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Last Man On the moon

It was announced this week that the last man to walk on the moon had died. Fine, he was 82, which is a pretty fine age to reach, and we still have 6 people living who have walked there, but even so, its a sad landmark to make. Even more so when you realize that the last time we visited the moon was just over 44 years ago! Since, then, no one! Maybe because for the US, it was all about beating the Soviets to the moon, and once that was achieved, ambition over! The funny thing, of those that flew to the moon (15), but never landed, only 4 are dead! And one of those is the same man who was the last to put foot on the moon, Eugene Cernan. Yes, 3 people have flown there twice, but only Jim Lovell never landed, though he was meant to, but he was part of the crew of Apollo 13, so never got there.

I’m sure at some point in the future, some more names will be added to the list of people who have flown to, or landed on the moon, but when, at present, who knows? It surely makes sense to go back before they head off to Mars in a decade or so, but when did sense come into matters like this?

But yes, sadly, the last man to leave a footprint on the moon is no longer with us, RIP, Eugene Cernan.

Fine, the video. Well, I’ve been talking about a man on the moon, so…though fine, its safe to say Andy Kaufman never went there! REM, and Springsteen!


Got to pay your taxes!

Well, for forty years or so (just under, will hit that mark in October), I’ve been paying my taxes as a worker in the UK, both as man, and woman, not many get to say that bit, do they? But in the last 6 months or so, there has been a first, paying taxes to the US Government, albeit not very much so far. Why, royalties on book sales of course! One nice thing about the US taxes, all paid as a woman lol! 😛

Over here, every year, you get a form (P60, I believe?) that details all your tax details for the year, so you can see how much you have ‘generously donated’ to our Government, to help pay the bills. Or to help bail out the incompetent bank firms, but enough politics…

This morning, I had post from the US, my tax certificate for last year, showing how much I paid in US taxes. No, its not a great deal, I didnt start publishing until July, and therefore payments only started in September, but its a few dollars, all the same. No form to fill in, offering me citizenship in gratitude though, guess it wasnt enough lol? No, wouldnt have mattered how much it was, but anyway…

And yes, its my own fault I had to pay it, if I had sorted out a TIN number (Tax Identification Number?) when I was in the US, I could have had those few dollars as well, but I was having such a good time, I forgot! And equally, being honest, the cost of calling them from over here, to get it sorted out, would probably be more than my tax bill for the year! So no, not going to worry, just be a good ‘US citizen’ and continue to pay my taxes, as a good girl should. Just wasnt expecting the certificate really, but it makes for a nice souvenir, I guess?

So, if you want me to be an even better US citizen, and give them even more of my money in taxes, buy a few books, by Merry Brooks, please!:) I still get more than they do, lol!

The video, a tribute to those who get to pay far more in US taxes than I do, just hard to believe this song is 30 years old, thats all

Born in England, dont expect to make the cricket team!

Oh alright, thats a slight exaggeration, but you get my drift. Certainly seems that the next time that England pick a team where all the players were born in England is a long way off at present. Alright, Welsh players would be allowed (officially its the England and Wales Cricket Board, though you’d never know it), but I dont think that will make much difference.

Fine, as much of my annoyance is with Boyd Rankin’s desire to play for England, rather than Ireland, his call, and one that in the long term he might live to regret. After all, he’s only playing tonight because all of the Ashes team, and a few others arent playing tonight, but thats his call.

But for the country that is supposedly the home of cricket, to have so many foreign born players in their teams, absolute joke really! I know, I know, Ireland have got a few players born outside the country in their team, but we arent supposed to be one of the major test nations in the world, and besides which, we are cutting down on these players, at the same time as England are increasing their numbers rapidly.

Bet at the moment is more likely to be as to when England will put out a team with no English born players in it lol! No, no American players in the team yet, but if they ever find a decent one, then England will probably pick him! But the song is a great one, so…

Its getting closer!

To what? That much needed holiday of course! Two weeks from now, well, I’ll be several thousand miles from here in Rochester, New York. Yes, I’m looking forward to it a lot, and hopefully spring seems to be arriving there at last, and reputedly is about to arrive here too. What, just in time for the cricket season, something must have gone wrong there lol! Normally its the snow arriving again to celebrate that landmark lol!

Well, dont say I didnt warn you the Grand Natiobal tips were rubbish, because they were! And no, there was absolutely no chance of me picking that winner out, thats for sure! Yes, I can tell its getting closer, just been checking out the advance train fares to see the best option for getting there on the Friday. I need to get it sorted out in the next week or so, and finishing time tomorrow makes it a good bet for not facing a queue at the station for doing so. Well, in theory at least… Anyone fancy taking a lady out to dinner in Manchester on the 19th? Thought not lol! Staying overnight at an airport hotel because of early start, as I will only get a lift back this time around.

Rochester will be fun, no real idea what I’m setting myself up for, but it looks a good place to visit. Well alright, Louse Brooks’s grave is a reason for going there, but plenty of other things too. Looking forward to going back to Lake Ontario, about the only part of Rochester I really saw 25 years ago, as well as all the new things. A return to Buffalo on a day trip is planned too, but nothing really pencilled in beyond that, other than a baseball game, weather permitting.

Ah well, just 8 more shifts to get through…

Oh, the video, as ‘The Boss’ says, its terrible! But its him performing in Rochester, so…lets do the mash…