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Life is funny at times

No, nothing to do with having a string of beaus offering to take me to the cinema, that wouldnt be funny, it would be downright amazing lol! No, not even one, beyond one very long distance caller as yet lol! Maybe I do need to wear a flapper dress, heels, and try and bob my hair after all lol to attract the guys. No, I doubt that would bring any more offers lol.

Oh, and related to that, yes, I’m blonde. I looked up the road that the Grand Theatre is in, and knew where it was. Thats handy, I thought, I’ll go to the box office and get my ticket for the film, as its easier for me to pay cash that way. Snag, I didnt realise that Briggate went both ways across Headrow, thought it only went down into town. So yes, you’ve guessed what happened, I never found the theatre. Checked Google Maps when I got home, and discovered that Briggate is a longer road than I thought lol! Aiming to get ticket on Wednesday now, next viable day to do so work wise, so guiys, you have your chance to charm before then at least. Holds breath, maybe not? ūüėČ

But seriously, thats not the funniest thing thats happened recently. My CV is still up at a couple of on;line agencies, simply never got taken down after the last job search a few years ago. Yes, I did change the name on it when I changed mine, and became a Ms, but that was about it. Anyway, while away in the US, I get an email from an agency enquiring if I was still job searching. Well, I would hardly call the search active, but at the same time, I’ll listen to offers, so…I told them to call me when I got back over here, as I didnt think they’d pay for a phone call to the US somehow.

Interesting thing was, because it was in the finance industry, they asked my gender. Given there was an option to prefer not to say, I took it. Mind, as I had earlier filled in that I was a Ms, they would probably assume female anyway. So why not say so, simple, because the Passport people, and the Tax Office wont give me female status until I’ve had all the surgery. So to them, I’m a Ms, but still a male. Ah well… But what they also wanted to know was any previous names, so…Yes, I told them, and told them the name change was due to transition to womanhood. Now, given attitudes, especially I assumed in that sort of industry, I thought that would be it. Wrong, seems that is fine with them. I do wonder if they will bring the matter up at the phone interview thing on Tuesday though, lets see? Or, if after that, it still goes any further.

But yes, hard to believe, telling them I used to be a Mr, but am now a Ms wasnt the most entertaining bit. One question I’ve never seen before on the form, sexual orientation! Seriously, is it legal to ask that on a job application form? I answered assexual, bet they dont get too many of those lol! Had to add it as an option unsurprisingly. Maybe they have a matchmaking section or something?

Lets say the job is a consideration, and no more, but equally it will be interesting to see just how potential employers react to an openly transgendered woman (pre-op) for future reference, in case the need arises.

Oh, last comment on holiday, I have never been called a lady so many times as I was in my time in the US. And people wonder why I want to move over there, its because all think I’m a woman lol. Well maybe not all, but a very high percentage all the same, its lovely. Got called Blossom, in a flattering way by the guy at Dublin Immigration coming back, no doubt there either. Does seem far less nowadays over here to be fair, but anyway…

So OK, after all those musings, lets get to the bit you come here for, the video. Fooled you, no clue in the title, but definitely in the blog. Just love Annie Lennox’s look in this

Thursday Night At The Movies

Well, I knew there was a very good reason why I’m in the Louise Brooks Society, and this must count as one of them, because I probably wouldnt have known this without them. On November 1st, guess what’s showing in Leeds? Pandora’s Box, thats all! ūüôā Opera North, thank you so much.

Yes, technically I can watch it anyway, its available on You Tube, but…seriously, there’s a huge difference between watching a film on a laptop, and watching it on the big screen, with live music. Alright, there’s part of me that thinks it would be more fun if Andy McCluskey had written the score, and was performing it with OMD, but anyway…

Now all I have to do is get a suitable shift for that day at work, and preferably the Friday off, because its going to be a late night getting home, even possibly needing a taxi back home from town, but we will see on that at the time. For those in other parts of the country, its also being shown in London, Warwick and Manchester if that is better for you? Details

So, anyone out there want to take Lulu to the show? Well, I’ve got Lou as a middle name, and if I’d been more rebellious when transitioning, it would have been Louise, so… No,no takers, I’m pretty sure, lets face it, I’m not as young, or as pretty as Brooksie, so hardly belle of the ball/woman of your dreams¬†material lol! Seriously, I’m happy to buy my own ticket etc, just thought it might be fun? No, dont worry, I wont wear a stunning (or even plain),¬†flapper style dress unless you’re buying lol, and I certainly cant do the helmet bob look¬†without a wig lol, there are some limits to what I can¬†achieve with my hair, and budget¬†lol! I bet some of the cinema goers do though. Sorry guys, high heels, you have no chance. By the way, girls who want a¬†female partner, feel fine to offer to come with me too.

Ah, the music. I bet you’re expecting OMD, and Pandoras Box, or Abba, and Take A Chance On Me? Wrong on both counts, though both were considered, it has to be said. Actually if you change the day, the clue is in the title. I’m guessing this performance¬†is from a 70’s TV series, when their fame was revived,¬†but dont quote me on that.

I will wear a dress, instead of top and trousers/skirt if a ‘partner’ wants me to, but expect to escort me all the way there if you do, I am transgendered, and there are idiots about, especially at night, so…sense prevails. A helmet bob wig, you bet I would, darlings!

Any brave beaus about in the Yorkshire area? ūüėČ

Looking for a New England, Part 3, Foxboro

I know, technically this section doesnt finish until tomorrow, but not much is going to happen then, and I’m certainly not trying to type this up at Boston Airport!

Yesterday was a leisurely start, mainly due to fog in the Albany/Berkshires area, and besides, we didnt have as long a trip as going up anyway. In fact, getting here to Foxboro was so straightforward, I’m not going to say more about it. But having got here, thats when “the fun” started. Sat-nav’s are a wonderful thing when they work properly, but when they decide not to…! We had some fun and games heading to the bank and Fedex office, certainly saw more of the area than we needed to. But still the real fun was to come.

We headed to Patriot Place in the evening to eat, had a nice meal at Toby Keith’s, even if it took them 2 tries to get Kate’s order right. Going back, type destination into Sat-nav, even though we had a pretty good idea, it was dark, so safe option…snag was, the Sat-nav for whatever reason didnt take note of the address typed in, and made its own call. Yes, we ended up at a high school, late at night. Yes, from there we were able to convince “her” to take us to the right place!

Today, back to Patriot Place, this time for shopping and things. Had a burger for lunch, but this is cooked fresh in front of you, and the fries were of the proper kind, not what McD offer in the UK! Really good. Then on to the Pro Shop for some American Football team in the same division as Buffalo. If you havent worked out who, well…There is also somewhere there that covers the history of the Patriots, and other New England football teams of all levels and eras. And yes, it is very impressive.

Tonight, out for our final meal together. First place we try, very busy. Second, pretty much the same. As it happens, all worked out quite well. We ended up at a Japanese restaurant, a first for me. No, I didnt have sushi, doesnt appeal to me in the slightest. Had a delicious noodle dish, just dont ask me what it was called now!

Then back here, and all the farewells for now. Kate is off early in the morning, I’m going back to the Airport by shuttle, as she has to get back to work on Sunday, and has plenty to do before then. I would just like to add here all my appreciation to her, and James for everything they have done for me this holiday. Oh, and to her AO, and Fenway, her cute dog, for letting Kate free to spend this week with me.

The video, I was going to use the obvious Kirsty McColl one, but after tonight, I thought of this, as I have used that Kirsty one before.

Looking for a New England, Part 2, Albany

So fine, the clever ones of you out there are already pointing out that Albany isnt in New England, its in New York State. Absolutely true, it is, but objection overruled, its a stop off point on this holiday, so…

Yesterday,the first half or so was spent driving up here from Hyannis, pretty much the rest of it was spent sheltering in the hotel from the torrential rain that greeted us, even before arrival, ran into it en route. So, beyond my first experience of drive in food, not much to report.

Today, what a difference. Cooler, yes, but sunnier, drier, most definitely. It saw Kate and I team up with James, who then drove 2 baseball fans up to Cooperstown, where the baseball hall of fame is. Kate knew in advance, shock horror, I didnt, though it wasnt long before the signposts gave some of the game away.

The only HOF I’d seen previously was the Ice Hockey one, in Toronto. But yes, baseball is of far more interest to me. And yes, even if you only have a passing interest in baseball, and are in the area, well worth a visit. Unsurprisingly, given their general record, and the fact they’ve only existed for 35 years, there arent too many Mariners in there yet. Red Sox, maybe a few more lol!

It was wonderful to see James again, unless he surprises me, it will be 18 months or so before I do so again, looking forward to that already.

Tomorrow, heading back into New England, the third and final part of this blog segment should be from Foxboro on Friday. Until then, I will leave you with the classic baseball song. Yes, those who have followed this for a long time will know I used it before, about a year ago. But seriously, Baseball HOF, what else would you expect?

Looking for a New England. Part 1, Cape Cod

Hi there, and whether you like it or not, the next 3 postings including this one, are going to be holiday related. At least it gives you an idea of events lol.

Saturday was the hard bit, getting here. Though to be fair to Aer Lingus, they did a brilliant job, good service, good food, so all in all, praise due. Somehow I got past Kate at the baggage claim area, possibly because I wasnt expecting to find her there, and possibly because I was too concerned with fginding carousel 3, and hoping it worked. It did, very well, if you cared?

No, no idea where we were going, though heading south suggested it wasnt Maine, Vermont or New Hampshire lol. Soon looked highly likely to be Cape Cod, not the biggest shock in the world as we talked about staying here last year. Find myself eventually at this beautiful place with its own beach, and very nice rooms too. Only snag, as Kate found out first, they had internet, but only in the lobby, not much use to either of us. Otherwise, the place was perfect though.

So, Sunday, we head down to Hyannis, a hotel within the same group, across the road from the harbour, with equally nice rooms. Park the car there, even if we cant check in just yet. Not a problem, head across to harbour, and head off to Martha’s Vineyard, a wonderful place, and a super lunch. Fast ferry out, traditional back, both fine, especially given how lovely the weather was. My arms prove that! Evening meal, downtown Hyannis, with great company, and yes, Kate, I do mean you! Come back, get on internet, catch up on things, while watching San Francisco see off Detroit in the NFL. Well, alright, I’d moved to my bed before the end, a real luxury, TV in bed. Not that I’d want it at home, but…

Today, top secret, and all that, until we are virtually on top of our destination. Alright, I might have had a clue, as I was told to put a long sleeved top on, which I didnt when I first saw her this morning. Been watching Whales, and indeed dolphins too, a truly wonderful¬†experience. No, not Wales, where the men play rugby, and the sheep are nervous, but Whales, that glorious creature of the seas. A brilliant day, but one at sea has taken its toll, I’m definitely tired tonight. Oh, and full, a really good¬†meal again.

Tomorrow, well we head off to Albany, to meet a wonderful, and very kind gentleman, who might just be blushing as he reads this, which I’m sure he will! Something is planned for Wednesday, I have no idea what, though no shock, Kate does! You will find out just what,¬†in part 2, hopefully at some point on Wednesday, though dont quote me on that!

The video, absolutely obtuse selection here, though it has 2 very loose connections to things mentioned here. If I didnt give a clue in the tagging, you’d have to click the button

Why I fly Aer Lingus to the US when I can

No, its nothing to do with them being the best airline, or anything like that, even if they are pretty decent, it has to be said. No, the beauty of flying Aer Lingus to the US through Dublin, or Shannon (my preferred option) has nothing to do with that.

That beauty, that makes it all such a dream, is something called US pre clearance while still in Ireland, where the queues for immigration, and customs, well, they are a bit quieter than Boston, or Chicago, to put it mildly! Its not quite as dramatic as in this video,

but its not that far from the truth either lol. Sadly its not an option I can use often, which is why Chicago immigration, and American Airlines know me so well, and indeed I’m an advantage card holder with them too. But on trips like this time, to Boston, guess who I’m flying with? ūüėČ Its interesting, you get to take a back route at Boston, avoiding Immigration and Customs, because though you come into the international terminal, on an international flight, you are strictly a domestic passenger.

Oh, and hopefully this year, unlike last year, the baggage carousel wont break down after 30 seconds, and the third case. Took someone 10 minutes to decide to reset things, but after that…

But no, this isnt an advert for Aer Lingus, just pointing out some information that might be useful to some.

Oh, and as you might have worked out, this will be the last post from the UK for a while. If you’re good, and lucky, you might get posts from the US, though unless I get good internet speed, you might have to live without the videos.

Bye for now, from the UK at least.

Its been a long, long time

Not joking, 76 years to be exact. No, not since I last had sex, thats only about 12 years, darlings lol! No, what I’m referring to is a Brit winning a Grand Slam Tennis Tournament, what until yesterday, or today our time, hadnt occurred since before¬†WW2, when Fred Perry won his last title. Well the wait is now over, thanks to Andy Murray. Took longer than expected, and not just because the match was a day late due to the weather.

When I went to bed last night, Murray had won the 1st set (after nearly 90 minutes), and was comfortably up in the 2nd, I think it was 5-2? So when I got up this morning, and saw he’d won, I just assumed it was comfortable, until I read the details at least. 5 sets, nearly 5 hours, but he got there in the end! In theory, that takes a weight off his shoulders, but I suspect some will now just expect more of the same lol!

The music tonight, rather apt, if not in the slightest about tennis,

One sad fact, on the anniversary of that awful day. I watched the 6.00 news on BBC tonight, not one mention of what happened 11 years ago today. I didnt expect it to be main news, but did expect it to be mentioned. Simple error, or deliberate chouce, who knows, but I was saddened by the miss, I must say

Its gridiron time again!

Yes, thats right, as the cricket season heads towards the end, and baseball heads towards the playoff zone, the NFL is about to get under way. Tonight (US time), or the early hours of the morning over here, sees the season get under way, as the Cowboys meet up with the reigning champs, the New York Giants. Thats right, normally its a Thursday night, but some guy by the name of Obama is making a speech tomorrow night, so they’ve moved it. And yes, that last comment is tongue in cheek, if anyone didnt realise lol!

So for now, everyone is equal. As far as Buffalo, and the AFC East is concerned, it stays that way until Sunday. Yes, I’m a Bills fan, have been for about 25 years, ever since I got into the game. Its funny, I remember when C4 over here¬†first started covering it in the mid 80’s, you’d get the highlights of one game, a week after it happened. Nowadays, minimum 4 or 5 live games a week, though several do take place in the middle of the night over here, not much use to me! But for some…

Before you ask, no, I dont think the Bills will win the Superbowl, but we could make the playoffs. Probably only as a wild card, cant see us topping out the Patriots, but you never know…but no, lol! Dark horse selection, Houston, if anyone cares. And no, dont remind me about that at the end of December lol!

Right, the video, totally unrelated for once. Well, not strictly, but its a very, very lateral connection

Good luck, Cricket Ireland

Why today, when the T20 World Cup doesnt start for another 15 days, you might ask yourself? Simple really, I’ll be on holiday when it all gets under way, so probably wont have time to do this then. Still, today? According to a posting on Facebook, today is the day the Irish squad leave to start their preparations, thats why. So hopefully someone will pick up on the message, and pass it on, or maybe someone will even see it themselves? Probably not the latter though, lol!

Can they win it, in all reality, no. Can we bloody a nose or two in the meanwhile, quite possibly! Our group matches are against the West Indies and Australia, so…In theory no, but…

West Indies are volatile, to put it mildly, catch them on a good day, they could wallop us. Catch them on a bad, day, get Gayle out early, and well, anything could happen. Australia are still a more than decent team, if not the force they used to be. And given that beating one of these would get us through to the next stage, well, you never know. Its not going to be easy, dont get me wrong, but its not impossible either.

After that, well, who knows?

The important thing, come what may, is to make us supporters feel proud of you, to know you gave your all when we watch you play, either live, or on TV. Sadly I’ll miss the first game, I’ll be in the US, and I suspect I might lack for coverage over there. But I’ll catch up via the internet, thats for sure.

Good luck, everyone.

What else? ūüėČ