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Me, on a dating agency?

Alright, fine, I kept this tale for a time when I lacked anything original to post, so I might as well use it up tonight. I did receive an email from some agency this weekend, suggesting that I sell myself through my blog, but after the posting on Friday, I’ll bore you with that later in the week!

While I was away in Hollywood, I started getting emails from a company called OK Cupid, telling me that some guy was sending me messages, showing a romantic interest in me. Yes, you’re right, I dont remember signing up for this, given my lack of interest in sex, and romance, as a whole, I’m pretty sure I didnt. My profile there was pretty basic, so I did wonder if it had been snatched by someone as a joke, or something, but anyway, being a polite lady, I sent back a pretty non committal reply. Thing is, he replied back again! Thankfully I wasnt in the country at the time, so I felt safe.

Next thing I know, I have got about half a dozen guys, all messaging me, all showing interest, from various parts of Yorkshire! I checked, there were only 2 gender options unfortunately, no option for trans folk. So I sort of guessed I had 3 options,

1 Play along, and give them a shock if any of them thought they were going to have their ‘wicked way’ with me.
2 Delete the account, hope they soon forgot about me, as all they knew was my home town, which is a big place
or 3 Very hastily arrange a certain operation, so that when they wanted to make love to me

Now, in all honesty, apart from the dangers involved, 1 really isnt my scene. Apart from the sexual issues, when they discovered I had something extra, I’m not sure I’d be interested now, even if I did have the right bits.

Fine, option 3 might be fun, and I have been told by others, it really is something I should sort out, but even if I agreed to it, it wasnt going to happen overnight! To be frank, I have no idea if I would be interested in sex, with the right bits, but until its done, who knows?

So fine, yes, you’ve guessed it, I took the easy way out, and got rid of the account. I know, I know, maybe I should find a man, get the right bits sorted out, and settle down as a wife, or lover at least. And yes, it is flattering when you suddenly find at least half a dozen men of my age fancy me! Of course, they may just have been after some easy, casual sex, and nothing more? Now, I’ll never find out, I guess?

Of course, given I’m currently out of work, having a man looking after me financially (a la Marion Davies) might be handy, but I’m not brave enough to try any kind of relationship at the moment, I dont think I’m wired up for that! And thats assuming he’d still love me, until I got my bits changed lol!

But yes, fine, if I had any doubt that my looks would attract admirers, that was something that put me straight on the matter.

The video. The obvious Ben E King song, as a tribute to his recent death, though for now, I’ll stand alone…I think?