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When in Rome, or Saudi Arabia?

Put it this way, there are some places in the world that I’m unlikely to visit. For example, 3 places I’d love to visit, but would be hell for me to get to, as I’m not a fan of really long flights, are New Zealand, Japan, and Alaska. The latter I still hope to get to, some day, but suspect it will be post retirement (if I can then afford it?), but will probably do an overnight in the ‘main 48’ somewhere each way, en route, to aid my poor old body.

There are others I’m unlikely to visit, for other reasons. If I say that my only stop so far in the Deep South of the US, is Atlanta Airport, you probably get my drift! However well I pass, I think I’ll generally avoid redneck country, all the same. Russia, I’d also probably miss for LGBT reasons, even if my passport does now say I’m a woman!

But as the title hints at, this is a country I’m avoiding for more than LGBT issues, its the whole attitude to women thing! Yes, Saudi Arabia. Mind, as a good little submissive, I might enjoy doing things how I’m told to, and given my looks, covering my body, pretty much as a whole, might be a blessing! Who knows, if they could only see my fluttering eyelashes lol…probably not!

But at the same time, if in Rome, you have to do as the Romans do! Yes, earlier this week I saw an article where a German female politician went to Saudi Arabia, and refused to ‘cover up’ as required by local rules. I know, I know, their rules are horribly antiquated, but if you want to do business there, of any kind, you obey the local rulings! I also saw, in I suspect a related article, 11 things that women cant do in Saudi Arabia. I have to say eek, given that one of them is currently that women are barred from a branch of Starbucks, because the dividing wall between the genders has been taken down for repair work at present. Keeping me from my coffee, no! Not that I’m a huge Starbucks fan, but if thats all there is…?

So no, I’m not a fan of all those Saudi laws, but as I say, you know the rules when you go there, and have to abide by them. Alternatively, dont go there, but if you must…

Mind, as I say, a submissive like me might enjoy that sort of control, and I’m sure those Arabs have the money to give me the perfect female body? Oh fine, probably not going to happen…with luck!

Video time. I tried to think of something that worked, and this was the best I could come up with.