes, that skirt I paid a ‘fortune’ for on Monday, genuine leather! Cannot believe I only paid £4.50 for a long leather skirt, just proves how wonderful charity shops can be at times. And equally yes, I wore it tonight, playing the role of the leather babe perfectly! Seriously, I knew leather wasnt a light clothing option, but I had forgotten just how heavy it is to wear. Lovely feel though, all the same! 😉 Also wore the gold shoes, surprised just how easy it was walking in heels, especially given all the snow and stuff about at present. Outfit completed by a gorgeous gold top I picked up in a charity shop in Dewsbury yesterday, certainly all combined to make me feel good, thats for sure. I might well have worn a dress again, had the weather been better, but never mind, there’s always the next time!

Yes, it was a lovely meal, expected nothing else really, we’ve found a good place to go, so why break the formula? It wasnt busy, certainly not for a Friday night, but that might have been something to do with the weather lol! Good company too, what more could I ask? Oh, alright, decent weather when I’m off work, but ah well…what do I expect in January lol?

Nicole (also transitioning, her birthday) asked me if I would consider going to Leeds NHS again, make things formal as such, and I pretty much said no. I looked at myself, looked at her, and as I said, beyond the removal of one thing, what could they do for me? Yes, I might get hormones, but my body seems to be doing a pretty good job of that on its own. I might also eventually get rid of one thing that annoys me, but beyond that…But if their previous pedanticness is anything to go by, all this time I’ve already lived as a woman wouldnt count with them, crazy or what?

As I jokingly said, if I could go in on my terms, in other words, let them do the blood tests (I’d actually love to know my hormone levels, estrogen especially) if they so desire, but then just put me on hormones, arrange for my doctor to do any medical checks I might need, and then leave it at that. See you in 2 years, for the big op, and not before! But lets face it, they arent going to do that, and I cant be bothered to fight my way past them, when I’m already me, Ms Nicholls already. So no, unless they want to deal with me that way, I wont be bothering, and I certainly dont expect to hear otherwise from them either, mainly because I wont tell them.

Probably one more post before I’m back to work on Monday, but beyond a weather report, I’m not quite sure what it will be about at present, but I’ll come up with something, I’m sure. No, I dont expect to be wearing a skirt, and heels to work on Monday, but I’m sure I will when the weather improves! Would make a great posting, but I’m not freezing to death for the sake of my readers lol!

Right, the video, a more famous leather wearing lady than me!