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Me, and hypnosis

Yes, fine, if you want to look at it that way, then yes, I’m definitely a much better me than the one who lived her first 40 odd years on this Earth trying to be a man. Well, at that time, I thought I was, then I discovered the real me, and the rest of my life has been so much better. The last 4 years, living legitimately as a woman (to everyone but the passport office) has been the pure heaven, at the end of that intermediate period, when I knew what I was, but still tried to hedge my bets as far as the outside world was concerned.

Still, there was one thing that changed me for the better, about 5 and a half years ago, getting made redundant. I know, that sounds strange doesnt it? But what it did, was mean I had to go through the job interviewing process all over again. Well, given that apart from a brief period around 2002, I’d worked all my life, you’d think I must have done quite well in terms of job interviews? Well, maybe I had, but I cant say it was a process I enjoyed, especially given the way the whole job interview process has changed since I started working 40 years ago.

So I decided to try one thing that had intrigued me for a while, hypnotherapy. Now, despite some of the stories I’d read, I knew that in real life, you cant be made to do things under hypnosis that you dont want to. OK, fine, some elements of being controlled like that might be fun for a while, but forever, err, no thanks.

So, a little while before that job interview, my first one in fact, I had a hypnotherapy session, to cure a few of my confidence issues, most of which I suspect related to my gender issues, but not all. She did decide to tackle my gender issues as well (even more so, in the follow up, after I got the job, but…) at the same time.

I’m not saying I wouldnt have got the job if I hadnt done that, but what I do know is, that was the easiest interview I ever went through in my whole life. Confident, sure of myself, and everything else, and yes, as I mentioned earlier, I got the job! Boosted by all this, and the redundancy money, which was pretty much now free cash, I did a follow up session, focussing entirely on my gender issues, with amazing results. Seriously, I have no idea what she did, but the hip/waist ration changed, boobs started to develop, something else shrank, all enhancing the female look.

Apparently I went under very easily, something I’d never done online, in any shape or form. But just laying there, relaxing, went out like a light! Good, receptive subject, seemingly.

It was then quite a while before I was hypnotised again, and the next time was definitely a fun event, where I experienced life as a robot, and as a young flapper girl, which was definitely fun. Indeed, she was left ‘in control’ until the next morning, which made the journey home, on a modern train, quite an eye opener!

I have no idea where along the line it happened, but I have since then discovered one thing, I will now go under online, to a voice, if I’m not doing anything else but listening. If tonight is anything to go by, I go pretty deep that way too, now! And yes, I can tell the difference too, already.

Ironically, I thought I might have been hypnotised again by now, but despite promises, it doesnt seem to be happening. Yes, the past life regression one, to see if that one in a million chance that I really am Jean Harlow reincarnate could be true! Who knows, I might be, someone presumably is, so… It might happen elsewhere, in about 3 weeks, while in the US, lets hope that one works out at least! Knowing him, I might end up thinking I’m Jean Harlow for a while, regardless of results!

So yes, I’m recommending hypnotherapy to anyone who thinks they might benefit by it, at least give it a try. And dont think, if you dont go under online, that it wont happen in real life, because it may well do. And if it works, the benefits can be amazing!

The video, well some say a trance is like lucid dreaming, so this could be considered a good choice