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Last Thing On My Mind

Yes, lets start with the hypnosis session, on Saturday, as given the title of the blog, its a good place to do so. I guess its a case of when you go for the first time to someone you’ve only known through Facebook, you have to be a little cautious with these things. I know, its only in fiction that your mind becomes totally controlled unwillingly, but anyway…lol!

Well yes, it did what it was meant to do, relaxed and destressed me. All in all, a very pleasant period under trance, in very able hands. Fine, I’m not known for my hypnotic resistance skills, but she got me under quite easily. No, I dont remember all the details, but then again, you’re not meant to, just your subconscious that is. Has it worked? Well, in the sense of being more relaxed, then yes it has. If you mean in the related sense of allowing me to find competency based questions any easier, then no, it hasnt! 😛

After that, we had a pleasant chat for a while, and the subject of my past life self came up. And so intrigued was she by it all, that she said that she was likely to study up on past life regressions, so Clara might not be hiding away much longer! In fact, later that day, she tried it on a friend, it worked, so now she’s fascinated by the subject. A possible win/win, with luck. Oh, and if anyone in the area wants my recommendation of a hypnotherapist, ask!

So, what else has happened in the last few days? No, I didnt win anything on either lottery, before you ask! What a shock, not! A nice meal out, last night with the others from here, it being Ella’s birthday today, but given she wouldnt be here tonight, we celebrated then. I passed on the dress given the current weather, as mine dont tend to be of the warm, winter kind, you see!

Today has been more of the same, a few job applications, a couple of early rejections, and a couple of possibles. I’m trying not to let the rejections get to me, but as the money runs lower, then yes, the more concerned I get. Hopefully something comes through before I start contemplating silly things! Vicious circle, absolutely! I know its getting bad when I start contemplating doing the lottery again this week, just because a decent win could end all my worries. But me, winning anything like that, I wish! Never happened when the money wasnt a concern, let alone now!

Right, before I stop relaxing, and stress myself again, I’ll stop here, not much else to say, anyway.

The video, well the clue is in the title, but given I dont even remember this track, I’m pretty sure most wont!

You are feeling very sleepy

So fine, I could have just left it until tomorrow, and got around the issue, but strictly, its one more blog before Christmas, so…

I think its fair to say that this ‘being out of work’ thing can be pretty stressful. It could also be said that when I did briefly get a job, that proved to be even more stressful, in a different sort of way. So what I was planning to do, before that ‘job from hell’ arose, was to do a relaxation, and stress busting hypnosis session locally, as she was offering a reduced rate for doing so, and I’m not one to turn down a bargain, especially a bargain that was going to be useful to me.

So yes, it got all sorted out, and set up, and was going to happen on a Saturday. Yes, you’ve guessed it, the Saturday I was doing training for that job, so I had to cancel it, another thing I regret. Anyway, I can now happily say that its been rearranged, for 3 weeks time, again on a Saturday morning. This time, hopefully, all will go to plan. To be honest, I could do with a hypno brainwashing session, and then being ‘rebooted’ like a computer, and hope a better me came out of it, but I’ll settle for this, for now.

Yes, I’m looking forward to being hypnotised again, that I will admit. Though fine, if anyone wants to try the shut down, and then reboot my mind technique, I’d love to give it a go!

I know, I havent been doing Christmas videos this year, pretty much because its hard to come up with anything I havent used before. But then I found this. Seriously, covering the Wombles?

Someone’s looking at me

And no, just at present, I don’t mean the Doctor’s at the Medical screening either. Yes, thats on hold at the moment, as I’m waiting to hear back on the results of all the tests I had done on me. Hopefully, they will all be OK, I will be selected, and it will happen, as I’m looking forward to the prospect of it.


Yes, in the meanwhile, and strictly, until I’m sure the big event is going to happen, I’m still job hunting. The two interviews last week, despite what I thought was a decent/good effort, joined the ‘no thanks’ club, unfortunately. Still, I will pick up the flag again, and fly tomorrow into another attempt to find honest employment. This is actually more of an Admin role, with some Customer Service thrown in, so would probably suit better, so fingers are crossed. Confidence still feels battered beyond belief, but at some point, I will pull through.

That also leads into another recruitment agency registration on Tuesday, the people I’m applying for this job through. Hopefully by Tuesday, its still needed! Though yes, you’re right, assuming I’m selected, I’d love to find a job now that only wants me after the clinical research trial, but…Yes, I know, the way my luck is…Fine, I’d love a job, regardless.

OK, last thing strictly on the job hunting front. One of the ‘promoted postings’ on Twitter came from a recruitment gentleman, stating this

If recruitment is important enough to get it right then trust a team to help you. We’ve been doing that since 1998

Clearly it was aimed mainly at employers, not people like me, but I put up a posting, asking if he fancied the challenge of finding something for little, unwanted me. Seems he did, I sent him my CV, and got an email back with a local agency to ring tomorrow. So yes, maybe social media really does work?

Mind, according to one dear friend on my other Facebook account, I’m going to be moving to LA in about 4 weeks, to live, and work. She might yet be proved right, who knows who might have seen my interview over there, and just be waiting their opportunity? I can’t see it, but it would be fantastic.

So far, the only other person looking at me this week, is the Doctor, tomorrow morning. Yes, I need to get that precious letter, so I can apply for my new passport, and become a woman, at the one place I’m currently not, and then that battle will be over, at least. I did sort of gather he may not be the biggest fan of me doing the research trial, when I spoke to him on the phone, about the request for my medical info, but there is no way he’s talking me out of that. The only things that can stop that are, a problem with my results, or, heaven forbid, getting a job that has a starting date before mid December. Yes, I know, the latter, stop laughing, it will happen sometime! 😛 Oh, forgot, there is one more this week. A hypnotherapist on Facebook (again, my other account) was offering reduced rate relaxation, and stress busting sessions, and I’m going to them on Saturday morning. Only £25, hopefully do some good, no harm should be done anyway. Unless they want to turn me into their hypno slave… about as likely as me getting a job at present lol!

Right, the video. One of the lesser Boomtown Rats hits.

An interesting few days

So fine, lets at least start on a positive note, I could do with one at present. At least I think its positive, until the prize arrives at least!

A couple of weeks ago, I saw notice of a competition being run on Twitter, by a company called Fabulous Times. You had to select your favourite vintage pin up, and I tried a change of fortune, by selecting Jayne Mansfield. Yes, she’s blonde, and has a fine pair of, err, eyes. Well, something else really, but anyway…

Yesterday I had an email telling me that I’d won the competition, an absolute first. Given that the company that the voucher was for, is called Corset Story, it gives away their most popular sales item, I guess? And yes, even with a £50 voucher limit, there were some gorgeous ones there, that would restrict my waist quite tightly, if only I could lace them up behind my back! No, unlike Jean, I dont have a maid to tighten it up for me, I wish! And no, due to the limited flexibility in my wrist joints, there is no way (unlike the lady in the video tonight) that I could lace myself up.

So I resigned myself to buying a very nice dress instead, and leaving it at that. But…I asked if there were any that required very little, or no actual lacing while wearing it, and lo and behold…

Yes, I know, 1-2″ is not the same as pulling my waist in about 4″, but its better than nothing! And I should be able to put it on myself. 🙂 I do (somewhere, no idea where it is though) actually own a corset that would reduce me by about 4″ or so that is designed so I can lace it up from the front, but…as I say, its somewhere in my room, with the emphasis on the word somewhere, so this is more likely to get used.

Of course, if someone wants to act as my maid, and lace me up tightly, I could do a major search in my room to find it, but…No, thought not! If you need a clue how its done…

Right, fine, the less cheery news. Today, I can honestly say I did a phone interview, and it wasnt good. Alright, it was worse than that, as I had a total brain freeze when a question I hadnt planned for came up, and that was that! It was going OK until then, but that blew it, and I knew it. Yes, 5 minutes later, unsurprisingly I got the email telling me just that!

Also, someone rang here re an interview yesterday, while I was at the agency in Leeds, and hasnt rang back yet. Plus, I had an email last night from another agency, asking me to ring them re another job I’d made the short list for. I rang this morning, she was busy, no call back. Rang again this afternoon, yes, she had the message that I rang, but she still hasnt called back, aargh! If they try tomorrow, well…

Oh, and the hypnotherapy course that I thought I did so well at, at the weekend, been told they dont want me to continue. Alright, I do wonder if there is an element of ‘politics’ in this decision, given a friend of mine, and her relations with the guy behind the course, but anyway…Yes, very annoyed, though I do have another option if I decide to go forward with it anyway, so…

Tomorrow, I get to actually go to an interview in Wakefield. Yes, there will be competency questions (I know, but at least I have in theory been fed what they will ask), but there will also be a brief display to do, should be fun! After that, to the Job Centre, and sign on, a bit late, but they know I will be, so all fine.

Yes, its getting to me, I need that lucky break. No, I’m not yet planning on standing on the street corner, in a short skirt, but…rolls eyes!

Wish me luck, I need it. Well, other than for winning competitions to give me an hourglass look, at least!

The opposite side of the couch

Well, I’m sure there are at least some of you who want to hear the story of the weekend, so lets roll with it. Alright, strictly there wasnt a couch, we were sat in chairs, but anyway…

As regular readers will know, I’ve been hypnotised a, err, few times. And thats not including any number of self trances I’ve probably slipped into while commuting on the train, or anytime I’ve let “Jean-bot” out to play, I mean properly hypnotised, by someone else. But no, I’d never hypnotised anyone (other than myself) at any point. That changed this weekend.

Saturday was pretty much filled with taking in a whole lot of information. It was interesting. Some of it I knew, a lot more that I didnt, but lets face it, thats not the bit most readers want to read about, is it?

So Sunday started with a review session, where our tutor, Angela set out to discover how much we’d remembered, without being hypnotised, to help it all sink in. After that came the fun moment, when we were handed the scripts we were going to use on each other. So fine, in our small group of 3, I went first.

Well, put it this way, it seemed like Chris went into trance for me. He did as I instructed him, at least. And thankfully, came out of trance when I asked him to, as well. Yes, someone used the script on me, and yes, even less surprisingly, I went out like a light!

Anyway, at the end of a very pleasant weekend’s education, with a lot of nice people, I’ve signed up for the rest of the course! So in theory, by the end of next March, I could well be a qualified hypnotherapist! Well, I wanted a new, and interesting job, and this could well be it! No, not sure if I will do it part time, or full time, I will see as things progress, on that front. But do it, you bet I will!

So fine, here is an official request to any readers, within a reasonable distance of me here in Huddersfield. I need victims, sorry, volunteers, to help me practice the script over the next 4 weeks. Its just a general relaxation, and feeling good script, nothing more than that. And honest, even if I could (and I cant, unless you want me to) do anything more sinister than that, I wont, honest. So please, feel free to email me at with a few details, if you’re willing, and we can arrange something. Please, just make the email title something that the junk filter wont think is spam, thats all.

Alright, lastly, the video. An old Neil Sedaka song, for spending time on the opposite side of the hypnotist’s couch to before

Well, I’m going to be working (of sorts) this weekend at least!

Yes, as you might have guessed from that title, the battle to find a new job goes on. Still applying for lots of stuff, with mixed results. Today, the black dress did come out again, but only for an agency registration. But you never know…One day, its going to happen!

But as I said, this weekend, I will be working, of sorts. Yes, that first step into a potential new, and very interesting career starts here. Well, fine, on Saturday.

This weekend, I will be doing my beginners hypnotherapy course, should be good. It will be different to see life from the other side of the couch, I must admit. Though given the practice sessions will be on each other, I’m going to be hypnotised at some point, for sure! Good job Jean-Bot has a good safety lock on her lol!

At this point in time, I dont see it as a full time career, more of a part time one, but who knows where things will take me? I wouldnt mind doing it as a full time career, but I cant imagine there is enough business around here, to do that?

But I guess, if it works out, I’ll be looking for victims, sorry, volunteers to help me out with my practice sessions. I promise only to hypnotise you, not brainwash you, and besides which, in reality, you cant make someone do something unless they really want to. So unless clucking like a chicken is your secret desire, then no, it wont happen!

So yes, this weekend, for 2 glorious days, I’ll be working…of sorts!

The video, what it will be when I finally get a job again.

The modern trend in job interviews

Oh, fine, I wasnt going to write tonight, but then I found this song, and I had to put it up, while I remember where I found it, so… you get to discover my biggest hate in modern interviews.

When I first started doing job interviews, 40 years ago (yes, I really am that old), it was a straightforward battle between you, and the interviewer. They would ask various questions about you, you would ask various questions about the job, and hopefully, you gave the best basic answers, and appealed to their inner spirit, that you should be the one they gave the job to.

If only it was so easy nowadays! Nowadays it seems the one thing they really arent interested in, is you, as a person! All they want are examples of this, examples of that, and to learn nothing of the person themselves. Yes, I know, psychometrics, or whatever its called, are all the modern trend, and we folk, looking for jobs just have to live with it. But yes, as you might have gathered, I hate it! So I’m pretty sure that I’m not showing my best, because when they ask me these silly questions, my mind goes blank, I take a few minutes to come up with even a semi decent answer, and I’m sure I’m getting marked down because of it, aargh! And yes, as you can tell, its frustrating me.

So much so, I’m considering whether hypnotherapy might again be the answer, even if I’m not quite sure how that slips the answers into my head, but…I know what it did for confidence issues, and other things, so yes, I’m getting tempted to try that route again. Which is only kind of ironic, given that my beginners hypnotherapy course is now less than 3 weeks away, and the best way to do the full training course, isnt by having a permanent, full time job! But in an ideal world, I need a job, to pay for the course, so…

And no, much though it might be an interesting experience to go into an interview as a competent, confident, robot like machine, I dont really think its the way to go. Yes, I personally would love it, but I suspect the ’emotional show’ they like to go with the smooth answers wouldnt be provided by a “robot”! The other option would be to just let “Jean Harlow” loose, and hope she bubbles the interviewers into submission lol! Snag is, she still wouldnt have the immediate answers they love to hear!

Oh, and fine, I might not exactly object to being hypnotised again anyway! 😉 Put it this way, I’m thinking about it. All I can otherwise say, I wish we still had interviews like we did in the good old days!

Oh, right, that video. This song was originally a hit in 1976, this is a live version from 25 years later. I loved the single, bought the record, and tonight, I found this, so…

I want to be free (but not for too long)

Yes, they think my working career at William Hill is over, it is now! I finished at 6.30 last night, and went off for some celebration drinks with some of my ex colleagues, most of whom had left as well, though not all of them. Some others will be leaving soon, but for now…they’re still there!

It was lovely to be able to say goodbye to some really nice people that I’ve had the pleasure of working with, most just as a woman, though a few of them knew me before transition. Mind, it would seem that some of them at least, I havent seen for the last time, as I’ve been invited to someone’s birthday party (somewhere around the 7th), so will see a number of them again then, will be fun.

Oh, a photo from last night, that I didnt know had been taken

Me, and a glass of wine

Well, officially I started job hunting today (given I’m not going to start before 26th April), but I actually uncovered a couple of options yesterday, which I followed up on today. One, part time (though with plenty of overtime options, seemingly) at a rival betting firm, and another one that piqued my interest, it seems Eurochange, one of these companies who sell foreign currency, are looking for staff all around the area. Even a chance to work in Huddersfield for a summer contract, that would be handy. So I’ve applied for that, permanent work with them in Leeds and Bradford, and sent off a good number, via Reed website, to various agencies and firms too.

Yes, I cant deny that becoming a hypnotherapist would be great, but I’m suspecting it would never be more than part time work, even if quite profitable as such. Hopefully I can fit whatever job I get around that course. Oh, and maybe get some writing done too? None done yet, but hopefully I can later in the week.

No, strangely enough, no job offers as a Jean Harlow lookalike…yet!

So, as Toyah says, for now I’m free, but hopefully not for too long.

Oh, I love her outfit, just saying…

The day they pulled the big top down

Well, apart from a few fans of 70’s music, that might keep people thinking for a while about the video tonight.

Yes, this is the last blog for a while (hopefully a short while) that I will write as a working lady. Thats right, 3 more shifts at William Hill, and they wont think its all over, it will be! Its going to be funny at 6.30 on Sunday, when I clear the desk for the last time, but I’ll live. It will be strange though, all the same, knowing I wont be going back again.

Its been nearly 6 years, unfortunately not near enough (about 2 months short) to get another year’s worth of payments, but such is life. There will be a good number of people I will miss, a few I definitely wont miss, and some in between.

As things stand, I plan to start job hunting next week, which hopefully will give me a nice split (with luck) to be able to start work soon after I get back from Hollywood. But at my age, whether it will be quite that easy, we shall see. The 5 weeks notice pay means that technically I’m employed until the 3rd May, so wont count for unemployment numbers until then. beyond that, I’m on a beginners hypnotherapy course on 23rd/24th May, which might lead to an interesting change in working life. Hopefully, a new job, and do the course too!

I would have hunted earlier, but for 1 thing, the fact that I’m away for most of the second half of April, in Hollywood. No, even if it would be wonderful to do so, I dont expect to find a job out there! But I guess you never know, funnier things happen, but…rolls eyes, this is me you’re talking about!

Oh, and be thrilled, or be warned, I plan to do more writing, as gainful employment in the interim.

But back to points mentioned, that last farewell. Unsurprisingly at my age, I’ve done a few, never cried yet. Hopefully this one will be the same. Which leads me to the video…

Same surname as my author persona, what more could you ask?

Look into my big blue eyes, and…

…fall into a deep trance, just maybe?

Why, because today, I signed up to try a beginners course in hypnotherapy, and I might just put you into a deep sleep, and turn you into my entranced slave. Oh fine, yes, I’m kidding on the last point, honest I am. But put someone into a deep trance, and help them with something wrong in their lives, wouldnt that be wonderful? However, given that the course isnt until May, even assuming I get on it, I will be trying for other jobs in the meanwhile too.

But yes, what I’m trying to do, even at my age, is to maybe find something new, and challenging as the later years of my working career approach, and not just only go for roles in call centre, or data inputting. I know, its probably what I will end up doing, but for now…

Having been hypnotised a ‘few times’, I know what a pleasurable experience it can be, and I hope that at some point again, I’ll be the one deeply relaxed, and in trance. Especially if its in New Hampshire, and I get to find out more about my past self, by doing so. So yes, wouldnt it be lovely if I could be trained to do the same to others?

And no, honest, I wouldnt use my hypnotic powers to convince anyone to give me a job…Oh fine, I might, for the perfect job, if I’m really good at it. But if I’m that good at it, I’ll probably stick to being a hypnotherapist anyway!

But, if anyone really wants to be my hypno slave, then, hmm…angel.

In other news,

When I originally planned to spend some time in Hollywood, I was assuming I would have to fit it into my holiday allowance at work, so I only booked for a week. So now, under the circumstances, I’ve decided to be a little devil, and go for 10 days. I dont doubt I will find plenty to fill that time, and probably more, even without all the auditions to play Jean, from all the Hollywood studios lol!

The only fun. I’ve already booked my hotel for the 7 days I was planning to be away, booked in a non smoking king bed somewhere in Hollywood, and…the snag is, for the 3 extra days I now want to book, that room option isnt available. The 2 double bed room option is for all 10 days, as is the larger king size room, but…I dont really want to book one room at the hotel for 3 days, then move to another room for the next 7, obviously. But, the booking is of the non cancellable type, to get the discounted price open to members of the hotel group scheme. If worst comes to worst, I’ll do just that, but I have enquired by email, if it can be changed (seeing I still want to stay at the hotel), and just pay the extra as necessary.

Oh, and lastly, while talking of spending extra…I’ve decided to treat myself, and my creaky joints out of my redundancy fund. Yes, I’m going to fly to Los Angeles, not in economy class, but in premium economy, with Virgin. Yes, I know, but I’m sure my joints will appreciate the extra space, and luxury, lets face it. I would love to have gone business class, but I really cannot justify that much money when I havent yet got a new job lined up.

Anything will be fun, and a delight for someone who has never flown anything but economy in her life anyway!

I know, evil mind controller, sorry, budding hypnotherapist, but thats a while off yet, and I have to prove I can do it first.

Oh, sorry, I forgot, I was right, no valentine cards again this year!

The video, what my hypnosis patients will get to see, putting them into trance