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Can I have my hour back?

Yes, I know, American friends, you think we’re one week early, and we think you’re one week late! Still, its closer than when the clocks go forward in March, when its generally a 2 week discrepancy, but anyway…it led to an interesting happening for me last year, I lost my extra hour of sleep!

Last year, when Europe put the clocks back, I was still in the US, so didnt get my hour of sleep that way. Unfortunately, by the time the US got around to changing their clocks, and getting their extra hour of sleep, I was back in the UK! I know, I probably got it on a technicality, while flying back across the Atlantic, but of course you dont really get it when its like that, as sleeping on a plane, well…rolls eyes! Premium economy might be nicer, but its not that much nicer!

But yes, tonight, for the first time in 2 years (as far as I’m concerned at least), I get that extra hour of sleep, and yes, I need it! Fine, I dont know how much benefit you genuinely get by it, or lose in March, when the clocks change, I suspect most of it is psychological, in truth?

Mind, my sleeping habits are going to change anyway, given that 4 days out of my working week at least, I’ll be getting up later, anyway. Saturday, sadly no change, or even worse if I want as long on the computer before I leave for work, but pretty sure I’m going to pass on that!

Equally, after pay day on Monday, combined with a day off midweek, I can attempt to get my life back into some shape. Yes, my hair is already booked in to be coloured, and cut on Tuesday, I really cant wait. I can also start to plan to get some waxing done too. Yes, I know, its going to hurt, but it needs to be done! I know, but its nice to have the money to get it done, believe me!

Monday might be interesting in more ways, in that I’ve got a call coming, and a possible appointment with an Occupational Health person, about my back, and other issues. Yes, where do you start, and stop with my joint issues lol? Hopefully one of the options will be a young, pretty, very feminine cybernetic replacement body, but I doubt that! Most likely, a special chair, and maybe a hand rest for using with the keyboard on the computer, and no more. But I can hope, cant I? 😉

Right, back to the video. A fairly obvious song for the occasion, even if I will be asleep when it happens. Not the original, a live version from earlier this year, in fact. A Housemartins/Beautiful South combo!

The last drops of the summer wine

I know, for most people, summer finished a little while ago, though at the moment its so mild here, its hard to believe its the middle of October. But for all that, next Sunday morning (in the UK at least, before my American readers say something) the clocks go back an hour, marking the end of British Summer time for the year. The US, I believe its one week later? At least I get a guaranteed extra hour of sleep lol!

It doesnt seem that long ago, when I got up at 5.45, it was light. Hey, for a while, it was light when I had to get up at 4.45, for an 8.00 start, but anyway, at present, its now dark for both. Whether it will be at 5.45 next week, no idea, but even if it is, it wont last long.

Yes, going to work, and coming home again, both in the dark, on a standard shift, will seem weird for a while!

And yes, on weekends like this one, I suspect the summer of my life may be beginning to drain away too. Maybe not, but unfortunately, when I got up yesterday, my back felt like it had been hit by a slab of concrete, or is that had been turned into a slab of concrete? Anyway, being daft, and all that, I still went to work. Not a good move in all honesty, as every time I bent down, or tried to move, I knew it!

Thankfully, a Tramadol last night, and a decent nights sleep, and it was slightly less painful today. Hopefully tomorrow, it will be even better. But lets face it, I’m in my mid fifties, my body is unlikely to get very much more supple now! Well, not unless rejuvenation booths move on from fiction, to fact!

If the body behaves, and the weather holds, I intend to go out tomorrow, the last trip out of summer, for sure. If nothing else, I’ll probably get the US Dollars for 5 weeks time, the credit card has already been topped up!

Oh, and a friend tells me, they’ve already had snow in Vermont! Winter is on its way, eek!

The video, well its about the end of summer. You may not know the name, but if you ever watch Eastenders (I wouldnt if you paid me!), he wrote the theme music.

In The Summertime

Depending on your opinion of things, something has either gone right, or wrong this summer so far, the weather is gorgeous. So much so, I cant remember the last time I shut my bedroom window at night. Yes, I know, tempting fate and all that, but lets chance it. Fine, so July and August over here, should be hot and sunny, but how often of late it hasnt been, is a moot point.

Hey, not only am I wearing a skirt to work now, better ventilation and all that, I’m wearing a thin summer skirt, albeit one down close to my ankles, but thats due to the state of my knees, more than anything else. No, I dont plan on pushing my luck with summer dresses for work, though I went out in one today, albeit most of the time in a car, but at present, I really dont need more. Mind, I do wonder if anyone at work would blink if I did wear a dress to work, but not likely to find out! Well, maybe something less flimsy on Boxing Day, when its a taxi both ways, but they should have forgotten I said that by then lol!

But…it reached 85 here today, and is still 79, even after 8.00 (data care of Weather channel website), but compared to Kansas City, its not that hot, its currently 98 there, mid afternoon! Yes, I know, by September it should have calmed down a bit, but even so…Maybe the brave folk of Missouri and Kansas will have to put up with the sight of my knees, in a shorter skirt! Summer dress, we will see…Lets just say that Albany, in November will need something warmer!

Only snag is, getting to enjoy it. Yesterday I did 10.5 hours at work, tomorrow its 11.75! Yes, some of it is self inflicted overtime, but even so…Mind, I wont be complaining in a few months time about it, will I? 😉 Funny, normally I’m not one for overtime, but this is the last week where the extra pay will go into the August pay packet, to help with holiday costs, so…

Oh fine, you’ve guessed the video? Some shocking sideburns here, I guess things were different in 1970?

Just a week to go

No, nothing sensational, just the end of British summer time, thats all. Though in all honesty, summer has been over for a while now, its just that date declared by the ‘powers that be’ that this is the end of summer time, and we return to what is our natural time zone. The irony is, we spend less time in that, than we do in the artificial one created by bureaucrats, in the deep distances of the past. Ironically, a century ago, the idea had not even been contemplated, it only happening for the first time during WW 1. Hopefully it went better than the tragedy that was that war zone.

Then in the late 60’s it became a permanent thing, though the dates, and number of time zones moved have varied over the years, nowadays its 7 months of the year, far longer than a British summer will ever be! Its funny, I always begrudge the hour of sleep I lose in March, but dont seem to get the same benefit of the extra hour in October, for whatever reason. One thing is for sure, after next Sunday, I will be coming home in the dark pretty much every night for a very long time. Ah well…

The summer has been pretty good, my 2 traditional trips to the US, both to cities beginning with R, Rochester, and Richmond. Both were great trips, but alright, I’m already looking forward to next year, and getting to Kansas at some point. Other trip will be to Albany, for those who care about such things. First trip will be late, not until May, because of the late Easter, and things.

Beyond that, there was a trip to Belfast, for cricket, something I might have more difficulty repeating next year, due to some little football tournament called the World Cup! Seems England have qualified, by the way (tongue in cheek)? That will make travel complex, given I doubt we will be allowed to have holiday during that time.

Oh, and lots and lots of work…rolls eyes! Still, 4 weeks from now, a weeks break, and I’m already ready for it! Shortly after that, the office dinner, and the flapper look will rise again lol! But thats all in the future, so…

In tribute to what is about to pass, a classic song

In the summertime

Yes, well for a few days at least, it seems that finally summer has arrived here in Yorkshire. And arrived in style, it has to be said. Hottest day of the summer, I think it reached 80 here today, but dont quote me on that. All I can say is, it felt like it did. So of course today was the day that I had to end up walking miles lol!

Had an appointment at the beauty therapist this afternoon, getting the fingernails gelled up, a facial, and I now have less eyebrows than before too. So why all the walking? Well, at 1.30 there should be a bus to Wakefield, which runs close to where I go for treatment. Please note, I said should. Yes, you guessed it, still stood there at 1.40, and bus nowhere in sight. So, I got a bus most of the way, then walked from there. Unfortunately, from ‘there’, to the therapy place is pretty much an uphill walk. Not Alpe D’Huez, or anything like that, but for a middle aged, non sporting type, well its definitely uphill lol! And of course, I was running short on time by then too, for 2.00 appointment. Yes, I made it, and bus did eventually pass me at pretty much the last moment, but must have been 25 minutes late.

Anyway, treatment over, I head back to get a bus back down towards home. Oh dear! Apparently the road was closed further on, no bus was going to appear anytime soon! So I had the delight of a near 2 mile walk home, in blazing hot temperatures, wonderful. And yes, I was hot by the time I got back, and hopefully my arms will turn out tanned, not burnt, but knowing my luck… But alright, being out in just a t-shirt and trousers this summer was quite something.

Given the forecast for tomorrow, I’m hoping to get out again, hopefully the trains will be more reliable than the buses today, but wont hold my breath on that! Not certain where, just get out in the sun for a few hours somewhere, thats all.

Lastly, for all the cricket fans here, I saw the most amazing game tonight on Sky, Sussex v Gloucestershire. 40 overs, over 420 runs, and a 37 ball century from Scott Styris. Not many sides score over 190 in 20 overs and lose, but Gloucestershire did!

The music, an absolute oldie, and the least said about the sideburns, the better! But it just seems suitable, for a few days at least

An extra hour

Yes, tonight is the night that the clocks go back, signifying the end of summertime, though weather wise I think it might already have been over! Hopefully given my comments of late about lack of sleep, and lousy shift splits, I intend to sleep through my extra hour tonight, I think I need it!

As seems to happen every time of late that we do so, there seems to be all sort of talk about moving our time zone forward one hour, a move I see as the most stupid thing possible. Maybe someone should tell our idiots in government that we are in this time zone for a good reason, it fits in with our longitude, but thats clearly far too sensible for some! They actually tried it back in the 60’s, it didnt work, or last then, and I dont think it would work now. But anyway…

In the ‘old days’ it used to be the case that people rarely left their home area in their whole lives, and I’m feeling a slight deja vu over that. Since the clocks went forward, I’ve left West Yorkshire…4 times! Alright, 2 of those were transatlantic, 1 was Belfast, and the other was all the way to Manchester! A whole 35 minutes by train lol! And given its Trans Pennine Express, that was not a high speed one!

But those 3 longer trips were all good ones, visited 3 wonderful cities, only one new one, but hadnt been to the other 2 (Belfast city centre, that is) for a very long time. Got to meet some really nice people, again some for the first time, but others I’d seen on my previous trip to Belfast (yes, then I went to Stormont ground, but not into town) as well.

Maybe I’m methodical, maybe I’m just too practical, but the 2 big holidays for next year are already settled on, the April one will be booked in the next few days too. The September one will only be a delayed booking because I need to wait for next seasons NFL schedule to sort it out. Is it terrible that I’m already thinking about April 2013 lol?

The video seems apt for tonight, one of this artists lesser songs sales wise, but I do like it. Hopefully, so will you.